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Clove oil against wasps when eating: so you can drive the protected insects from the table!

For many people, wasps are one of the most feared insects in the home garden or on the balcony. No sooner have you sat down with a piece of cake and they are there: wasps buzzing around the table. Such an encounter can end with one or more stings. For allergy sufferers, the sting is not only painful, but can also be dangerous. But so that the time outdoors does not end so unpleasantly, certain home remedies can help. For example, clove oil against wasps.

Why are the insects protected and is it allowed to use clove oil against wasps?

Keep away wasps on cakes with clove oil tips

For now: wasps are protected insects. According to the law, you can not disturb, catch, kill them. Removal of the wasps’ nest is allowed only in exceptional cases.

Wasps as beneficial insects in the garden

Wasps are actually not pests, but perform several important functions in the home garden. The larvae are mainly fed on other insects. A small colony of wasps can destroy thousands of mosquitoes, aphids, flies and other pests every day .

What are wasps good for in the garden against pests

Wasps can also pollinate plants in the home garden, although they do it less effectively than bees.

And why do wasps so often interfere with eating, especially in August? In late summer, the German wasp and the common wasp in particular try to feed on energy-rich foods. Sweets contain saccharides, which provide the insects with the necessary strength.

Clove oil against wasps: can you drive the insects away with it?

If suddenly wasps are circling around the garden table, the main thing you should do is to stay calm. The wasps are protected and must not be killed. Also, flailing does not help and can even have the opposite effect: it makes the insects aggressive and they send help signals to the other wasps from their wasp colony.

But what can really help against wasps while eating? You should have a remedy that will drive the wasps away. They react strongly to scents, so you can keep them away with various scented oils.

However, if the insects are hungry, several drops of scented oils will not be enough to keep them away from the garden table. Provide them with an alternative food source. For example, you can fill a bowl with sugar water and place it in the garden. It is best to choose a place that is far away from the sitting area. The best place is near a flower bed that is bee-friendly.

Drive away wasps with clove oil: the correct application.

Clove oil against wasps application in the garden

Clove oil is one of the home remedies that are not harmful to insects and can effectively drive them away. This method has many advantages:

  • The wasps are not worried, injured or killed. They can continue to return to the nest undisturbed.
  • The clove oil acts on a limited area (seating area, balcony, small terrace) and drives away the insects. They change the direction of flight and learn to avoid the sitting area in the garden.
  • You can enjoy your afternoon coffee outdoors.

How to expel wasps from eating tips for garden and balcony

Here’s how to apply clove oil properly:

1.Put a piece of linen fabric or cotton in a small bowl. Put between 5 and 10 drops of clove oil on the fabric. Place the bowl on the table.

2. after each use, clean the bowl and wash or change the fabric with new one.

3.Use the bowl with the fabric only when needed (when you sit outside).

Home remedy with clove oil against wasps: this is how you can prevent building a wasp nest

Wasps nest under edge of garden table

You will need:

  • a spray bottle
  • A mix of the following fragrance oils: 10 drops of clove oil, 5 drops of geranium oil, 3 drops of lemongrass oil
  • Soapy water

Add the fragrance oils to the soapy water and pour the solution into the spray bottle. Spray the area around the garden table, as well as any nearby areas where the insects might build a wasp nest.  Such are, for example, an intermediate roof, a garden house, cracks and crevices in retaining walls, etc.

Tips against wasps: how to keep the insects away

Tips against wasps at dinner how to drive away from the table (1)

  • Clean up the garden table. Never leave food scraps there for any length of time.
  • Check the outside area for burrows. In late summer, right after mating, the young queens look for safe winter quarters. Burrows are especially attractive to them – they will spend the winter there and build a wasp nest the next year.
  • If you notice wasps around the garden table or the seat on the balcony, do not kill them and do not try to hurt them. Firstly, because it is forbidden by law, but secondly, because an injured wasp sends warning signals to the other wasps through pheromones.
  • If you still killed a wasp, clean the area with soapy water.
  • If the wasps do not react to the clove oil, then you can add dry flowers to the bowl.