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Planting balcony wall: How to create a vertical garden and what to consider

Planted walls look just great and create a natural and special atmosphere even in the city. So, if you have only a balcony at your disposal, you can use a free balcony wall to at least hint at the charm of a garden. Although for this purpose you can simply use flower boxes and pots for hanging, a real vertical garden already makes a more remarkable impression. We will explain what variations are available if you want to plant a balcony wall with a vertical garden.

Create wall with garden – What are the options.

Balcony wall planting - tips for green walls

You can attach planting bags directly to the balcony wall, or use a pallet (if you live for rent), which you plant and then place or fix. Either way, the wall needs protection, because watering the plants will make it damp, and over time this will not only ruin the plaster or wall paint, but can even lead to mold.

Planting pockets directly on the balcony wall or with scaffolding.

Narrow balcony wall planting with green plants

If you attach the planting bags directly to the wall of the house, then you should put a waterproof film between them. If you use a pallet or other type of “stand”, it is also enough to leave a small gap so that air can circulate behind the planting wall. But again, for safety, you can use a protective film if you want. You create the spacing with the help of ledges on both sides, which are located between the wall (plus the film) and the pallet/shelf.

Balcony wall planting with the help of special scaffolding

Ready-made or DIY scaffolding

In this way, then screw your scaffolding so that everything is stable, because once the pots with plants are added, balcony plantings get a good weight. Scaffolds for hanging flower pots are also available specifically for designing planting walls. They are easy to attach and use.

Small balcony wall planting with the help of a pallet and flower boxes

You should also seal wooden walls with suitable varnish beforehand to prevent the material from becoming moldy. Furthermore, plan a catch basin, which is located below the planted balcony wall, so that excess water can drip in it without flooding the whole balcony. Once you have everything well prepared, you can plant the balcony wall.

Balcony wall planting with climbing plants and climbing aid

Climbing plants with trellis

Place one or more long flower boxes along the wall, fix a trellis (again, do not forget the protective film or a distance from the wall, and plant climbing plants in the boxes, which will then green the wall. Get advice on which ones are suitable, grow quickly and how many pieces you will need for your wall space.

Which plants for the vertical garden?

With what types of plants you can beautify your balcony walls, of course, depends primarily on the orientation. Does the selected wall with garden get direct sunlight or is it completely in the shade? Is it a dark northern shade or the south side of the balcony, which gets very bright, but not direct sunlight?

According to this location, you can then choose plants, and here are suitable both green, and flowering or herbs, and a combination of all three when creating a vertical garden. Use the space for growing fruits such as tomatoes, strawberries for tubs or salads. Hanging plants are particularly effective, as they make living walls look especially lush and also wonderfully cover the spaces between individual plants. Very popular for plant walls are, for example, ivy (partial shade and shade), ferns (shade) and hanging geraniums (sun/partial shade).

Cool idea for balcony walls with recycled pallets

Planting the balcony wall with low-maintenance balcony plants

Succulents like shadier locations on balconies

By and large, you can expect a vertical garden to last up to 4 years, depending on the plant species. So keep in mind that after some time you will have to replant your balcony wall again and for this purpose you should also have a place where perennial plants can overwinter. Alternatively, however, annual varieties that you would also use for normal balcony boxes are also suitable.

Balcony wall planting with vegetables in pots and planting bags

Most edible plants require a sunny spot. Suitable ornamental plants, in turn, include the sunflower, daisy, spurge, sedum, blue fescue (ornamental grass), and the aforementioned geraniums or but petunias. Tropical plant species such as ferns and bromelia, but also the popular purple bellflower, günsel or foam flower tolerate sun only conditionally.

Depending on the balcony orientation, choose the right plants and flowers

It is best to consult a garden center or nursery after mentioning the purpose and location.

If you are not in a hurry to promptly get a fully planted plant wall outside, you can also save money by buying smaller plants and flowers for the balcony instead of going for big ones right away.

Planting balcony wall – Put the pots in the bags.

Design corner walls with vertical gardens and flowers

You should then repot the purchased plants right away. Use pots that are a suitable size for the planting bags and high-quality potting soil. Fill each pot halfway with soil, place the particular plant inside, and fill up the pot. Then you can put the flower pots in the bags, creating any arrangement. For example, let such of the same kind run diagonally down (grasses in one diagonal, blooming flowers in another, completely green in a third and so on). Or choose a circular arrangement. You can get really creative this way!

Build green partition as a privacy screen on balconies

Then water your plants. To do this, always water from the top down, as water from each plant pocket will automatically drip down into the one below. So try not to overdo it with the amount of water right away, but give the water time to disperse naturally before watering the next row or two.

Plant wall ideas – This is how beautiful a vertical garden looks on the balcony.

Plant balcony wall with plant bags or hanging pots

Check out a few more creative ideas for planted balcony walls below for some arrangement inspiration.

Ferns and grasses for balcony planting on walls with shade

Small framework made of metal

Create beautiful wall decorations with flowers

An idea from Ikea

Green balcony wall from Ikea as inspiration

Plant bags made of coconut fiber or small trees

Plant balcony wall with planting bags made of coconut fiber or trees

Modern balcony design with plant walls

Balcony wall planting - how a vertical garden works