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Care cyclamen: How to take care of the beautiful autumn and winter bloomer throughout the year

September has come and with it one of the most popular beauties for home and garden: cyclamen. Not only the outdoor beds adorn this pretty flowers, but also the windowsill in our four walls. But although the care is relatively simple, not everyone manages to keep the plant alive for several months or to encourage a new flowering. This is due to the fact that many do not know how exactly to care for cyclamen – not only during flowering, but also after it. We summarize what needs to be considered.

Cyclamen in the apartment – how to properly care for the flower

Care cyclamen for beautiful flowers every year.

The room cyclamen decorates not only with its beautiful flowers of different colors (white, pink, purple, pink, red and bicolor), but also with its interesting leaves that somewhat resemble ivy (hence the name ivy-leaved cyclamen). But in order for the flower to present all this in full splendor and for a long time, proper cyclamen care is important. How to care for cyclamen?

Care cyclamen – first find the right place.

The right location for cyclamen should be bright and cool

If the cyclamen does not like the location, no matter how much effort, love and time you invest in the rest of the care – the plant simply will not be able to thrive well. For this reason, first find her a nice place where you will care for cyclamen. This should be as bright as possible, but free from direct sunlight and away from heating and heat. Sounds a bit difficult, doesn’t it? In principle, it should be a windowsill on the north – or east side, under which there is no radiator. The ideal temperatures for long flowering are 15 to 18 degrees, but there are also cultivars that tolerate higher temperatures.

Note: If the flowers hang down, it is an indication that it is too warm. As a result, the cyclamen may fade more quickly and sometimes even lose leaves.

Care for cyclamen: Proper watering

Cyclamen care and proper watering with what water

It is very important that you water cyclamen properly. Not only the amount of water is important, but also the way you water the flower. How to water cyclamen correctly?

  • First of all, if possible, the water should be low in lime ( collect rainwater, for example ).
  • Also make sure that it is neither too hot, nor too cold. For this purpose, you can store it in bottles so that it has room temperature.
  • As long as the cyclamen blooms, the substrate should always be moist.
  • Waterlogging should be avoided. If you notice that the water accumulates in the substrate used and remains wet for a long time, replace it with more permeable. Normal potting soil should be sufficient, however.
  • Do not water directly onto the substrate. Always add water to the saucer (or planter) so that the plant can soak itself with the necessary amount of water.

Fertilizer promotes growth and maintains the flowers

Cyclamen care and fertilize for long flowering period

The long flowering period greatly depletes the strength of cyclamen, so you should always keep it well supplied with nutrients during this period. Proper fertilizer applications are important when caring for a cyclamen. It is best to fertilize once every week, using liquid fertilizer, which can be weakly concentrated. Mix it with the watering water and administer through watering.

Care cyclamen: When and how to replace the old substrate

When and how to repot cyclamen

Your plant can easily remain in a pot and substrate for two years until it is time to replace it. The best time to put them in fresh potting soil is September, before flowering begins. Pay attention to how deep the tubers are in advance, and be sure to maintain that depth in the new pot/substrate when repotting the cyclamen. Typically, only two-thirds of the tuber is below the surface.

What to do when the flower fades.

If you buy your cyclamen in September or later, it will be in full bloom right now. After all, that’s the only way it caught your attention, right? The blooming period continues into April – quite a long time, during which you should care for the cyclamen, as described above.  What about cyclamen care after flowering? In order for the plant to continue to bloom in the next season, the most important thing is a period of rest, during which the care needs change:

  • While the flower needs moderately moist soil during the flowering phase, watering is reduced in the summer after flowering. This encourages a new bloom in September.
  • Once the flowers have faded, also stop fertilizing. A month and a half to two months later, it is time to repot every two years, after which you will begin fertilizing again, but only every two to three weeks.
  • During the summer months, when flowering is over, you should move the cyclamen outside. There, choose a semi-shaded, light location. From May and until the first frost, the plant feels most comfortable outside. Then in the fall, bring the cyclamen back indoors, where you will perform the usual care of cyclamen indoors.

Cyclamen care after flowering - tips for the dormant period

If you do not have a garden, but still want to put the plant outdoors, you can continue to care for cyclamen on the balcony under the conditions mentioned.

Are cyclamen hardy?

Some cyclamen varieties are hardy and suitable for garden and grave

There are varieties that are hardy, so they can be planted directly in the garden. For this reason, cyclamen is also popular for grave planting in the fall. The hardy varieties differ in their flowering time. Thus, some bloom as early as February, others in the summer and then there are the autumn cyclamen. Therefore, if you combine several varieties and also appropriately care for cyclamen, you will enjoy the beautiful flowers throughout the season.