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Planting herbs on the balcony – how to create a herb garden?

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Just because you live in an apartment, you do not have to give up gardening. Even a tiny balcony has room for a single pot, window box or trellis. Enjoy fresh herbs by planting an herb garden on your balcony. How to plant herbs on the balcony and which ones are best, you will learn in this article.

Herbs on the balcony – tips and what to consider.


Choose the right container for the herbs. It is recommended to use glazed ceramic instead of unglazed terracotta, so that the soil does not dry out so quickly. Inquire about the root spread and depth of the herb plants you choose and get pots that are large enough. You can creatively use a wooden wine crate, a zinc tub , a small barrel, an old cradle or a baby carriage for your herb garden. Make sure the containers have drainage holes.

Herbs on the balcony – The balcony location.

Pay attention to the sun during the day. Take note of how much sun and how many total hours of sun the balcony gets. Choose your herbs based on their requirements and balcony location. Position the containers in a sunny location or place an umbrella for shade if your balcony is too hot and sunny.

Attach flower box to the wall


Fill the containers with special soil for herbs. Mix it with fertilizer before planting seeds or seedlings. Use organic fertilizer from a bag or fertilizer stick, which will control the slow fertilizer supply for weeks.

Grow herbs on the balcony in different flower pots and boxes.


As the weather warms and the danger of frost passes, start planting seeds and transplanting seedlings at home. Or buy herb plants ready-made from the hardware store. Choose parsley, oregano, thyme, rosemary, cilantro, chives, basil and mint. Note that, each plant has different needs. Peppermint loves moisture, sorrel – the shade, thyme and sage – dryness and sunlight. Water regularly, but not too much. Do not drown your tender seedlings, but do not let them dry out. Stick a finger in the soil up to the second knuckle to see if the soil feels dry. If so, water the herbs.

Hang them on the trellis with hoes.

herbs balcony metal bucket wood trellis hoes hanging

If you want to plant different types of herbs together, then choose a larger flower box. You can plant different types of basil together by placing the tallest plant in the back center of the pot so it doesn’t cast shade on the shorter plants. Plant cilantro in a pot with chives. Tie a trellis to the railings or wall and make the most of your balcony space.

Several herbs in a wooden box

herbs balcony plants wood box rosemary

Trellis on the wall

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Use old wooden wine crates

herb garden balcony plants table box railing

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in a large rectangular basket herbs balcony plants basket wood several speciesherbs balcony small space maximum use chair side tableherbs balcony plants wood box basil railingherbs balcony plants hanging railing herbs on the balcony plants corner plant stand small clay pots

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Herbs on the balcony plants idea garden create wood box divided

herb garden balcony plants hanging vertically

herb garden balcony plants vertical wood box idea

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