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Yellow blooming balcony flowers: How to turn the summer balcony into a good mood oasis!

Amateur gardeners who do not have a real garden, often turn their balcony into an outdoor oasis. Balcony gardens are especially popular in the city, as they put us in touch with nature. If you want to make your balcony like a flower paradise, you have a wide choice of balcony flowers, which especially in the summer and also in autumn unfold their full splendor . Are you just looking for ideas for yellow blooming balcony flowers, then you will certainly find what you are looking for. In this post, we have collected the most popular yellow flowers for balcony, which will instantly beautify your little piece of nature.

Balcony plants with yellow flowers Elfenspiegel Nemesia

The color yellow is the color of the sun and scares away gloomy moods. It has a particularly cheering effect, promotes concentration and stimulates the mind. Therefore, yellow blooming balcony flowers are a wonderful addition to the balcony. Compared to a monochromatic planting, for example, with white balcony plants, yellow flowers are often used as accents and rarely used alone. Very beautiful also look multicolored combinations of flowers in the same flower box. And in this case, a few yellow flowers simply can not miss.

Most yellow balcony flowers are typical summer bloomers , which bloom in many other colors in addition to yellow. But there are also yellow flowering balcony flowers that bloom only in this color, such as the two-tooth and the hussar’s button. Whether standing, hanging, for full sun or partial shade, here you will find the most beautiful yellow flowers for the balcony.

Yellow flowering balcony flowers for sunny locations.

Magic bells (Calibrachoa)

Yellow balcony flowers hanging magic bells in hanging baskets

One of the most beautiful flowering balcony flowers is the magic bell. This type of mini-petunia, still known as Million Bells in English, comes in many spectacular colors that look great in almost any balcony garden. The lush blooms attract butterflies and, with proper care, grow vigorously throughout the summer.

Appearance: Magic bells have a spreading, herbaceous habit. The leaves are dark green and elliptical. Inside the plant forms a closed carpet of flowers, but hanging shoots can grow up to 50 centimeters long. The flowers are small, colorful and grow in abundance. Complementing the classic pink, red and yellow, there are also varieties with bicolor flowers that provide playful color combinations on the balcony.

Habitat: a sunny location with good air circulation is necessary for abundant flowering

Flowering time: from May to October

Care: the magic bell does not require breaking out the flowers, but it needs regular watering and good drainage.

Hanging balcony flowers yellow red magic bells combine

Petunia (Petunia x hybrida).

Yellow flowering balcony flowers petunia pale yellow

When it comes to balcony gardens, almost no one can pass by petunias. These flowers tend to grow overhanging and lush, and the flowers give off a sweet fragrance, especially in the evening. Single-color yellow blooming balcony flowers can be combined with two-color varieties with color gradient for a beautiful effect. They are wonderful for hanging baskets as well as window boxes.

Appearance: The leaves are dark green and slightly hairy, but it should be noted that they are also poisonous. The flower is trumpet-shaped and intensely colored, with only the yellow petunias showing paler coloring. Varieties with patterned flowers are also very common such as white-yellow and yellow-orange.

Habitat: bright, sunny place, preferably protected from wind; blooms also in partial shade, but the flowering is not so intense

Flowering time: from April to October

Care: regular watering with water low in lime, best in the morning, avoid waterlogging; clean out regularly; fertilize every two weeks

Yellow flowers for balcony sun or partial shade Petunia in hanging basket

Petunia for balcony bicolor yellow white

Balcony flowers yellow orange Petunia bicolor

Elf mirror (Nemesia fruticans Hybride)

Yellow balcony flowers for sun Elfenspiegel

Yellow-flowering balcony flowers like Elfenspiegel are among the newcomers to the balcony. However, the plant has been named balcony plant of the year several times because it blooms profusely and cuts a fine figure in the balcony box. Elfenspiegel is a summer bloomer that blooms in yellow, white, orange, pink or blue. Some varieties are fragrant.

Appearance: Elfenspiegel flowers herbaceously or bushy with regular pruning and can grow up to 60 inches tall. There are also varieties that form prostrate and drooping shoots and usually bloom longer than taller-growing specimens. The leaves are small, light green and elongated. The flowers are small and look like orchids or violets.

Habitat: full sun place protected from wind and rain

Flowering time: from June to September

Care: even water supply, avoiding both drought and waterlogging; fertilize every two weeks with liquid fertilizer for flowering plants.

Balcony flowers yellow white Nemesia Elfenspiegel

Balcony flowers pink yellow Elfenspiegel in balcony box

Feather bush (Celosia argentea)

Exotic yellow flowering balcony flowers feather bush

If you like exotic yellow flowering balcony flowers, then featherbush is a good choice. The plant grows very quickly and blooms with panicles of flowers that come in purple, orange, red, pink and white in addition to yellow.

Appearance: Celosia grows upright and can reach 30 to 80 centimeters in height. The flowers are intensely colored and look like feathery bushes, and the leaves have an attractive coloration in autumn.

Habitat: warm and sunny place, protected from wind

Flowering time: main flowering is from June to September

Care: even watering, watering from the bottom, root ball should not dry out; cut out faded flowers regularly to encourage re-blooming.

Feather bush in pot yellow red orange for balcony

Anemone (Lantana camara)

Yellow flowers of Wandelröschen round

The Wandelröschen is a colorful flower that belongs to the verbena family. After the flower blooms, its color changes, for example, from orange to yellow. But note that the plant is poisonous. You need to remove withered parts, otherwise spherical fruits will form, which are very poisonous. Therefore, it is recommended to plant the balcony flower in hanging hanging baskets.

Appearance: In our latitudes, the flower is offered as a tall stem or in a flower pot. Its leaves are dark green and oval, and the flowers are tubular with hemispherical heads.

Habitat: full sun

Flowering time: from May to October

Care: fertilize adequately; repot every year if needed or every two-three years at the end of the overwintering period; do not water too often, but never let it dry out completely.

Yellow Wandelröschen for sunny balcony

Two-tooth (Bidens ferulifolia)

Two-tooth yellow blooming balcony flowers summer

Two-tooth is still known by the names gold maria and bidens. This plant blooms only yellow with dense, single golden yellow flowers. Some varieties have a bicolored flower with an orange color gradient.

Appearance: flowering hanging flower that grows bushy and reaches 15 to 30 centimeters in height. The shoots then grow horizontally at first and begin to overhang. The leaves are multipinnate and the flowers are star-shaped and golden yellow with a darker part in the center.

Habitat: sunny place

Flowering time: from May to October

Care: water abundantly directly at the root ball in the morning or evening, making sure that the soil absorbs all the water; fertilize weekly; do not clean out.

Two-tooth and petunias in pot for the balcony

Gold margerite flowers close-up yellow flowering balcony flowers

Dahlias (Dahlia Hybride).

Yellow flowering balcony flowers standing dahlias in flower pot

Small to medium sized varieties of dahlia are good for planting in matching flower pots on the balcony. Examples include mignon dahlias, ruffed dahlias, water lily dahlias and pompon dahlias.

Appearance: Dahlias are basket flowering plants that come in almost any color, including yellow. The flowers are usually round and basket-shaped and consist of many petals.

Habitat: warm, sunny and preferably protected from the wind.

Flowering time: from the end of June until the first frost

Care: water regularly, but moderately, so that the soil does not dry out, but also does not become too moist; cut off withered flowers; fertilize once a week if necessary.

Yellow balcony flowers in summer combine dahlias

Shrub Marguerite (Argyranthemum frutescens).

Yellow flowering balcony plants in pot shrub daisy

Appearance: Shrub daisy is a semi-shrub that grows bushy and slightly spherical. It can grow up to three feet tall and can be grown as a tall stem. The leaves are pinnate, lobed and blue-green to silver-gray in color. Originally, the flowers of the shrub daisy were white with yellow tubular flowers in the center, although new cultivars also bear flowers in other colors such as yellow and pink. This balcony flower gives off a beautiful fragrance.

Habitat: full sunny place, also suitable for windy balconies

Flowering time: from May to October

Care: regularly clean out withered leaves and flowers; water regularly, even in the morning and evening on hot days; loosen compacted soil several times a year; fertilize with liquid fertilizer twice a month from May to August.

Yellow flowering balcony flowers summer flower shrub daisy

Yellow flowering balcony flowers that thrive even in partial shade.

Hussar’s button (Sanvitalia procumbens)

Balcony flowers with yellow flowers Hussar's button

Hussar’s button or hussar’s button is often called dwarf or mini sunflower because of its similar flowers. Unlike the sunflower, the flowers cascade over the edge of window boxes and pots, making a pretty addition to other yellow summer flowers.

Appearance: The balcony plant has prostrate stems and grows no more than 20 inches tall. It forms a cushion-like cover, its leaves are oval and the basket flowers with dark centers resemble small sunflowers.

Habitat: full sun or warm location in partial shade

Flowering time: from June to October

Care: water every few days in the morning or evening, allowing the soil to dry slightly between waterings; avoid waterlogging; fertilize every two weeks with regular fertilizer; remove faded parts regularly.

Yellow flowering balcony flowers Hussar's button in boxes and pots

Yellow balcony flowers Hussar's button mini sunflowers

Golden Thaler (Asteriscus maritimus).

Yellow flowers for balcony gold taler in blue pot

The special feature of this yellow-flowered flower (still known as ducat flower) for the balcony is that the flowers do not close even in bad weather. They are bright yellow and make a good mood on the balcony.

Appearance: The sunny yellow basket flowers of golden thaler grow upright at first, then broader and then overhanging. The leaves are oblong or ovate and the flowers round with three-toothed ray florets.

Habitat: ideally full sun, possibly partial shade.

Flowering time: from August to September (some varieties also from April)

Care: nutrient-rich, well-drained soil; water from below and avoid waterlogging; fertilize liberally each week; remove wilted flowers to encourage re-blooming.

Idea for yellow flowering balcony flowers Goldtaler in basket

Nasturtium (Tropaeolum majus)

Yellow balcony flowers hanging nasturtium

Nasturtium is a classic summer bloomer that does well in both beds and window boxes. Its bright yellow, red or orange flowers can brighten up any balcony in the summer.

Appearance: This plant grows creeping, but can also climb in height with a climbing aid. The leaves are shield-shaped and have a spicy-hot smell and taste and are used in natural medicine against viruses and bacteria. The plant has large flowers that are zip-shaped and appear in both solid colors and patterns. After flowering, the plant also forms fruits that are edible and can be used in salads.

Habitat: sunny to semi-shady

Flowering time: from July to October

Care: easy to care for; regular watering is necessary, preferably in the morning and evening, always watering close to the ground and not over the flowers.

Balcony flowers yellow orange nasturtium

Snapdragon (Antirrhinum majus)

Colorful snapdragons in pot yellow white pink

Yellow-flowered balcony flowers that are very floriferous and yet easy to care for are also snapdragons. They are among the most popular summer flowers for the balcony and are known for their tall panicles of yellow, orange, red, pink and white.

Appearance: Snapdragon can reach up to 100 centimeters in height of growth. Its leaves have an elongated, pointed shape and the flowers consist of several individual flowers that together form a panicle.

Habitat: sunny or semi-shady, airy

Flowering time: from June to September

Care: fertilize regularly; water with low-lime water; clean out close to the ground as needed; support taller growing plants with sticks.

Yellow balcony flowers partial shade snapdragons combine in pot