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What hanging plants are hardy: several beautiful species for hanging baskets on the balcony and terrace.

The garden season is almost over. But even in the cold season, but in any case, balcony and terrace should not look dull. With the right plants, these outdoor areas become a green oasis even in autumn and winter. These popular hanging plants are hardy!

These hanging plants are hardy: species for the balcony

Hanging plants can beautify the balcony and terrace all year round. Even in autumn and winter, there are suitable plants that can easily withstand frost. Whether flowering or as a foliage ornamental plant – there is something for everyone. When looking for suitable plants for winter planting, the main thing to consider is how windy is the outdoor area and whether the hanging basket is protected from rain and snow.

Unlike summer flowering plants, which are very sensitive to light conditions, in winter even shade-loving species can stand in the sun. This is due to the fact that the sunlight in the cold season is less intense than in the summer. If you want to plant the window box with several hardy hanging plants, make sure they have similar water and soil requirements. You can also plant the hardy species with less spacing than usual, as they need less nutrients. Fertilizing is completely eliminated in winter, so it doesn’t matter if the plant is a heavy grower or not.

Several flowering hanging plants that are winter-hardy

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Blue cushions for the sunny balcony with southern or western exposure: this plant is suitable not only for planting in the rock garden. They also cut a good figure in the hanging basket. The flowering period begins in the spring, when the bluecissus forms countless small flowers. The hanging plant is wintergreen and can easily spend the cold season outdoors. It thrives best in locations protected from wind and rain, but can usually withstand rain and snow without any problems. It also easily tolerates extended periods of drought, making it the perfect hanging plant for a south or west-facing balcony. The bluecissus also gets through the winter well with little care. It has no special requirements for soil – at best, it should be low in nutrients and neutral pH. The bluecissus can benefit from pruning just after the end of the flowering period – this encourages a second flowering. In winter, however, leave the shoots, as the foliage not only serves decorative purposes, but also protects the roots from frost.

Hanging fuchsia and scarlet fuchsia for the north balcony (Fuchsia magellanica). Scarlet fuchsia is a hardy plant, the flower shoots of which easily protrude over the edge of the hanging basket and window box. It prefers a sunny to semi-shady location, has thin green leaves and pink-purple leaves. With good care, the flowering period extends into November. Scarlet fuchsia scores high with a compact and dense habit.

Hanging Cushion Bellflower for East Balcony: Hanging Cushion Bellflower is a very hardy, runner-forming evergreen plant. The blooming season extends through September and the nectar-rich flowers provide food for pollinating insects such as butterflies, bumblebees and bees throughout the summer.

Hanging foliage ornamental plants for balcony and terrace.

flowering hardy hanging plants for terrace and balcony

Ivy is basically a climbing plant, but it can also be grown as a hanging plant. Especially Hedera Hibernica – the Irish ivy fascinates with its light green foliage with light veins. The plant is hardy, easily tolerates pruning and can be shaped into the desired form.

Ferns (Monilophyta): Species such as Brausteiliger striped fern, common ribbed fern or gold scale fern are all wintergreen. Native species such as the deer’s tongue fern also easily defy frost and snow.

ivy and other foliage ornamental plants in hanging baskets

Blue periwinkle is an evergreen groundcover that forms long runners. Its light green foliage and bright purple flowers make it a real eye-catcher in the hanging basket year-round.

Chinese plumbago is a creeping plant that is well suited for the hanging basket. There its shoots grow beyond the edge. It is moderately hardy, needs winter protection in case of permafrost. It is best to wrap the hanging basket with fleece, so that the roots do not freeze.

Crop plants with overhanging shoots

Not only foliage ornamental plants and flowering hanging plants are hardy. There are also useful plants with overhanging shoots that can decorate the hanging basket in winter. Such are, for example, the hanging strawberries. They are cultivated specifically for the balcony box and the hanging basket.

hanging ground ivy in hanging basket planting tips

Hanging strawberries, as the name suggests, are strawberries with hanging shoots. They are hardy. If the winter temperatures actually fall below – 10 ° Celsius, then the useful plants need frost protection. Insulate the hanging basket or balcony box with fleece to prevent the roots from freezing through.

Finding the right plants for the hanging basket is not an easy task. Fortunately, there are several varieties. Almost all climbing plants and ground covers are suitable for planting in hanging baskets and will form overhanging shoots. There are also special varieties of useful plants that are specifically suitable for keeping on the balcony.