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Winterize balcony – How to prepare your outdoor space for the winter with simple steps.

With the colder weather approaching, it may be time to start thinking about winterizing your balcony. Many people are starting to close their balcony doors for the winter season, but some residents overlook this important outdoor space during the winter. However, with the right preparation and decorations or balcony plantings, you can comfortably enjoy this unique space throughout the year. Here are the key steps you can take to keep yourself and your plants warm in the winter and create more comfort in this area.

Consider important factors and winterize a balcony

create outdoor spaces with inviting decorations and winterize a cozy balcony

Sure, most balconies have limited floor space, but they offer the opportunity to experience beautiful views. Just like patios, their usability is highly responsive to weather changes. In fact, the winter months can leave a regular balcony user stuck indoors, wishing for warmer months. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way. In general, the best way to winterize your apartment balcony is to enclose the space, add a heater, and provide adequate air circulation and sunlight. However, in doing so, you should keep moisture and cold wind out and allow yourself and your guests to breathe freely. In addition, you should still make sure that your balcony plants can survive the winter as well.

balcony in the city equipped with a small canopy

So from your balcony, enjoy the fresh air and possibly unparalleled views as the autumn landscape fills with color. If you’re worried about the cold, there are plenty of ways to make your outdoor space cozy. If you have a condo or apartment with a balcony, you can use it throughout the year instead of just during the summer months. Take a look at a few ideas for warm-ups. This way, you can make your balcony more comfortable during the winter season and feel more at home there. Find out how to keep your balcony warm during the winter, along with some decorating ideas and different outdoor winter plants.

Preparing yourself and your balcony furniture for the cold season

prepare the balcony for winter by covering balcony furniture and removing home textiles

An important aspect of winterizing your balcony is covering your furniture. Any cover will do, provided it is the right size. If you want to go a step further and really protect your furniture, you can also consider shrink wrap. In addition, covering balcony furniture is essential if it is wood or metal or even plastic. Covers provide protection from rain and wind. Therefore, you should first prepare your outdoor furniture for the winter months by covering it when not in use. However, the only catch is that you can uncover the balcony furniture anytime you decide to use the outdoor area. Also, make sure that the furniture underneath stays dry when you cover it. After all, sitting wetness can lead to unwanted mold growth.

winterize balcony furniture and sensitive plants outside or on the balcony

When it comes to warmth on the balcony, you can use a cozy blanket to wrap yourself with it on cold days. This will make your morning coffee on the balcony taste good even at low temperatures. Watch the sunrise and enjoy a strong start to the day on winter mornings. With a cup of hot chocolate or coffee, you can sit outside and relax throughout the year. Blended fabrics with natural fibers are great for keeping out the cooler air. If you have an outdoor outlet, you can also get an electric blanket to help you spend more time outside when winterizing your balcony.

Remove home textiles and winterize the balcony.

bring cozy blankets outside during the winter season and prepare for the cold on the balcony

Removing cushions and throws is another important step. Even if you don’t have snow, winter is usually more humid than the warmer months, which can lead to mold growth on soft furnishings. However, if you live in a warm place, you should buy some blankets made of wool instead. They are much warmer and look great as balcony decorations in winter. Also, if you use waterproof pillowcases, you can usually leave them outside as well.

Install a canopy or windbreak

combine classic architecture with modern elements and install windbreaks on the balcony

Logically, one of the main reasons why people don’t use their balconies in winter is because of the low temperatures. If you can install a windbreak on your balcony, it will allow you to eliminate much of this inconvenience. For example, a plexiglass barrier attached to your railing or a natural wall of winter plants can protect you from bad weather conditions. In addition, building a temporary winter balcony enclosure can be a solution to withstand precipitation or snow. Accordingly, depending on what type of enclosure you build, it can help insulate both the balcony and your home.

Add heating and candles

follow some simple steps and winterize a cozy balcony before christmas time

An electric heater is a perfect addition to any balcony in the winter. Although most condos and apartments do not allow fire as a heater on the balcony, an electric radiant heater with automatic shut-off is perfect. However, make sure you don’t have any loose fabrics or plants nearby and enjoy the warmth while staying outside throughout the winter. If you don’t care about looks, any portable space heater would be fine. However, infrared heaters can warm you directly, so be sure to consider one in your search.

decorative elements like candles and autumn leaves create a cozy atmosphere in cold weather

In addition, creating a warm and cozy atmosphere on your balcony can entice you to spend more time outside during the winter months. Lots of candles can create a winter wonderland that you’re sure to enjoy. Just a few strategically placed candles can raise the temperature a few degrees and reflect a warm and inviting light.

Choose winter hardy plants for your balcony

choose suitable plant varieties and winterize them on the balcony

There is a huge selection of plants that you can use to plant and beautify your balcony area in winter. Your balcony may not otherwise look very inviting during the winter months after you remove your colorful summer plants. Improve the look of your outdoor space with some appropriate plants to bring your winter balcony back to life. Don’t avoid your outdoor space just because the winter season is almost here. Some options include holly, snowdrops, cyclamen, heather, dwarf conifers, chard, ivy and even kale.

winterize potted plants hanging on the balcony railing or protect them in a greenhouse

If you can not bring potted plants indoors, you need to winterize them outside the balcony. Your options include building or buying a terrarium or mini-greenhouse. Even a cover will provide some insulation from colder weather for the plants. Another option is to insulate the pots with jute, wool or coir. You can buy these products at hardware or garden stores.

Final thoughts

enjoy warm drink like chocolate or coffee in winter on the terrace

Hopefully, this article has given you some tips on how to keep your balcony warm and low maintenance in the winter. If you want to use it, be sure to invest in some winter balcony decorations and winter plants for your outdoor balcony. Should you choose to close your balcony for the season, it’s best to make sure your furniture is properly treated and protected so it’s ready to go next year. With the right additions, a creative windbreak and some cozy blankets, you can go out on your balcony and enjoy the view all year round.