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Pink flowers for balcony: 11 beautiful plants for the balcony box and flower pot

Pink is a strong color that stands for joie de vivre. No wonder pink flowering plants are the highlight in the flower box and planter and automatically attract all eyes. If you want to give the outdoor area a splash of color, then you are in the right place. Because we list 12 beautiful pink flowers for the balcony, which will bloom all summer long.

Pink flowers for balcony: fuchsias for shade balcony

Pink flowers for balcony fuchsia varieties and care tips

Fuchsias have established themselves as the classics for the shade balcony. The wild plant comes from South America, where it grows in the light to dense shade of trees. Nowadays there is a wide range of varieties that bloom in different colors. The cultivars that bloom in bright pink look especially attractive. With proper care, they form numerous graceful flowers of various shades as early as June, which will delight the eyes until autumn.

These varieties of fuchsias are eligible:

  • Shadowdanceris an annual tub plant with a compact habit, perfect for hanging baskets on the east or north balcony. It reaches a maximum height of 40 cm. The variety cannot tolerate direct sun and thrives best in light shade. The flowering period begins as early as May and ends in early October.
  • Jolliesis an upright growing variety that produces small to medium sized flowers. It is the perfect container plant. This fuchsia has bicolor flowers and is available in several color combinations. It looks especially lovely in pink and purple.
  • Divais a very compact perennial plant, which visually resembles a shrub. It grows to a maximum height of 30 cm. In the first 2-3 years, the flower is still growing and therefore needs regular fertilizing during this period. In the summer months, you should also water it regularly.

Care tips:

Especially the young plants should be watered regularly. Waterlogging should be avoided at all costs. From the end of May you can put the flower on the balcony. It is perfect for large tubs and hanging baskets, as long as it is planted as a solitary plant. From the end of June, water only in dry conditions. Once at the start of the balcony season, provide it with slow-release fertilizer.

Pink blooming flowers for balcony: dipladenias

Pink blooming flowers for balcony dipladenia is climbing plant

Dipladenia is a climbing plant from the Apocynacaeae family that, like fuchsias, comes from the tropical areas of South America. And similar to the fuchsia, the dipladenia forms enchantingly beautiful funnel flowers that last from June to the end of September. Unlike the fuchsia, the exotic prefers direct sun. Therefore, a balcony with a western or southern exposure is best suited. The plant is planted in flower pots with climbing support and reaches a height of about 80 cm. It attracts butterflies and bees. Dipladenia is highly poisonous, so it is not suitable for families with small children and pets.

These Dipladenia varieties are eligible:

  • Jade Triois an upright growing plant that blooms in three colors (white, pink and red). It is perfect for flower pots.
  • Quartz Pink & Yellowis a hanging or climbing plant that you can plant in window boxes.
  • Tourmaline Intense Fuchsiais a tall growing flower that forms solid pink flowers.

Care Instructions:

Fertilize once a week and water regularly. Watch for waterlogging, especially during the blooming season. Plant as a soloist. Overwinter in a bright place at temperatures between 8° and 10° Celsius.

Pink flowering summer flowers: Busy Lizard

Pink blooming summer flowers busy lily

The busy little flower is a true sun worshipper, but it also grows well in partial shade. The summer flower can easily withstand rain and wind, as long as the soil is permeable. To ensure that the flowering plant has enough space to grow, you should plant the flowers in the flower box at a distance of at least 20 cm from each other.

This variety blooms in pink:

  • Sunpation Pinkis a hybrid that blooms from May to October. The correct planting time is between April and June. The flower reaches a maximum height of 35 cm.

Care instructions:

Fertilize once after planting with slow-release fertilizer, water as needed. Avoid waterlogging.

Summer flowers for the balcony: Pink Pentecost Carnations

Pink summer flowers for balcony peony carnations

The Pentecost carnation is a European flower that is found in nature on sunny slopes. Because the plant must withstand extreme heat, wind and rain, it has a compact habit and grows shallow. This perennial ground cover has crept into the hearts of amateur gardeners thanks to its beautiful pink flowers. Use them mainly for the sunny south-facing balcony.

Pink flowering variety:

  • Pink Jewelis found in most garden centers from April to June. The flowering period begins in May. The flowering period lasts until the end of June – beginning of July.

Care Notes:

Water very sparingly, do not fertilize. The plant prefers a dry soil with high sand content and needs rain protection. It is suitable for group planting, planting the individual flowers at least 20 cm apart.

Pink flowers for hanging baskets: petunias

Pink flowers for hanging basket hanging petunia

Petunias are lush growing flowers, which are particularly popular due to intense flower colors. Especially hanging petunias are great for planting hanging baskets, because they have a harmonious structure and compact growth.

This variety blooms in pink:

  • Petunia Verandais a variety that comes in several colors. “Hot Pink ” and “Neon” are beautiful pink nunacs, which together with the color “Rose Vein” (pink and pink) create a particularly charming ensemble.
  • Petunia Sufriniais a popular hanging petunia variety that grows lushly and is well suited for planting in tall containers.

Care Notes:

Full sun locations are best. They need a lot of water, especially during the flowering period, you should water them twice a day: once in the morning and once in the evening. Petunias can not tolerate rain and wind well, so you need rain protection.

Pink flowers for window boxes: snapdragons.

Snapdragon in the flower box on the balcony care

Torenia, also called snapdragon in Germany, blooms all summer long if cared for properly. It prefers a well-drained soil with a high sand content and a location in partial shade or light shade. The east balcony provides the best conditions for rapid growth and a long flowering period. The annual flower has a compact, but bushy and upright growth and makes a good figure both in the window box, as well as in the hanging basket.

Pink flowering variety:

  • Torenia furneri roseis a pink and rose flowering variety. The flowering period begins in April and ends in September. The flower is hanging and is perfect for hanging baskets and containers. Also suitable as a houseplant.

Care tips:

Torenia requires moderate to plenty of water. The longer it is in the sun, the more copiously you should water it.

Pink flowering climbers for the balcony: the showy bindweed

Climbing plants for balcony and terrace Punkwinde

The morning glory is particularly popular because of its two-tone funnel-shaped flowers. The wild plant grows several meters high, but the cultivars are much smaller. The summer flower is pre-pulled in flower pots as early as mid-April, and the young plants are then sold in May with climbing support. In any case, the showy bindweed needs wind protection and can thrive in both sunny and semi-shady locations.

This variety blooms in pink:

  • Morning Starforms white-pink-purple flowers. The young plants need climbing support, but then will easily climb trellises in their first year.

Care tips:

Water regularly and fertilize once a month. Place the plant at least 30 cm apart.

Verbena with pink flowers

pink flowers for balcony verbena

Verbena is particularly popular among amateur gardeners for its long flowering period. From early June to September, the plant pleases the eye with a sea of flowers.

Variety that blooms pink:

  • Pink Spires forms pink umbels and accents the window box.

Care tips:

This annual plant does best in sunny and partial shade locations, prefers fresh soil and needs regular water and fertilizer.

Summer flowers with pink flowers: pansies.

Summer flowers with pink flowers stiefmuetterchen

Pink flowers for balcony: garden marshmallow

Summer flowers in pink garden marshmallow for balcony

Garden marshmallow is an ornamental shrub with large showy flowers that it forms in July and that we can admire until the beginning of October.

Variety that blooms pink:

  • Pink Giant thrives best on a sunny balcony and requires a humus-rich, loamy, moderately fresh soil.

Care tips

Prefer watering sparingly and only in dry conditions to avoid waterlogging. Fertilize every three weeks, plant alone in a large container and cut back in spring to encourage flowering.

Hydrangeas that bloom pink

Hydrangea pink flowering tips

We know hydrangea as a summer flower whose blooms turn from white, to blue and purple based on the pH of the soil. However, ball-shaped hydrangeas such as the variety “Kanmara” are an exception, because they form pink flowers. ‘Magical’ also forms dark pink to pink flowers. However, there are also long-flowering varieties whose flowers are blue at the beginning of summer, and then turn pink just before withering.

pink flowers for balcony varieties for window box trellis and hanging basket