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Mount privacy screen for balcony on the side: Ideas with and without drilling

For many city dwellers, the balcony is their little green oasis. However, in order to properly enjoy their time outdoors, a privacy screen is essential . Ideally, it not only shields the outdoor area from prying eyes, but is also beautiful to look at. Made of wood, satin glass, PVC or metal – we list the different variants and offer inspiration for privacy screens with and without drilling.

Side-mount privacy screen for the balcony: The different materials at a glance

Balcony with privacy screen ideas for design

Depending on the size of the balcony and the direction of the compass, different materials come into question. The most common variants for a privacy screen are:

  • Screens or flower boxes with trellis made of wood.
  • roller blinds, balcony awnings and fabric coverings
  • glass and plexiglass partitions
  • Balcony cladding and partitions made of perforated sheet metal and stainless steel

Each variant has its advantages and disadvantages. Wood provides reliable privacy protection, but does not tolerate moisture well and definitely needs sealing. Roller blinds and balcony awnings save space, but you need to drill the outer walls and only the landlord can approve this in writing. Glass partitions let sunlight through and may break. The screens made of plexiglass offer some flexibility and are inexpensive, but can easily topple over in high winds. Perforated metal and stainless steel partitions are usually installed with dowels (written permission is also required), but are an expensive option.

There are also DIY variants that you can build yourself, saving time and money.

Balcony privacy screen with side mounting made of fabric

Balcony privacy screen from fabric roller blinds

The balcony blinds are a practical solution for narrow balconies . They are mounted on the ceiling or on the wall. With a special mechanism, the roller blinds can be unrolled and then rolled up again. They are fixed to the balcony floor or railings. The roller blinds are the perfect solution for balconies with eastern exposure, as they provide privacy and at the same time allow sunlight to pass through.

privacy screen for side mount extendable variant made of fabric

The side awning is mounted directly on the balcony railing. The weatherproof fabric is stretched on two posts and shields the balcony not only from foreign eyes, but also from the sun and wind. Perfect for a wide balcony with southern exposure.

Balcony with side privacy screen favorable variants

Ease of use and flexibility in mounting also distinguish the awning with a fastening to the wall. However, it is less stable than the other variants. When buying, ask up to what wind force it can be extended.

Balcony side privacy screen extendable fan

The retractable privacy compartments provide side privacy and can be attached without drilling. The folding design of the compartments makes them super easy to use: you can open and close them with a flick of your wrist.

Wooden side privacy screen for balcony

side privacy screen balcony build it yourself with plants

If you choose a wooden side privacy screen, then you can usually choose between two variants: A flower box with trellis or a system of fence profiles. If you choose the classic, a slat fence, then it should not be higher than 2 meters. Fortunately, most fence profiles can be shortened. However, these are anchored to the ground with dowels.

Much faster and less complicated is a flower box with trellis. The flower box, which is filled with substrate, gives the construction additional stability and does not need to be fixed to the ground with dowels. Therefore, the flower box is one of the most common variants. The main argument against it is the amount of care required for the climbing plants. It can take months or even years for the plants to grow in height.

side privacy screen for balcony made of wood ideas

The screens can be set up quickly and easily. However, they can topple over in strong winds. Therefore, they are often attached to the ceiling or walls for added stability.

Side privacy screen for balcony DIY from wood

If you want more flexibility for the rental apartment, you can choose a screen made of solid wood. It is much more stable and can be folded up and down without much effort. In the winter time it can be stored in a dry place.

Privacy screen for balcony with side mounting of glass

balcony privacy screen without drilling with plexiglass for side protection

If you want to protect a north balcony from the wind and strangers’ glances, then stainless steel and satin glass constructions are an option. Both materials are weatherproof, can be cleaned quickly and easily, and the satin glass allows sunlight to pass through.

Balcony privacy screen from plexiglass variants overview

Depending on the balcony width and height, various elements can be made to measure. They are extremely stable and at the same time hardly noticeable thanks to their simple construction. Constructions made of satin glass and stainless steel are perfect for separating your own balcony from the balcony of your neighbors.

balcony side screen screen made of metal and satin glass

Glass partitions also take up little space and can withstand wind, snow and rain for years. However, they are expensive and do not offer flexibility in design. For your own apartment or house, it is worth investing in a partition made of glass, because the investment pays off. For the rented apartment is an alternative made of acrylic glass.

Mount privacy screen for the balcony on the side: Variants made of plexiglass

build your own glass and metal screen for balcony

A cheap alternative to glass is acrylic glass (popularly known as Plexiglas). The material looks confusingly similar to glass, but is lighter in weight and can be quickly installed even by inexperienced craftsmen. All you need to do is have the acrylic sheets cut to size, drill through the balcony railings and fix the sheets to the railing with dowels.

privacy screen from plexiglass self build ideas

By the way, the acrylic sheets are available both satin and in different colors. So there are no limits to your own creativity when designing a partition.

The acrylic glass is a versatile material that does not yellow over time and can withstand moisture and frost. However, low-quality sheets can become brittle if exposed to direct sunlight for a long time. So it’s worth investing in high quality plexiglass panels, as they come with a warranty.

Privacy screens for balconies made of stainless steel and perforated sheeting

Balcony with side mounted metal privacy screen

Perforated sheet cladding for the balcony enjoys increasing popularity. Meanwhile, panels for side privacy protection are also made to measure. The choice of materials varies from corrosion-resistant stainless steel to coated sheet metal. The panels provide privacy and security at the same time. They also allow sunlight to pass through, creating an exciting play of light and shade on the balcony. The panels made of stainless steel or perforated sheet have two disadvantages: they are expensive to buy and they heat up quickly in the summer.

Mount privacy screen for balcony on the side: Variants without drilling

balcony privacy screen sideways wood plants

For the most common variants for privacy screens, you need to drill the outer walls or floor. But if the landlord does not allow this, then what? Then you can screen the outdoor area with plants or opt for a DIY alternative. In our article ” Balcony privacy screen with plants ” we have already listed various types of plants.

A space-saving alternative for the tub garden is offered by trellises, which can be planted with climbing plants as desired. Depending on the balcony orientation, different climbing plants come into question. The trellises consist of several parts and offer a flexible and inexpensive solution for any balcony. So you do not have to spend generously on expensive custom-made segments.

Build your own side privacy screen for the balcony

balcony privacy screen side mount from fabric curtains

You want privacy screens for the summer? Then you can choose curtains made of UV-resistant, weatherproof fabric. Telescopic clamp poles make it easy to attach the curtains without drilling. Clamp them underneath the lintel. If needed, you can use a special adhesive for more hold.

Curtains as side privacy screen for balcony ideas to make yourself

The curtains create a romantic atmosphere on the balcony and are a stylish addition to the furniture. In the fall, you can clean them and store them in a dry place. Best of all, the curtains take up little space and are a good option for people who often have to change their apartment.

Side privacy screen for the balcony with bamboo mats

Balcony privacy screen self build and install without drilling

Alternatively, you can cover bamboo mats. Prices for bamboo mats start at 20 euros. The bamboo itself is weather and water resistant. However, when buying, make sure that the bamboo cane is interwoven with galvanized stainless steel. This way you won’t have to worry about rust stains on the balcony floor and on the bamboo mat.

The denser the bamboo mat, the better the privacy screen. However, a bamboo mat will not protect you from wind and only to a limited extent from strong sun rays. It is also very important that you secure it on all four sides, otherwise it can tip over even in light winds.

Plant bags as a privacy screen for balcony ideas

The plant bags are another method of shielding the balcony from all sides. You can sew the plant bags yourself or buy them ready-made. In the garden center there are many models that you can hang on the railing, trellises or other prefabricated structures. If you plant them with evergreen ground covers, then you will have a side privacy screen all year round. Alternatively, you can plant the planter pockets with annual flowers and use them as a privacy screen for summer only. In the fall, you can clean them and store them in the balcony closet until next spring.

Privacy screen for balcony with lateral mounting self build from plexiglass

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on side privacy screens and only need them in the summer, you can make one from acrylic scraps. These can be quickly and easily attached to various nets (for example, cat protection net).

Overhanging balconies without visual and wind protection must be screened from all sides. For this purpose, different variants with and without drilling are offered. Screens offer flexibility, retractable privacy screens save space, and outdoor curtains are easy to care for. Those who do not want to invest generously in privacy screens can opt for a homemade alternative. Such are, for example, the self-sewn plant bags or planted trellises. In this case, the local ordinances should be observed. When building a heavy construction, extra attention should be paid to its stability. If this is too complicated for you, you can consult a professional and choose something suitable for your own balcony situation.