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Shade flowers for balcony: what summer flowers thrive in the shade?

In summer we like to spend time outdoors. A south-facing terrace or a sunny west-facing balcony naturally offer the best light conditions. But even if you have a shade balcony with northern exposure, you can turn it into a blooming paradise. Fortunately, there are enough shade flowers for balcony, which can cope with little light and bloom throughout the summer. What summer flowers thrive in the shade? We list the most beautiful balcony bloomers.

Shade flowers for balcony: a shady location is not the same as a shady location.

Shade flowers for balcony to the north which summer flowers are suitable

Whether a balcony is in the shade does not necessarily depend on its orientation, but rather on the intensity of sunlight. After all, even a south-facing balcony can be in the shade for most of the day, for example, when the neighboring houses cast shadows on it. Professional gardeners distinguish three types of shade: Penumbra, light shade and full shade .

Shade flowers for balcony choose partial shade plants

1. partial shade are those locations that are in the sun for 4 to 5 hours, and then in the shade for the rest of the day. A balcony facing west or east is usually in partial shade.

2. in light shade, flowers enjoy diffuse light (i.e. the plants are under a pergola or under climbing plants and sunlight falls through their leaves). As a general rule, plants that prefer partial shade also thrive in locations with light shade. A south-facing balcony with a sunshade usually provides light shade.

Shade flowers for balcony location in light shade

3. If a balcony is in full shade, it gets less than 2 hours of sunlight all day long. A balcony on the north side of the house or apartment building is usually in full shade.

To help you assess the light conditions on the balcony, you can use a camera. Simply set the camera to take pictures every thirty minutes. For it may also be that half of the balcony is in partial shade, and one corner is full sun.

Shade flowers for balcony: what blooms well in the shade?

Shade flowers for balcony that bloom magnificently

1 – Azaleas, 2 – rhododendrons, 3 – Christmas roses, 4 – clivia, 5 – busy lily, 6 – daphne, 7 – anemones, 8 – hydrangeas, 9 – Japanese lavender heather.

Bare, my ass: Even on the balcony in the shade can be blooming splendor. Because there are enough flowers for shade, with which you can make it colorful and lively. Azaleas, rhododendrons, Christmas roses, clivia, sidelblast, anemones and Japanese lavender heather, for example, are plants that thrive well in off-sun to partial shade locations. They need at least 4 hours of direct sunlight, but may not tolerate midday sun well. Therefore, they are perfect for the balcony with west or east exposure.

Below, we list more balcony flowers for light shade and full shade, which will create a sea of flowers on the north balcony.

Flowers for shade: Begonia

Flowers for shade on balcony begonia blooms in summer

Begonia comes from tropical areas, where it grows in the shade of tall trees. Therefore, the summer flower is one of the most popular flowers for the shade balcony. But be careful: the shade plant can not withstand rain or wind. Foil blinds provide wind and rain protection for the north balcony, and thus can shield the delicate summer flower from the weather.

In the garden center you can find different varieties that bloom in pink, yellow, orange or red. For the window box and hanging baskets are suitable varieties with large flowers that hang over the edge.


  • Perennial flower
  • Hardy
  • Soil: moderately moist, humus, nutrient-rich. Soil is well suited for azaleas
  • Habitat: off-sun to full shade
  • Flowering time: May to the end of September
  • From February, the flower tubers are driven, from mid-May after the Ice Saints, the young plants may be on the balcony.

Balcony flowers for shade: Busy Lizard

Shade flowering plants for balcony in summer busy lily

The busy lily actually comes from South Africa, but has become a popular guest on the domestic balcony. The summer flower is especially popular for its extremely long flowering period. Already in May, it begins to form closely spaced flowers. A shady location (partial shade to light shade) promotes plant growth. Wind protection is also very important for this exotic. The shade plant is not hardy. Therefore, in the garden it is considered an annual and is simply discarded after the end of the flowering period. However, on the balcony it can be cultivated perennially, if after the end of the flowering period it is wintered in a dry, bright room at a temperature of 10 to 12 degrees Celsius.


  • Annual or perennial plant
  • Partial shade to light shade
  • Wind protection necessary
  • Soil requirements: loose, well-drained, nutrient-rich
  • Water: at temperatures above 28 degrees Celsius, spray the flowers and leaves with water, water regularly.
  • Fertilizing: Give slow release fertilizer at the start of the summer season.
  • Planting time: mid-May
  • Distance in the flower box: 20 cm between plants; in the flower pot: plant close together.

What flowers are suitable for the shady balcony? Snowflake flower

Summer flowers for shade balcony facing north snowflake flower care tips

The snowflake flower has only been on the home balcony for a few years and has now become the favorite of amateur gardeners. The summer flower rewards good care with a white sea of flowers. Its flowers and leaves hang over the edge of the flower pot or plant box and are a real eye-catcher both as soloists and in arrangements. This summer flower easily tolerates partial shade, making it perfect for a west or east-facing balcony. As for care, it is quite unpretentious and uncomplicated. The flower should be watered and fertilized regularly. The faded flowers should be cut off. This will prolong the flowering period.


  • annual
  • Habitat: partial shade to sunny, perfect for the west balcony
  • Soil requirements: fresh to moderately moist, nutritious, humus-rich, well-drained
  • Planting time: in spring
  • Water: water every week
  • Fertilizer: fertilize every week
  • hanging plant
  • flowering time: from April to October
  • not hardy, must be overwintered

Here you can learn how to combine the snowflake flower.

What summer flowers thrive in the shade? Hydrangea

What summer flowers for shade on the balcony hydrangea

The hydrangea is a true all-rounder. Whether in the tub or in the garden, this summer flower does everything. In order for it to delight you with its blooms for a long time, the location plays a crucial role. Varieties such as woodland, panicle or plate hydrangea prefer a shady location and thrive in tubs without any problems. Balconies that are in partial shade are best, so that the flower is in the sun for at least 3 hours a day. Hydrangeas cut a good figure especially as soloists. When planting should pay attention to the size of the container.


  • perennial
  • Hardy
  • flowering time: from May to September
  • poisonous for small children and pets
  • Habitat: as a climbing plant on the wall of the house, as a tub plant – in front of the wall, protected from wind, cool, sunny to semi-shady
  • Soil requirements: moist, well-drained
  • Water: water regularly and abundantly

Which flowers are suitable for shade? Weeping heart

What flowers tolerate much shade the watering heart for summer

The watering heart is a beautiful perennial whose flowers have a heart shape. The plant is originally from Asia, where it grows mostly under the shade of trees. Especially in spring, after budding, it is sensitive to light. Too strong sunlight can burn its leaves and flowers. Therefore, the balcony flower prefers a location in light shade. The east balcony, which is sunny in the morning and then shaded from midday, proves to be ideal. It can also thrive on the north balcony, if it is protected from the strong wind. In the cottage garden it reaches a maximum growth height of 70 cm, in the container it grows around 40 cm high.


  • Perennial
  • Habitat: protected from wind, sunny to partial shade
  • Soil requirements: well-drained, nutritious, moderately dry to fresh
  • Fertilizing: with compost at the beginning of the summer season
  • Water: water sparingly every 3-4 days with low-lime water
  • Planting time: in spring, mid to late May
  • Flowering time: all summer long
  • Not hardy, must move to winter quarters in winter.

What flowers tolerate a lot of shade? Fuchsia

Flowers tolerate much shade fuchsia care

Fuchsia is one of the most beautiful summer flowers for shade. Depending on the variety, it forms purple, pink, red or white flowers. It tolerates direct sun but only in the morning. Midday sun can burn its leaves, so it prefers a location in partial to full shade. The darker the leaves of the particular fuchsia, the more sunlight it needs. It is also quite sensitive to heat when it comes to temperatures. The optimum temperature proves to be 20 to 24 degrees Celsius. Therefore, the shade balcony is perfect. So, if you want to plant a north balcony, then you can choose fuchsia. The flower tolerates rain and high humidity does not mind. In a container or in a hanging basket, it reaches a maximum height of growth of 40 cm.

Shade flowers for balcony: what potted plants are suitable for the north side of the apartment?

North balcony planting with shade plants like leaf mustard and kale and balcony flowers like hanging petunia

Of course, a flower box with hydrangeas or a flower pot with a watering heart is an absolute eye-catcher. However, tubs planted with shade plants and balcony flowers look equally beautiful. Below we give you several examples of planting partners that easily thrive on the north balcony.

Shade flowers for balcony: a splendor of flowers in purple.

  • Leaf mustard variety “Red Giant
  • Hanging petunia with small purple flowers Littletunia
  • Kale variety “Red Russian

Spectacular mix for the shade balcony

  • Variegated nettle
  • Verbena
  • Blue fan flower
  • Foxtail
  • Magic bells
  • Petunias

North balcony planting with pansies and horned violets for shade

Planting north balcony: Fire red blooming flowers

  • Pansies
  • Horned violets

Plants and flowers for the shade balcony:

Two zinc buckets, put the small one in the large one. Plant in the small one:

  • Horn violets
  • Parsley

and plant in the large zinc bucket (on the edge):

  • Horned violet
  • Pennywort

Shade balcony planting tubs with horned violet and parsley and pennywort

If you want to plant a flower pot with shade plants, then you should follow several basic rules. First and foremost, it is important that you combine plants and flowers with similar requirements for location and soil. Pay particular attention to whether the plants prefer partial shade, light shade or full shade and, most importantly, whether they can withstand wind and rain. Plant the young flowers and ornamental grasses in the tubs in mid-May and leave them in an unheated room indoors for a week. Then at the end of May they may move to the balcony. In the flower pot, leave a space of at least 10 cm between the plants and flowers. Arrange the planting partners as follows: Tall ornamental grasses and flowers come to the center, creeping plants to the edge of the tub and medium-high flowers can fill the gaps.