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What balcony plants provide privacy and how to make the outdoor area cozy with flowers, we show!

Wondering how to make your house attractive? Climbing plants for the balcony are a good idea – both green and flowering plants. Outdoor flowers are also a perfect option for an apartment in large and small cities. Thanks to them, you can protect your balcony from intense sun, rain and curious neighbors. Not sure which balcony plants offer privacy and are best suited for it? Check out these flowers that can be not only a fantastic protection, but also a great decoration.

How to choose privacy plants for the balcony

Learn how to choose privacy plants for the balcony

When choosing climbing plants for outdoor use , pay attention to whether they are annuals or perennials. The second type is much more popular – especially among those who already know how to care for flowers. Also, consider how much time you have to care for the plants. If you have a lot to do, it does not make sense to choose demanding climbing flowers for outside, which require daily care. The orientation of the balcony or terrace is another very important aspect that is often forgotten. Not all flowers like direct sunlight, and not all like shade.

Suitable flowers for a south or west balcony.

Which balcony plants provide privacy screen for a south or west balcony

South and west balconies are usually very sunny. This means that the plants planted on such a terrace or balcony must withstand not only the concentrated sunlight, but also high temperatures. In addition, they need to be watered more often than other flowers. Water evaporates more quickly from their containers, leaving the soil dry, which is not conducive to their development. Here are the two most popular climbing plants for south and west balconies:

Which balcony plants provide privacy: Chickweed

Chickweed works well for privacy screens on balconies

Chickling pea (Lathyrus odoratu) is characterized mainly by the different colors of its flowers. They can be white, pink or even deep purple. A vetchling with orange flowers is rare, but not impossible. Another very distinctive feature of this plant is a very strong smell. You can’t walk by without noticing it. Chickling pea is a fast-growing climbing plant, which blooms a lot. You can enjoy its flowering for 3 months – from June to the end of August.

Golden clematis is a popular outdoor plant

Golden clematis (Clematis tangutica) is a popular outdoor plant

Golden clematis (Clematis tangutica) is an equally popular balcony vine. It is not very demanding and, more importantly, it can tolerate changing weather conditions, including frost. The flowers of gold clematis are very characteristic. They are yellow or white, and their petals have pointed ends.

What balcony plants provide privacy screen for a north and east facing balcony.

Which balcony plants provide privacy screen for a north or east facing balcony

For balconies that face north and east, shade-loving plants are the best choice. They like indirect sunlight and not too high temperatures. Although they grow more slowly in the beginning, their development is evident after just one year. These outdoor climbing flowers can decorate and protect your outdoor space for many years. Here are the best balcony plants for privacy screens that can grow in the shade:

Common ivy is most common

The ivy is very green and gives a fresh look to your outdoor area

An ivy (Hedera helix) requires a lot of attention to grow. But the effort is worth it, because these plants form a dense foliage and can form a wall that separates the balcony from the neighbors. The ivy is very green and gives your outdoor area a fresh look.

Climbing hydrangea tolerates low temperatures

The climbing hydrangea is very appreciated for the color of its flowers

Climbing hydrangea (Hydrangea anomala subsp. petiolaris) is highly prized for the color of its flowers. They are orange or even rust colored. Unfortunately, you can enjoy them for a very short time – only between June and July. Nevertheless, they grow quite densely. The plant is very resistant to low temperatures, so you do not have to worry about sudden frosts.

What balcony plants provide privacy: Bamboo

What balcony plants provide privacy - plant bamboo in the outdoor area

Bamboo is a fast-growing plant under most circumstances, so it’s a good choice if you want a quick natural privacy screen. Most bamboo comes from temperate climates, but you can also find varieties from the mountains that are a bit hardier and more cold-resistant if you so desire.

You can grow jasmine in your outdoor space

You can plant jasmine in your outdoor area as a privacy screen for the balcony.

There are many reasons why you should plant jasmine on your balcony. It grows quickly, has dense foliage and its flowers smell wonderful. Like other creeping plants, it grows best on a supporting structure. A railing or wooden trellis is perfect for this, so you probably already have a suitable spot for jasmine.

Climbing plants outdoors – how to care for them.

The most important element in growing flowers on the balcony is choosing the right soil

Some claim that balcony flowers in containers are much easier to care for than classic climbing plants in the garden. As it turns out, this is not entirely true. The most important element in growing flowers on the balcony is choosing the right soil – fertile and adapted to the needs of the particular plant. Other elements are equally important:

  • Regular watering,
  • Fertilizing
  • Pruning
  • Protection from wintering (in the case of perennials)