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Planting cocktail tomatoes on the balcony: Why you should do it even if you have a garden

Planting cocktail tomatoes on the balcony – it’s not only possible, but also one of the best ways to grow this vegetable. Here are some important tips to maximize the yield and minimize the effort. Few vegetable plants are as vigorous as cocktail tomatoes. This characteristic, combined with their preference for warm soils, their desire for constant care and their bushy shape, makes them an ideal potted plant.

With a few tips you can get a rich harvest of sweet tomatoes

But if you think that getting these plants to thrive in a pot is as simple as sticking them in the ground and placing them in the sun, you may not get the results you were hoping for. With a few simple tips, however, even novice gardeners can reap a bountiful harvest of these sweet tomatoes with little effort and even less space.

Why should you plant cocktail tomatoes on the balcony?

Are cocktail and cherry tomatoes the same

While most people see a lack of garden and limited space as a negative when it comes to gardening, there are actually some benefits to growing your plants in pots instead of putting them in the ground. For starters, potted plants are much easier to keep weed-free and you can save on water and fertilizer. But with cocktail tomatoes, the benefits go much further.

These cute little plants love attention. They grow quickly and need a lot of care to keep their shape and produce the optimal amount of fruit. And once they bear fruit, they do so almost constantly. Both of these factors are in favor of planting cocktail tomatoes on the balcony.

Planting cocktail tomatoes on the balcony - this is one of the best ways to grow this vegetable

Pots also keep these delicate plants away from pests and provide sufficient airflow to reduce the incidence of disease. In addition, because of better drainage and limited soil, nutrient ratios are much easier to adjust in containers than in a soil garden.

Cocktail tomatoes are made for life in pots

In general, cocktail tomatoes are made for life in pots and containers. But if you want to maximize your yield and minimize your effort, keep reading for some step-by-step tips on planting cocktail tomatoes on your balcony.

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What varieties of tomatoes are suitable for the balcony?

Planting cocktail tomatoes on the balcony – these are the best varieties:

  • Sweet Million
  • Gold Nugget
  • Piccolino

How high do cocktail tomatoes grow? Many cocktail tomatoes are over two meters high and have many shoots. They are well suited for trellising.

Interesting facts: Are cherry and cocktail tomatoes the same?

Why should you plant cocktail tomatoes on the balcony

Cherry, grape and cocktail tomatoes are all types of baby tomatoes, but there are some differences. Cherry tomatoes are the little round guys with the thin skin that juice squirts out of when you bite into them. They are super sweet, have a high water content and come in many colors. Grape tomatoes are the oblong, grape-shaped tomatoes you often find in the supermarket. They have a lower water content and thicker skin than cherry tomatoes, which makes them last longer. Cocktail tomatoes are larger than grape and cherry tomatoes, but still of the small, sweet variety. They are grown hydroponically and can be found in many grocery stores. If you’re looking for a decent specimen outside of the actual tomato season, they’re usually the best choice.

Planting cocktail tomatoes on the balcony – tips for a lush pot garden.

Planting cocktail tomatoes on the balcony - tips for a lush pot garden

Before you plant your cocktail tomato on the balcony, you need to consider the pot size, the type of plants you want to grow and some other aspects that you may not have considered. Here are our pro tips for the perfect cocktail tomato pot garden.

Find the perfect location: all tomatoes like lots of sun and plenty of heat, and cherries are no different. But even if your patio isn’t full sun, you can still grow this sweet vegetable. Look for a spot with at least six hours of sun, eight or more hours is ideal.

Choose the right container: your planter should be at least three feet deep. But more importantly, the pot should be at least 35 inches wide and hold at least 40 liters. Make sure the bottom has enough drainage holes, and don’t be afraid to drill a few more if needed.

What varieties of tomatoes are suitable for the balcony

Prepare your soil: Choose a high-quality, organic potting soil for vegetables. Most commercial potting soils are fortified with nutrients to give your tomatoes the right start, but adding a few scoops of compost can give your vegetables an extra boost.

Water and feed tomatoes planting on the balcony: If your cocktail tomatoes are in pots, you will need to water them daily, provided the drainage is good. Two weeks after planting, you should water once a week with a soluble, balanced fertilizer. When the plants begin to flower, switch to a fertilizer rich in potassium.

How high do cocktail tomatoes grow

Care for maximum fruiting: Even compact, bushy container varieties will likely need some form of support when they fruit. Use a standard tomato cage or, even better, a clip-together cage that can be adapted to your plants’ needs. Most cocktail tomatoes take about 10 weeks to grow and bear fruit. Don’t prune your plants back too much, but do cut off new leaf shoots in thick areas to improve air circulation.

Harvest, harvest, and harvest some more: If you harvest your tomatoes before they are overripe, you will avoid unwanted attention from bugs.