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Which balcony flowers bloom the longest? 25 perennial bloomers for tubs and window boxes

Whether in the garden or on the balcony: every amateur gardener wants a splendor of flowers , which pleases the eyes all summer long. In the garden and on the terrace there is enough space for flowering perennials and shrubs, but on the balcony space is limited. But even for this outdoor area you can find suitable flowers. We take a closer look at the question “Which balcony flowers bloom the longest?”.

Which balcony flowers bloom the longest? Popular long-flowering balcony flowers

which balcony flowers bloom the longest Angelonia

1. angel face

Angel face is a true sun worshipper. These summer flowers prefer a location in full sun , well protected from wind and rain. They are particularly well suited to south-facing balconies and, if well cared for, will bear purple flower buds from early May to late October.

long-flowering balcony flowers fuchsias from May to September

2. fuchsias

Just the other way around, fuchsias thrive best in shade or partial shade. For the balcony, they are most suitable as climbing plants. When choosing a pot, make sure it is not too large. Also avoid that the roots heat up. During dry periods in summer, you should also spray the flowers with water every 2-3 days.

which balcony flowers bloom all summer Gerbera

3. gerbera

Gerberas are available in all rainbow colors and shades. Balcony flowers prefer an off-sun location, which is in the sun in the morning and in the shade in the afternoon. A well-drained and nutrient-rich, fresh to moderately moist soil provides the best possible conditions for a long blooming season.

long-flowering summer flowers for balcony hydrangeas

4. hydrangeas

Hydrangeas bloom in white, purple and lavender. They grow quite tall and are the perfect cut flower for a bouquet. As a balcony plant, they thrive in off-sun locations with a well-drained soil.

long blooming balcony flowers with care tips woodland vines

5. woodland vines

Woodland vines are the perfect gap fillers in the window box. They require at least 6 hours in full sun. Clematis require a little more soil volume – at least 30 gallons. Fertilize the substrate every two weeks to extend the blooming season.

What flowers bloom until autumn? Unusual balcony plants

Rose marshmallow long flowering for summer care instructions

6. hibiscus

Hibiscus, still known as rose marshmallow in Germany, is a popular houseplant that is allowed on the sunny balcony in midsummer. It is important to provide rain protection and orientation. Locations in partial shade prove to be optimal.

Long-flowering plants for balcony and partial shade Steppe sage

7. steppe sage

The steppe sage is a perennial that is characterized by its small but very beautiful flower corollas. The flower color varies from fire red to purple.

long-flowering balcony flowers white yarrow for containers

8. yarrow

Yarrow adds an elegant touch to the balcony. Good drainage is an absolute must, because the flower can not tolerate rot.

long flowering balcony flowers foxglove planting

9. foxgloves

Foxglove comes into question for many amateur gardeners as a flower for the garden. But it also feels at home on the balcony and can provide blooms all summer long.

long-flowering summer flowers for balcony and tub Carnations

10. carnations

Carnation is one of the most beautiful perennial bloomers for the home balcony. The amateur gardener has a wide variety of varieties to choose from. Carnations come in all colors of the rainbow.

Which balcony flowers bloom throughout the summer? True eye catchers

What balcony flowers bloom all summer lilies

11. lilies

Lilies are the queens among cut flowers. But they also cut a fine figure in flower pots. Small-statured lily varieties are suitable for the balcony. As long as the location is full sun and the soil is moderately moist, the lily will bloom from May to August.

long flowering balcony flowers for flower boxes and tubs gladioli

12. gladioli

Gladioli usually have a short flowering period. They form flowers in July and August. However, if you plant them in the tub at the end of May, then the flowering period will be extended by a month. Therefore, gladioli are the perfect planting partners to spring flowers.

What flowers bloom in the summer yellow coneflower

13. yellow coneflower

Depending on the variety, yellow coneflower is a long bloomer that produces small yellow flowers throughout the summer. A well-drained soil and plenty of sunlight – that’s all the flower needs to delight us with its blooming glory.

what long blooming flowers for summer south balcony begonias

14. begonias

Among summer flowers, begonias are the perennial bloomers par excellence. From April to October there is a sea of flowers on the balcony. The flowers thrive best in partial shade, although there are more than 1000 varieties and some of them can defy full sun.

long blooming balcony flowers in red foxtail

15. foxtail

The foxtail forms many small purple flowers at the beginning of summer. This summer flower blooms until October and reaches a height of 1, 5 meters. In the container it becomes much smaller and has a compact growth. The foxtail prefers full sun and a well-drained humus-rich soil.

16. spider flower

The flowering time of the spider flower begins in July and ends in October. The ornamental plant comes from South America and is a true sun worshipper. In the window box, it rarely grows taller than 80 cm.

Which balcony plants bloom the longest? Soloists in the planter box and flower pot

What summer flowers are continuous bloomers featherbush

17. feather bush

The feather bush brings a touch of the exotic to the balcony with its pink, flaming red or yellow flowers. The right time for planting is the end of May. Garden centers sell pre-pulled young flowers, which are then allowed on the balcony after a week’s acclimation period. Summer flower provides flowering splendor from June to early October. To extend the flowering period, you should regularly cut off the withered flowers.

long-flowering balcony flowers for sun California poppy

18. california poppy

The California poppy blooms persistently throughout the summer. It does best in poor dry soil and prefers direct sun. The flower is poisonous to humans and animals, so it is not suitable for families with pets and small children.

perennial summer flowers for containers and balcony boxes Wandelroeschen

19. convertible anemone

The Wandelröschen comes from Central America and prefers a location in full sun. The summer flower is perennial, but not hardy. In April, the flowers are taken out of the winter quarters and placed warm. After the Ice Saints, they can also be brought outside. A moderately fresh soil and regular fertilizing will ensure flowering splendor from May to October.

20. hussar’s button

Hussar’s buttons bloom in bright yellow from June until the beginning of autumn. The ground cover is suitable for planting in balcony boxes and hanging baskets. The summer flower can thrive in light shade, but it does not tolerate waterlogging.

Which potted plants bloom all summer long? These summer flowers provide a sea of flowers

What potted plants bloom all summer long Petunias

21. petunias

The petunia comes in all the colors of the rainbow and blooms magnificently throughout the summer season. Remove any that have faded to encourage blooming. The only thing the small petunias cannot tolerate is high humidity and rain. Therefore, they are better suited for the covered west or south balcony.

22. Mexican sunflower

Mexican sunflower begins to bloom only from July and then forms flowers until October.

Potted plants that bloom for a long time Zinnias

23. zinnias

Zinnias also grace the window box until October. They are easy to care for and bloom magnificently as long as they are in the sun and have nutrient-rich soil.

long-flowering balcony flowers for summer varieties sunflowers

24. sunflowers

Sunflowers are not only great for the cottage garden, but also look great on the balcony. There are several varieties that bloom for over 6 months. Sunny to semi-shady locations are best. Sunflower needs plenty of water and nutrients.

balcony flowers that bloom from June to October daisies

25. daisies

The daisy blooms from April to October. It finds use as a balcony flower and is usually planted in containers. Perennial summer flowers also need to be watered abundantly during the summer, because this promotes flowering.