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What to plant in balcony boxes in April: what flowers, herbs & vegetables you can already grow now?

Planting balcony boxes in April is the perfect way to let you say a final goodbye to the cold months and welcome spring. At a time when the soil in the garden is still too cold to grow many plants, the potting soil can get plenty of sun. Also, in case of light snowfall or light frost, simply protect the balcony plants that we present in this article with a blanket.

The listed plants are also suitable for autumn pots, when the summer heat is over. They will develop well until the first snow falls in early winter.

What you can plant in balcony boxes in April

Pansies and violas are ideal for pots on the porch

Planting flowers in balcony boxes - Which ones can you grow in April.

Several species of annual violas are ideal for pots on the balcony in both early spring and fall. These plants love cool temperatures, so they need to be replaced with warm plants as soon as the cool weather of spring gives way to early summer. They are low-growing plants and look best when either planted in a wide, low dish or used as a filler or topping plant in mixed containers with larger specimens.

Pansies love cool weather in April

Pansies and their smaller relative, the viola, love cool weather and will fade if it gets too warm. Fertilize them lightly during the growing season – too much fertilizer will make them leggy, but if they don’t get a little nutrition, they won’t bloom.

You can plant balcony boxes, along with pansies and violas, or with other cool-weather annual spring bloomers. You can also combine them with perennials like coral bells (heuchera) and creeping jenny. In a mixed container on the balcony, you can replace them with other plants later in the summer when they have faded.

Grow Cineraria in large pots in the sun in April.

Grow cineraria in large pots in the sun in April

A member of the sunflower family, cineraria is a perennial plant that is grown as an annual in many climates. This medium-sized plant species, which comes in very bright colors (with the exception of yellow), is excellent for planting in balcony boxes in April. It can bloom for up to five months if conditions are cool enough and you remove the flower heads regularly. Cineraria needs good drainage. It prefers full sun, but also thrives in partial shade .

Cineraria combines well with other balcony plants

Keep the cineraria moist, but not wet, and never let the plant dry out completely. Large containers with optimal moisture retaining soil will increase the chances of success. Like most heavy flowering plants, cineraria should be fertilized regularly.

This groundcover plant combines especially well with creeping jenny, but it also looks good on its own.

Oxalis is a popular species for the balcony box in the spring

A popular species for spring window boxes is Oxalis spiralis subsp. vulcanicola

The genus Oxalis includes a variety of plants known as wood sorrel. One popular species for spring containers is Oxalis spiralis subsp. vulcanicola, also known as spiral sorrel or volcanic sorrel. It is an evergreen perennial in warmer regions, but is grown as an annual in other climates.

This native subspecies is a sprawling plant that grows about ten inches tall and reaches a width of three feet or more. The cultivated named varieties are mounding plants that are ideal as filler plants in tubs or deeper containers. Flowers are usually yellow, but named varieties can also have light green to dark purple foliage.

Balcony pots get plenty of sunlight in April

To keep oxalis happy, fertilize it regularly and keep it moist, but not wet. When the plant starts to become droopy, cut it back completely to rejuvenate it. Pruning is not necessary.

Coral bells are well suited to temperature changes in the spring.

Coral bells are well suited to spring temperature swings

Both the coral bell species and a hybrid (Heucherella, a cross between Heuchera and Tiarello) are perennials that grow well in shade year-round. However, both are so cold tolerant and undemanding that they are particularly well suited to spring temperature swings .

Both come in a variety of foliage colors and shapes, and new varieties are offered for sale each season. Spring is a particularly good time for heucheras. Although they are known primarily for their foliage, the spring flowers can be quite spectacular and last quite a while.

Planting balcony boxes - coral bells you can grow as early as April.

These plants are very sensitive to wet feet, so use a well-drained, rather dry potting soil. Adding a slow-release fertilizer will improve leaf color and flowering. They can be planted as specimen plants in large containers on the balcony, or they can be used with other annuals to beautify the edge of a pot.

Perennials grown in pots can be moved to a dry, sheltered spot in late fall for overwintering and planted out again next spring.

These herbs and vegetables are good to plant in balcony boxes in April

Herbs also combine well with other plants

Cool season herbs and leafy vegetables are good to plant in balcony boxes in April. For example, kale and parsley do not tolerate cold. They look especially beautiful in pots because their leaves have a complex structure. Both kale and parsley combine well with other plants and can be a surprising addition to mixed containers.

These herbs look especially beautiful in balcony pots

Oregano, cilantro, thyme, sage, mint, lemon balm and chives are also herbs suitable for mixed containers. In addition to kale, you can also use other spring vegetables such as spinach and Swiss chard.