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Build and plant your own flower box from tree trunk – original DIY ideas for rustic decoration in the garden

If you’re ever looking for inspiration or resources for your next craft project, just head out into the woods or your own backyard and the ideas will come. Nature offers us the best opportunities to create beautiful and original things, and it comes in many different forms. Something as simple as a tree trunk can be used in so many interesting ways. A planter is just one of the possibilities, and even then there are many unique designs to consider. We’ll show you how to make your own flower box from a tree trunk, and also provide tips and ideas for planting.

What are the advantages of using a tree trunk as a planter?

Planting tree trunk in the garden with petunias

Tree trunks are a wonderful option for natural planters. They absorb water and can feed the flowers. They are also a natural part of the ecosystem. So when you’re done with them, you’re not contributing to a landfill, which is the case with other planters and pots. You can even use your planter for future compost!

How to build a rustic wooden flower box

Old tree trunk planting tips and ideas

It’s quite easy to build a log flower box yourself. You don’t need a lot of tools or technical know-how – just a little hard work and dedication to get the job done.

There are several ways to build a planter from tree trunk . The easiest is to build a horizontal planter that lies flat on the ground.

Alternatively, you can build a tall, upright planter from a thick tree trunk or make several trunks into one continuous planter. You can also divide the horizontal log into sections and plant each area with a different type of flower. Think about which variation best suits your garden, and get started.

Planting flower box from tree trunk with petunias in summer


  1. First, find a trunk that fits. White pine is a good choice because it is a softwood and is easy to work with. You can also use a hardwood species. It will last longer, but is more difficult to cut.
  2. Cut lines with a chainsaw to make grooves in the wood that extend across the entire surface of the log. They should be fairly even, but don’t stress if they aren’t all the same length, width or depth.
  3. If you don’t want to use a chainsaw, you can also use a standing drill to cut into the log. You will need to make several overlapping cuts with the hole saw until you reach the desired length of opening.
  4. Pry out the pieces between the cuts with a screwdriver. Remove as many pieces as you can with a hammer and the screwdriver to notch out the wood. For larger logs, you can use a hatchet. The result is a half-hollow wooden planter.
  5. Fill your planter with potting soil and other ingredients such as sand, peat and fertilizer. Sometimes it is easier to moisten the mixture before you add it to the trunk. This way, it will be easier to pour the mixture into the tree trunk.
  6. Then you can plant the tree trunk. Consider filling the bottom of the planter with activated charcoal. This will help with filtration and prevent rot, both for the roots of the plants and the wood.
  7. You can either grow plants from seed or plant your favorite plants in your new planter. You can grow anything in a homemade flower box made from logs, including flowers, vegetables, herbs and even succulents.
  8. After planting, water vigorously so that the container does not dry out. That’s it!

DIY plant trough from tree trunk and plant it with herbs

Over time, wooden planters will rot. However, before that happens, you should be able to use your planter for several years. By building your own rustic wooden log planter, you can create a unique, inexpensive container for your favorite plants. Try one of the designs below – or design your own! – For a stunning display.

Planting flower box from tree trunk: original ideas to try.

Large tree trunk turned into a flower box

Large planted tree trunk in a flower bed.

Want to make a really big tree trunk flower trough to put in your garden? You can work in sections and cut the log piece by piece. You’ll need a saw with a curved blade, a hammer drill, a chisel set, a flat drill set and a regular hammer, and plenty of time to complete this project. When it’s done, it will look really cool and you can fill it with lots of colorful flowers or plants to make the garden look great.

Original decoration ideas for the garden DIY flower box from tree trunk

Rustic decoration for the garden with summer flowers in the horizontal tree trunk.

Anyone who is handy with a hatchet can easily make this planter. Cut a firewood log to create a channel for the potting soil and plants. Leave some space at the ends. Fill the log with potting soil. Add a mixture of delightful annual plants, and place the whole thing outdoors. Add rocks to keep it from tipping over.

DIY raised bed for flowers from tree trunks

Build your own flower raised bed from tree trunks.

This rustic wooden planter is simple but beautiful. It can be as large or as small as you like. This one sits on extra logs, so it’s easier to maintain (yet won’t shift around when in use). What a great idea!

Build round flower box yourself from tree trunks

Round planter made from logs and plywood.

With leftover firewood, you can also build such a flower box for the garden yourself. The base is a piece of plywood cut into a round shape. The logs are placed upright around the edge of the plywood and nailed together. With this idea, you can create a wonderful rustic country feel even in a very small urban garden.

DIY ideas for flower boxes from old wood in the shape of wagons

Planted tree trunk cart as a decoration in the garden.

For an original garden decoration, you can add a few tree slices to the sides, and your tree trunk planter will already look like a beautiful rustic wagon.

Do you have leftover pallets? Here you can read how to make it yourself a flower box for balcony or garden.