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Scented plants for balcony: get inspired by our best ideas for a fragrant oasis

One of the best things about flowers is enjoying the heavenly scents wafting through your balcony. To get the most out of your fragrant balcony, use a variety of plants that bloom for a long time or almost continuously, or those that bloom in succession throughout the season so there’s always something fragrant in the air. Take it a step further by using a few plants that are especially fragrant at dusk and at night. We give you the best ideas on which scented plants for balcony you can buy.

Scented plants for balcony: where to start?

Scented plants for balcony in spring

Choose scented plants for balcony wisely, because some are fragrant during the day, others only in the evening or at night. Combine them by choosing species and location wisely. Plants with strong scents should not be planted in close proximity to each other, as this could unify their fragrance. Also, consider planting low-growing scented plants in hanging baskets or planters, closer to your nose. Determine the type of scent you want outside – for example, light and delicate notes or fruity, spicy or overpowering scents.

Plants that are fragrant only in the evening

Beautiful angel’s trumpet

Beautiful angel trumpet smells only in the evening

Brugmansia, commonly known as Angel’s Trumpet, is a stunning perennial with vibrant flowers that live up to its name. Angel’s trumpet comes in a variety of colors and instantly adds a tropical flair to any balcony. It has a fragrance that is most noticeable in the evening. To properly care for your angel trumpet flowers, you should water them regularly, but make sure the soil is well-drained. In addition to plenty of water, proper exposure to sunlight is also important. These flowers like sun , but not too much. Do not leave them on your balcony all day when the sun is shining directly and it is hot.

Night blooming jasmine

Night blooming jasmine - its scent can be smelled at night

Every spring, jasmine makes the stars shine a little brighter because its fragrance is strongest at night and its pure white flowers seem to glow in the moonlight. Jasmine blooms up and fills the night air with a mysterious scent that is both floral and fruity. This fast-growing plant is easy to grow in a pot, and you can hang it high and let the tendrils dangle in the breeze. It requires partial to full sun.

These scented plants for balcony like sun

Phenomenal lavender

Lavender is one of the most popular scented plants for balcony

Lavender is one of the most popular scented plants for balconies and grows well in pots. There are many varieties of lavender, but the two most fragrant are common lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) and lavandin (Lavandula x intermedia). These two varieties are grown commercially for their highly perfumed lavender oil. Lavender grows well in a full sun location and blooms from late spring to late summer. This intensely fragrant perennial is suitable for humid climates. It does not die in winter and can tolerate summer humidity. Pet the lavender on a warm summer day as you relax on your balcony to fill the air with rich fragrance.

Soothing Gardenia

Gardenia in a pot is perfect as a plant for outside

There is nothing quite like the heady scent of gardenia in the late afternoon. Gardenias have beautifully fragrant white flowers, and the dwarf varieties of this flower are great for growing in pots. They do best in warm, humid climates, in a sunny or partial shade location. Gardenias also tolerate drought, but need to be watered weekly. They bloom from late spring to late fall.

Elegant rose as one of the scented plants for balcony.

Elegant rose fragrance on your balcony

Enjoy the heady scent of roses on your balcony as it grows stronger throughout the day. Most rose varieties can be grown in containers as long as the container is deep enough for the roots. The rose scent changes throughout the day, and the best temperature to smell the rose aroma is between 18°C and 20°C. Light and dark colored varieties usually have the strongest fragrance. Roses do well in a sunny spot sheltered from the wind.

Stemless primrose

Strongly scented primroses on the balcony

Primroses have fragrant flowers that come in a variety of colors including red, pink, purple, white, blue, yellow and orange. They usually bloom in spring, but in areas with mild winter temperatures they can bloom as early as mid to late winter. Primroses tolerate light frosts, but not freezing temperatures. Most primrose species prefer a nutrient-rich substrate in sun or partial shade, but dislike blazing summer sun. Always keep the substrate moist, but not wet.

Strongly scented geraniums

Geraniums like the sun and are perfect for a balcony

Geraniums are strongly scented flowering plants that do well in containers, hanging baskets and window boxes. They do best in a sunny location, but need to be shaded in the hot afternoon sun. Pruning geraniums can help compact the plant and encourage new growth . When watering these flowers, avoid getting the foliage wet to reduce the chance of fungal diseases. In areas prone to frost, geranium pots must be brought indoors during the winter.

Hyacinth as one of the fragrant plants for balcony

Wonderful hyacinth as one of the scented plants for balcony

Hyacinth flowers have a lovely fragrance and come in many colors, including purple, pink, blue, cream and white. Hyacinths have hardy foliage, so they can be planted flat in pots and containers. Spring botanicals appreciate a sunny location and require regular watering.

The most beautiful fragrant plants for balcony