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Winter hardy autumn plants for containers: 9 flowering plants that will beautify the balcony and terrace!

If you are wondering what is a good hardy fall plant, you have many beautiful options. In this post you will find a great selection of autumn plants for containers. All of the plants are perfect for the season and will keep your balcony, garden or patio looking fantastic well into winter. There are other benefits to focusing on plants for pots. Since you don’t have to work the entire garden, you can spice up your outdoor space in the fall inexpensively and with little effort.

Autumn planting – make the balcony, terrace and garden colorful

Autumn planting - make your balcony, terrace and garden colorful

In autumn, many garden plants begin to prepare for the cold winter months. After spending the summer producing flowers and seeds, they are now ready to slow things down and prepare for new growth next spring. This can leave your garden looking a bit drab in the fall. You’ll likely notice gaps in the beds, dead stems and a general lack of color. The good news is that you can create lots of new color, texture and interest with fall-blooming plants.

When focusing on plants for fall in containers and hanging baskets, you can direct your efforts to areas that you still use regularly or can see from the inside. A balcony or patio, for example, will likely still be used frequently in the fall, so you should place your fall plants where you can see them often.

Fall plants for containers: colorful chrysanthemums

Autumn plants for containers - colorful chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums are the quintessential fall flowers and are great for containers. For best results, look for chrysanthemums that have more buds than open flowers (they bloom longer) and repot them immediately into a larger container with well-drained soil. “Garden Mums” are a good choice for colorful fall planting. These plants are hardy and perennial.

Sweet alyssum (rockweed) for your patio pots.

Sweet alyssum (rockweed) for your pots on the terrace

A flower variety that tolerates cool weather well is sweet alyssum, which also gives off a lovely fragrance. These delicate blooms are perfect for beds and pathways to create a colorful carpet, or for pots on your balcony or patio. Some of these hardy fall plants are annuals, while others are biennials or perennials.

Winter hardy flowers for balcony and garden – horned violets.

Winter hardy flowers for balcony and garden - horned violets

Horned violets have the prettiest faces! The cute cousin of pansies comes in a wide range of colors, from electric blue to sunny yellow. These beauties bloom in the cold season, so planting them depends on your region. In cooler climates, they can be planted in spring and bloom through fall; in warmer climates, they can be planted in fall. Horned violets are perennials.

Autumn plants for containers – flowering autumn crocus

Autumn plants for containers - flowering meadow saffron

Autumn crocus actually belongs to the lily family and is hardy, perennial and easy to care for. These plants form pink, purple or white cup-shaped flowers on bare, leafless stems (foliage emerges later). Bury the bulbs in your containers in late summer for a burst of blooms in the fall.

Perennial fall plants for window boxes – bee-friendly coneflower.

Perennial autumn plants for balcony boxes - bee-friendly sunflower

In fiery yellows, oranges and reds, sunflowers bring warmth and vibrancy to pots with their whimsical blooms from mid-summer into fall . These plants are attractive to pollinators and also make great cut flowers in a vase. While they thrive in most soil types, they need a sunny, sheltered spot. Because they are very thirsty, they should only be planted in large containers and need to be watered frequently to keep the soil from drying out. Prune the flowers regularly to extend the blooming period as long as possible.

Colorful, low-maintenance toad lily for outdoor use.

Colorful, low-maintenance toad lily for outdoor use

Japanese toad lily flowers have an imprinted pattern that looks beautiful in small pots on the patio. The toad lily is a rhizomatous perennial native to Japan that has an exotic look, but despite its delicate appearance, it is surprisingly easy to care for. It requires little to no attention and is hardy. However, you should place the plants in partial to full shade. This perennial is a compact plant that will thrive in any well-drained soil, making it an ideal fall flower for pots if you’re looking for something unusual.

Hardy perennial: hanging verbena for hanging baskets.

Winter hardy perennial - hanging verbena for hanging baskets

Verbena plants have a long blooming season that can extend into fall with proper care. The hanging, colorful flower clusters are perfect for hanging baskets. Argentine verbena is a perennial perennial.

The beautiful coneflower for the balcony

Hardy autumn plants for balcony and terrace - the beautiful coneflower for the balcony

Sun-loving, hardy coneflowers display their cheeky blooms throughout the summer and until the first frost. If you cut off the faded flowers of these perennials, the blooming period will be extended. If you crave fall color, newer varieties are available in sun-inspired hues that will brighten up your containers.

Hardy fall plants for tubs: colorful, insect-friendly asters.

Winter hardy autumn plants for containers - colorful, insect-friendly asters

Asters provide invaluable late summer and fall color on the balcony with their pink, purple or white flowers. They also provide an important nectar source for pollinating insects. This delicate, star-shaped flower is perfect for adding color to pots in the fall. Asters are perennials and will come back every year if planted in a sunny spot in well-drained soil. However, they appreciate some protection from strong winds. In cooler climates, they are best overwintered in a greenhouse .