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Red flowers for balcony: set beautiful accents in your balcony boxes!

You want to turn your balcony into a flower paradise in the summer? Then, of course, can not miss colorful blooming balcony flowers. We have already shown you the most beautiful yellow balcony flowers. Today we continue and give a few examples of red flowers for balcony. The color red stands for passion and love and is associated with happiness and wealth in Far Eastern cultures.

What flowers should I choose for the balcony? This question is asked by many amateur gardeners who want a beautiful display of flowers on their small outdoor space. Your answer, of course, depends on various aspects such as the location of the balcony and your own preferences. Although most flowering balcony plants love sun, there are also those that do well in the shade . However, this post is all about color and we have collected the most beautiful red balcony flowers here. You can use them either alone or as part of beautiful arrangements.

The most beautiful balcony plants with red flowers

Fuchsias (Fuchsia Hybride).

Fuchsias red and white for shady balcony

Fuchsias are a great choice for the balcony because they bloom even in the shade. So they are ideal for western and eastern balconies, where there is sun in the morning or evening, but not all day. As true perennial bloomers, red fuchsias will beautify your balcony all summer long with proper care.

Appearance: Depending on the species, fuchsias can grow both low and into tall trees. However, the most common species grow as shrubs or on a flower trellis. Their graceful bell-shaped flowers are often bicolored, are easily propagated, and bloom until the first frost.

Varieties that bloom red:standing- “Christelchen”, “Granada”;semi-hanging- “Autumnale”;hanging- “Annalina”.

Varieties that bloom bicolor:

  • Red-white- “Deutsche Perle” with white sepals and red petals, “Ballet Girl” with red sepals and white petals; “Shadowdancer Shirley” with red sepals and white petals;
  • Red-purple- ‘Bunny’ with red sepals and purple-pink petals;
  • Red-purple- ‘Barbara Meier’ and ‘Roesse Blacky’ with dark red sepals and black-purple petals.

Habitat: shady or semi-shady; some species also sunny if the root ball is protected from heat

Flowering time: from March to October

Care: conventional potting soil loosened with clay granules and sand; water regularly but avoid waterlogging; good drainage needed in the pot; fertilize with liquid fertilizer once or twice a week from March to August.

Red flowering flowers for balcony Fuchsia red-white

Red flowering geraniums (Pelargonium).

Red flowers for balcony geraniums in window boxes

Geraniums have been among the most popular balcony flowers in Germany for years. The red flame geranium “Fescher Florian” was also named one of the balcony flowers of the year in 2021.

Appearance: Pelargoniums can grow standing or hanging, including scented geranium varieties that have a pleasant fragrance and are used to produce scented oils. The hanging geraniums form long cascades of flowers, with the standing varieties blooming with semi-double and double flower balls.

Varieties that bloom red:standing- “Fescher Florian”, “Samantha”, “Elara”, “Stadt Bern”, “Herma”, “Bernd”;hanging- “Merlot”, “Dark Red”, “Burgundy”, “Tomke”, “Falko”, “Ruben”, “Balkon Red”;red scented geranium varieties- “Black Night”, “Black Pearl”, “Cherry”, “Apple Mint”, “Apricot Dieter”.

Habitat: warm, sunny place, ideally covered; thrive even in partial shade

Flowering time: from May to October

Care: water with room-warm water in the morning; never let soil dry out; fertilize every two weeks with slow-release fertilizer; cut off shoot tips occasionally; keep protected from rain.

Geraniums on the balcony combine red white pink

Red begonias (Begonia)

Red flowers for balcony Begonia God's eye

Begonias are beautiful flowers for the garden and balcony, comprising more than 900 species and varieties. They bloom in almost any color with small or large double flowers.

Appearance: Can have a different growth habit depending on the species. Tuberous begonias, for example, grow both upright and pendulous and bear both male and female flowers, with only one of the two flowering sexes producing double flowers. In contrast, small ice begonias grow herbaceously, with asymmetrical, fleshy leaves and a distinctive flower shape, still known as “God’s Eye.”

Varieties that bloom red:upright to slightly overhanging- “Fuchsia Begonia”, Ice Begonia “Doublet Red”, Ice Begonia “Paso Doble Cherry Red”, Tuberous Begonia “Multiflora Flamboyant”;hanging- hanging begonia “Bonfire”.

Habitat: from sunny to shady

Flowering time: from May to October

Care: may vary depending on the species and variety; basically, fertilize every two weeks with liquid balcony flower fertilizer mixed with watering water.

Red begonias in pot for balcony

Red flowers for balcony: Elf mirror (Nemesia).

Burgundy Nemesia Elfenspiegel in pot as balcony plant

The elf mirror is an annual balcony flower that blooms in many colors and color combinations. Its abundant blooms in summer make it one of the most popular planting ideas for sunny balconies .

Appearance: In a pot, the elf mirror blooms bushy and sometimes overhanging. It has small elongated leaves and also small flowers that look like a cross between orchids and violets.

Varieties that bloom red:red- Sunsatia “Granada”, “Cranberry”;red-white- “Cherry on Ice”, “Red and White”.

Habitat: sunny to semi-shady, protected from wind and rain

Flowering time: from June to October

Care: water evenly, avoiding waterlogging; fertilize every two weeks with liquid fertilizer for flowering plants.

Bicolor elf mirror Nemesia red white

Flowers with small red flowers elf mirror

Red Elfspur (Diascia)

Red flowers for balcony Elfensporn in tub

Red flowers for balcony like the elf spur guarantee summer-long flowering joy in beautiful shades. The elf spur is very robust and easy to care for and is wonderful for planting in hanging baskets, balcony boxes and tubs.

Appearance: A herbaceous plant that grows bushy and upright (some varieties overhang). Leaves are small and rounded or heart-shaped and flowers are in dense panicles.

Varieties that bloom red: “Coral Belle”, “Breezee”, “Darla Red”.

Habitat: sun or partial shade, protected from wind and rain

Flowering time: from May to October

Care: water regularly (never over the leaves), in hot periods even daily, let soil dry slightly in between; avoid waterlogging; fertilize sparingly; clean out withered parts.

Close-up elf sport red for balcony

Fire sage (Salvia splendens)

Balcony flowers with red flowers fire sage

Red flowers for balcony are real eye-catchers. If you’re looking for a species with fiery red flowers, look no further than fire sage.

Appearance: Upright growing herbaceous plant with fiery red lipped flowers and stalked, ovate leaves in dark green. The flowers are arranged in dense spikes and each of them grows 3-4 centimeters long.

Habitat: sunny to semi-shady place

Flowering time: from May to September

Care: water evenly, avoiding waterlogging; good drainage layer important; fertilize the soil with slow-release fertilizer when planting.

Red flowers for balcony Fire sage bright flowers

Verbena (Verbena Hybride)

Red flowers for balcony verbena in balcony pot

Verbena is an easy-to-care-for annual balcony plant that blooms profusely and has a pleasant fragrance. It comes in a wide range of colors, including red.

Appearance: Verbena grows tall, reaching 15 to 30 inches in height of growth. The stems are square and the leaves are serrated at the edges. The plant blooms profusely, with attractive spherical or umbrella-shaped umbels.

Varieties that bloom red: hanging verbena “Vepita Fire Red”, Verbena Estrella “Merlot”; verbena “Dark Red”, verbena “River Dance Carpet Red”.

Varieties that bloom bicolored:red-white- hanging verbena Voodoo “Red Star

Habitat: sunny to semi-shady

Flowering time: from May to October

Care: drought tolerant; requires only an average amount of water; good drainage required; remove faded flowers regularly to encourage blooming.

Balcony flowers with red flowers verbena varieties

Verbena red white for planting on balcony

Red Petunias (Petunia x hybrida).

Red flowers for balcony Petunia varieties

Petunias tend to grow overhanging and lush, and their flowers emit a sweet fragrance, especially in the evening. They are planted both in hanging baskets and in window boxes. Red-flowered species are perfect for creating beautiful accents on the balcony.

Appearance: The plant has dark green and slightly hairy leaves, which are poisonous. The flowers are trumpet-shaped and intensely colored, especially the red ones. Patterned flowers in various color combinations such as red-white and red-orange are also popular.

Varieties that bloom red: “Wave Red”, “Veranda”, “Chocolina”, “Fiona Flash”.

Varieties that bloom bicolor:red-white – “Pirouette Red”, “Potunia Red Star”;red-yellow- “Amore Queen of Hearts”.

Habitat: bright, sunny place, preferably protected from the wind; blooms even in partial shade

Flowering time: from April to October

Care: water regularly with low-lime water, preferably in the morning, avoid waterlogging; fertilize every two weeks; remove faded flowers regularly.

Bicolor flowers for balcony and hanging basket Petunia Amore Queen of Hearts red-yellow

Red magic bells (mini petunias)

Magic bell Calibrachoa red flower for balcony

The smaller version of petunias, still known as magic bells, offers another great option for red flowers for balconies. The flowers form a beautiful carpet of blooms that look gorgeous in both containers and hanging baskets.

Appearance: Mini petunias are a plant with a spreading, herbaceous habit. Their leaves are dark green and elliptical, and the flowers are small, intensely colored and grow in profusion.

Varieties that bloom red: Superbells “Pomegranate Punch”, Calibrachoa “Cherry Red”, “Double Ruby”.

Varieties that bloom multicolored:red-yellow “Rave Cherry”;blue-white-red “Café de Paris”.

Habitat: sunny

Flowering time: from May to October

Care: water regularly, avoiding waterlogging; fertilize every two to three weeks with petunia fertilizer.

Balcony flower with small red flowers magic bells

Carnations (Dianthus caryophyllus)

Garden carnations in pot for balcony red

Appearance: Carnations grow spherical-bushy and can reach up to 40 centimeters in height of growth. They have blue-green leaves that are lanceolate and have entire margins. The flowers are round and double and are characterized by a pleasant fragrance. There are varieties that bloom in intense red and are wonderful for red accents on the balcony.

Varieties that bloom red: “F1 Can Can Scarlet”, “Odessa Red”, “King of the Blacks”, Pentecost Carnations “Ruby”, “Badenia”.

Habitat: sunny and warm, full sun is ideal

Flowering time: from June to September

Care: nutrient-poor soil with high sand content; good drainage needed; water regularly; remove wilted flowers regularly.

Red carnations in pot for balcony

Chocolate Cosmos (Cosmos atrosanguineus)

Balcony plant red flowers chocolate flower dark red fragrant

Red flowers for balcony can not only look beautiful, but also smell wonderful. Chocolate flower of the variety “Chocamocha” is another great example. It is still called chocolate cosmee and the name comes from its sweet smell, reminiscent of dark chocolate. Unlike the other red balcony flowers, the chocolate flower blooms dark red to reddish-brown. It is also perfect for attracting butterflies and bees .

Appearance: Herbaceous, upright growing plant with dark green, feathery leaves. The flowers are cup-shaped and consist of eight ray florets.

Habitat: sunny to semi-shady

Flowering time: from July to October

Care: water sparingly when soil is slightly dry; cut off faded parts regularly.

Dark red flowers for balcony chocolate cosmos