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Which balcony plants can tolerate lots of sun and drought? 10 uncomplicated perennials and flowers for the south side

Many owners of a south balcony know the problem: the blazing sun burned the favorite plant. In fact, many plants love direct sunlight, but few can tolerate a lot of sun. If the location is also windy, then the challenge for perennials is doubled. Which balcony plants can tolerate lots of sun and need little water? We list 15 plant species that can easily withstand drought, wind and heat, and are also very low-maintenance.

Robust potted plants that tolerate sun and drought

Balcony flowers for a lot of sun which need little water

Many potted plants are sensitive to the blazing midday sun. Fortunately, there are several balcony flowers and perennials , which the full sun can not harm. They can easily survive even prolonged periods of drought. We list several varieties and offer different planting combinations for the south balcony.

Wandelröschen is the perfect balcony flower for full sun that can tolerate drought.

Wandelröschen planting in the balcony box tips

The Wandelröschen is one of the true sun worshippers. The exotic feels especially comfortable in full sun and can easily tolerate prolonged dry periods. So, if you forget to water your balcony flowers from time to time, Wandelröschen is the right choice. This uncomplicated perennial also scores with a very long flowering period. It forms its flowers in May, pleasing the eye of the amateur gardener until the end of October. Advantages: Lime-tolerant flowering groundcover. Bee-friendly flower for the balcony box. Disadvantages: toxic to humans and pets.

Low-maintenance sun fleabane (noble fleabane) for the sunny south side.

Which plants tolerate a lot of sun and need little water sun fleece

The sun fleabane is a rarity in this country. The balcony flower fascinates with a splendor of flowers and copes with little care. The medium to low water requirements and spreading habit make the flower perfect for the potted garden on the south-facing balcony . If the heat persists in July and August, the plant will need additional watering in the morning. It can tolerate direct sunlight with no problems. Advantages: Continuous bloomer, compact, fast growing, lime tolerant. Disadvantages: sensitive to frost, in this country usually cultivated as an annual flower.

Which balcony plants tolerate lots of sun and need little water? Three uncomplicated herbs

Rosemary for south balcony with a lot of sun and little water

Rosemary, sage and thyme are three herbs that originate from the Mediterranean region. They have perfectly adapted to the climate of the Mediterranean region and can cope with little water and full sun. Advantages: Fragrant plants, perfect for the herb garden.

Dwarf lavender: insect-friendly fragrant plant for full sun.

Plant and care for dwarf lavender

Dwarf lavender is a Mediterranean plant that is perfect for sunny balconies. Its aroma keeps mosquitoes and flies away and attracts bees and bumblebees. The plant scores with a compact growth and a long flowering period.

What balcony plants tolerate a lot of sun? Succulent for the hanging basket

Balcony plants for a lot of sun Succulent in hanging baskets

Succulents are made for the summer heat. They are particularly comfortable in full-sun locations and can easily withstand drought. As long as the soil has good drainage and is sandy, they have no special requirements.

Which balcony plants tolerate a lot of sun: popular planting partners in the window box

Geraniums for windy south side and full sun

If space is limited, then balcony boxes offer a space-saving alternative to tubs and pots. We list several combinations that are perfect for south-facing balconies.

Mediterranean perennials for the sunny balcony

Thistle tolerates a lot of sun and needs dry soil

Curry herb (Mediterranean herb) at the edge of the container, noble thistle and catnip in the middle. Perennials prefer a full sun location. The good drainage is an absolute must, as well as the lean soil. The trio just can’t withstand strong winds – so you should find a sheltered spot.

Flowering splendor for the south side

Lobelia for hanging basket which balcony plants tolerate a lot of sun

Pelargoniums, petunias, lobelia and busy lilies make a delightful flowering ensemble for the container garden or window box. They require little care and can easily tolerate short periods of drought. In the long term, make sure the flowers get watering when needed.

Which balcony plants for full sun tolerate petunias

Carnations variety “Devon Dove”, verbena and ornamental grass blue fescue form the perfect ensemble for the open balcony without sun and wind protection. The trio is very adaptable and prefers poor, dry and well-drained soil. Lime tolerant plants.

Shrub daisy variety “Madeira”, feather grass and yellow pansies show their flowering splendor only in sunny places on the balcony. The trio does not need windbreaks. A humus-rich and well-drained soil provides the best conditions for a long flowering period.

Balcony flowers for the windy south side: geraniums, magic bells and gold dust.

Balcony flowers for windy south side geraniums magic bells and gold dust

Geraniums, magic bells and goldenrod easily tolerate the heat on the balcony and defy wind. They also cope well with shorter dry spells. Prolonged drought stunts their growth and makes them more susceptible to disease and pests. Therefore, the three flowering perennials are an exception and need regular watering when it is hot. Advantages: low maintenance, flowering, perfect for the container garden. Disadvantages: annual, sensitive to lime.

Summer flowers for hanging baskets for full sun location

The south balcony offers many challenges before the amateur gardener. Thoughtful selection of plants can save a lot of trouble later in the care. Therefore, you often ask yourself: what balcony plants tolerate a lot of sun?