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Boho garden & patio: wonderful ideas and tips on how to create an eclectic scene outdoors

Bohemian style in the garden is the perfect solution to conjure up a relaxed look full of vibrancy. To create this eclectic style, all you need is a little creativity and know-how. And while it may sound a little overwhelming, anyone really can pull it off. The boho garden is the epitome of comfort, fun and relaxation. And that’s especially true if you design it the right way – which is where we come in. In this article, we’ve rounded up lots of great ways you can create a boho-style garden. From lighting to textiles to furniture, join us in celebrating all things unconventional, artistic, and free-spirited for an outdoor space that will make you smile.

What is a boho garden?

Boho style garden in summer

A boho garden is a perfect blend of styles that takes inspiration from around the world and features exotic patterns, natural materials and relaxed seating. Forget the clean lines and restrained materials of super-modern gardens – this look celebrates eccentricity, multi-layered visual interest and bold colors. Break the rules – more is more.

Small gardens can also be designed in bohemian style

So don’t be afraid to go a little wild with your boho garden ideas. Combine antique pieces with reclaimed materials , add a splash of colorful paint to your flower pots or pergola, layer on textiles and don’t forget to provide mood lighting. It all adds up to a dreamy decor that looks personal, stylish and fun. And if that hasn’t got your creative juices flowing yet, the following ideas will inspire you even more!

The most beautiful boho style garden ideas

Garden with plants in boho style

Do you want to immerse your property in an artistic atmosphere? Our boho style garden ideas offer plenty of tips for furniture, accessories and lighting that will add extra flair to your patio and garden.

Add an ornate parasol

Ornate parasol fits perfectly in boho garden

The best parasols for the garden come in all sorts of designs, but if you’re looking for bohemian garden ideas, it’s time to ditch neutral tones and modern looks. Instead, opt for ornate styles that will catch everyone’s eye and provide that much-needed dose of eclectic character.

Here, a bright pink parasol adds plenty of boho charm. With a pattern, tassels and gold-tone lace and pole, it’s a sure way to brighten up any dreary scene. We love how the colors are also reflected in the textiles, creating a sense of cohesion.

Layers of textiles for a cozy outdoor space

Combine different seating

With boho-style gardens and patios, there’s no reason to limit outdoor seating to furniture. Instead, make use of the ground by layering lots of cozy outdoor pillows and the best outdoor rugs. Add a mix of lanterns, hang fairy lights, and use pretty trays to safely set your drink on while you sit back and relax.

This way, you’ll create a gorgeous atmosphere that’s perfect for long, sunny days that turn into magical summer evenings.

Combine patterned details with natural finishes.

Combine patterned details with natural finishes

Foldable outdoor mattresses increase the coziness factor and can be used for lounging on the lawn or, lining a seating area. An eye-catching pattern makes a wonderful contrast to furniture with natural finishes.

The point here is to create a special place in your garden where you can relax and enjoy nature. So, place an eye-catching chair and coffee table in a quieter part of your property, such as under a tree or among flowers, to create a unique look.

Hang stylish decorations over the dining area

Boho style roof terrace decorating tips and ideas

There’s something magical about an outdoor meal under fairy lights, but why not add to it by hanging colorful decorations to create a boho look? Tie decorations to branches, fences or even your pergola to create a garden party full of wonder that your guests won’t want to leave.

Combine bright furniture and bright accents

Bright seating area with colorful accents under a pergola

As far as eye-catching seating goes, an ornate stone bench and table will add a touch of the old world. Jazzed up with lots of colorful accessories or some hanging baskets, you can add even more color and texture. Deco like this looks fantastic hanging from a pergola or gazebo.

A luxurious daybed fits perfectly in a boho garden

Boho terrace design with outdoor daybed

A daybed is one of the new must-haves among garden furniture and looks great in a boho-inspired space. This is especially true if you opt for an exotic print.

But why stop there? To make the look even more luxurious, frame the daybed with a flowing canopy. Then hang lanterns above it to illuminate the cozy hideaway when night falls. Perfect for parties or just relaxing in peace with a good book.

Create a seating area under a canopy

Boho style garden design with canopy

If you love patio canopy ideas or covered patios but aren’t sure you want to invest in a permanent structure, a sheltered seating area might be the solution for you. A movable canopy like a canopy is a quick way to improve the atmosphere of your outdoor space. The cotton canopy not only provides cool shade from the midday sun, but it also creates a cozy retreat where you can relax with friends and a glass or two of cold beverages. With its casual vintage look and some tassels, the canopy is a fabulous addition to a boho garden.

Pile on the colorful cushions

Colorful cushions create a garden decoration in bohemian style

If your existing garden furniture is more neutral, but you’re craving a boho look, don’t worry. You don’t necessarily have to buy a whole new set – instead, you can add a splash of color and pattern with pillows. A classic rattan sofa can be given a wonderful boho flair with a mix of different patterns. Fancy glasses and a vase with freshly picked flowers continue to add pretty accents. And why not hang a few pretty fairy lights for added romance?

Create a relaxed atmosphere with low seating

Create a relaxing atmosphere in the outdoor area

Boho style is all about coziness, where everyone can relax together. Earthiness goes a long way in making you feel down to earth. That’s why stools and floor cushions are the first choice for seating when it comes to bohemian garden ideas.

Some traditional beanbags made of leather and in different colors are a great choice. Placing a few of them in your garden will instantly create a relaxing atmosphere and more space for guests. They are a great way to transform your patio and make it more inviting.

Lighting is a must-have in the boho garden

Lighting is a must-have in boho garden

The best outdoor lights can completely change the atmosphere of your garden and allow you to enjoy your outdoor space well into the night. Draw attention to nature by wrapping strings of lights around trees, draping them along shrubs, or using ground lights to illuminate plants and pathways.

LED candles in outdoor Bohemian style

You may have never thought about using LED candles in the garden, but they are a brilliant way to create a serene, romantic atmosphere for your boho patio without any risk.