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Winter planting for balcony: the most beautiful hardy balcony plants for window box and tub

Autumn will soon be over and we are already preparing for winter. No more gloomy and gray – even in the cold season colorful balcony plants make the outdoor area look cheerful and inviting. We give you beautiful ideas for winter planting for balcony with hardy winter flowers, evergreen perennials and dried flowers.

Winter planting for balcony: what to consider?

Winter flowers and perennials for balcony choose ideas

For most amateur gardeners, the gardening season comes to an end in November. Does not have to be, because there are many hardy plants that will turn the balcony into a green oasis. However, when winter planting for balcony should take into account a few things.

  • Pots and flower boxes made of porous materials are unsuitable for winter planting. It is better to use pots made of plastic or seal the clay pots with glaze.
  • Even hardy plants need winter protection during permafrost. This is due to the fact that the soil in the tub and window box often freezes through. Wrap the tub with fleece or protective film.
  • You can continue to use the potting soil from the summer in the winter. You do not need to fertilize the soil additionally – the winter plants can cope even with a nutrient-poor substrate.
  • Water the winter plants in mild weather. If there is a permafrost, the plants do not need watering. If in doubt, do the finger test. This will tell you right away if the soil has dried out and the plants need water.
  • Most winter plants can tolerate direct sunlight well. Even shade-loving plants, therefore, do not need sun protection in winter.
  • Unlike in summer, winter flowers, grasses and perennials can be planted close together. This is because they compete less for water and nutrients in winter, and they stay much lower than summer plants.

The most beautiful winter flowers for the tub

Winter planting for balcony what flowers (1)

Snow lily is one of the most beautiful winter flowers. Usually its flowers open around Christmas time. The white flowers in combination with the dark green leaves make the snow lily a real eye-catcher in the container garden.

Winter alpine violets form their flowers as early as January. The flowering period extends until March. Incidentally, there are also certain horned violet hybrids that bloom in winter between November and March.

Mahonia is particularly popular for its golden yellow flower buds, which appear as early as November. The plant prefers a well-drained soil and a semi-shaded spot on the balcony.

Early spring alpine violets show themselves already in January. The plants are very hardy and bloom in pink, red and white. The flowering period extends into the spring. They combine well with groundcovers and evergreens in containers.

Snowdrops are perhaps the perfect winter flowers for the container. They are compact and easy to care for. Combine them with lily pads or hellebores.

Winter hardy plants for the balcony box

Choose winter hardy plants for balcony box

Winter-flowering honeysuckle is fascinating with its fragrant snow-white flowers that provide food for insects in winter. The red berries provide food for birds and other small garden animals from February. The flowers appear in December, and the shrub’s blooming season lasts until February.

Macchia woodland vine (vine woodland vine) has cream-colored flowers and a subtle citrus fragrance. It will do fine without a maintenance pruning, but you can cut it in after it has finished blooming. The blooming season begins in December and ends in January.

Snow heather fascinates with its pink to purple flower buds that decorate the tub or balcony box in February and March.

Low mock berry (carpet berry) has dark green leaves that turn dark red in winter and beautiful shiny red berries. This mock berry scores with a compact growth habit.

The Japanese flowering skimmia “Rubella” is a frost-hardy and very low-maintenance evergreen plant. Its trademark is the pink flower buds. The flowering skimmia is the perfect planting partner to broom heather.

Winter planting for balcony in window box useful tips

The creeping gooseberry is a hardy evergreen plant that has become popular in recent years as an alternative to ivy in window boxes and tubs.

Evergreen conifers and conifers for the balcony

The dwarf pine scores with a low growth habit. It also grows very slowly, making it the perfect container plant for the balcony in winter. It also makes a good figure as a balcony box plant. It can also be combined with other pot plants.

The cushion pine is a hardy woody plant that attracts attention with its blue-green needles. With a maximum growth height of one meter, it is very compact and therefore perfect for the container garden.

Japanese hanging larch is the perfect plant for hanging baskets. It has drooping shoots and attractive, light green needles.

The small shell cypress is also a slow-growing conifer that can be combined as desired with other hardy grasses, evergreens and winter flowers.

Winter planting for balcony: ideas for hanging baskets

Winter bulb for balcony planting with hardy balcony plants

In any case, the hanging basket should not be left empty. Dim it with moss and combine autumn-flowering flowers like hydrangeas and astilbes with hardy dwarf balsam fir, beach lilac and American winterberry. Poppy pods, and dried eucalyptus branches are the perfect gap fillers. If you have rose bushes , they still have buds formed after the end of the blooming season that have not opened. You can dry these buds and use them as accents for fall and winter arrangements.

Mini alpine violets in combination with mock berries and a hardy grass also look good in the hanging basket.