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Make your own birdbath for the balcony: check out our easy and inexpensive craft ideas!

Apart from giving the birds food such as corn, seeds, rice or similar, it is important that they can cool down when temperatures are very high. One way to do this is to simply build a bird bath for the balcony where they can access it. This can be done very easily by yourself, and without much effort. Plus, it can be a very exciting and creative task. Check out our bird bath ideas that you can make from home. Are you ready to build a cool bird bath? Let’s do it!

Hanging DIY bird bath for the balcony

A project using grapevine wreath, ribbon and terracotta tray

All you need for this project is a vine wreath, ribbon, a terracotta tray, scissors, light blue paint and polyspray. Make sure your tray is the right size to fit in the center of your wreath without falling through.


  • The first step is to paint the terra cotta tray light blue.
  • Once the tray is completely painted and dry, spray the polyurethane.
  • Then you need to cut 3 pieces of ribbon. The ribbons all need to be cut the same length. The length of the ribbon will depend on how long you want it to hang.

Try to make the hanging DIY bird bath for the balcony

  • Wrap each piece of ribbon around the wreath and tie it in a knot. Arrange the ribbons evenly spaced so that they form a triangle.
  • Then take all three ends and knot them together at the top.
  • Place your tray in the middle and you now have a hanging bird bath.
  • Fill some water into the tray and you can watch the birds enjoy it. You can also hang this cute bird bath for the balcony from the ceiling.

Simple do-it-yourself bird bath

This is a really fun project to add some color and flair to your balcony


Base of the bird bath (a basket works very well).
Colorful stickers

Find the ideal place for the bird bath on your balcony and enjoy it


  • For this project, you can use a small wastebasket as the base of the birdbath.
  • For the lid, we recommend you to look for colorful pieces, because they will look great in contrast with the flowers on your balcony and at the same time attract the birds. Once you find the right top, make sure it is not too deep. Birds will not use a bath that is too deep.

Birds need to be able to cool off in the summer

  • You could also add some rocks to the water to give the birds a place to sit.
  • If you need to secure the lid, do so with wire or string.
  • Now it’s time to decorate the birdbath ! You can use stickers, but you can also decorate your bird bath with beads, wire or something else.
  • Fill it with water. Make sure to renew the water every few days.

Check out our easy and inexpensive craft ideas

Resolve to set up at least one source of food, water and shelter for the birds on your balcony or in your garden this season. You’ll be amazed at the difference a few pieces can make.

Make your own birdbath for larger balconies: Terracotta pots

Check out our bird bath ideas that you can make from home

Here’s what you need to get:

35 cm terracotta saucer
30 cm terracotta saucer
3 x 20 cm terracotta pots
Apple green spray paint (or a color of your choosing).
A bag of glass marbles with flat backs
Glue for pots

Homemade bird bath from terracotta pots is cute and colorful


  • First spray the inside of the large saucer with blue spray paint (or a color of your choosing) and let dry, then assemble the three pots as shown with the large saucer on the bottom and use glue for pots liberally. This should be a very sturdy seal. Allow the pieces to dry.
  • Next, spray the whole thing with apple green in three thin coats to prevent it from running.
  • Allow to dry completely.

Set up at least one food, and water source for the birds on your balcony

  • Now it’s time for some bling! You can use a few shell-shaped, flat marbles for the top row and aqua-colored, clear marbles for the rest. Apply these with glue as well, holding each one for about ten seconds. See if there are any kids lying around your house who are bored and invite them to join in.

Bird bath for the balcony is very easy to make yourself

  • You can also put shells around the rim of the large saucer, a circle of aquamarine marbles around the pots in the center, and then a tight ring around the bottom, but you can be creative and use as much or as little of the shiny stuff as you like.
  • Let it set for an hour or so, then turn your birdbath over, find the perfect spot on your balcony, and enjoy!

Homemade birdbath for the balcony with wood and vases.

Notice that birds are attracted to bright colors

Materials you can use for this homemade bird bath:

Acrylic paints for outdoor use
Outdoor sealant
Glass vases and shallow glass bowl
Wooden stump discs (available online or at craft stores)
Sponge brush
Industrial adhesive
Colored decorative sand (optional)
Decorative filler balls (optional)

Enjoy this simple and colorful bird bath to make yourself


  • First, you need to paint the center of the wooden discs with cool spring colors. You can use any colors you like. Notice that birds are attracted to bright colors.
  • After the paint dries, seal the edges of the wooden disks with outdoor sealer using a sponge brush. Apply a thick coat around the edges and let it dry completely.

Try to make bird bath for the balcony by yourself

  • Then it’s time to assemble all the pieces. You can also use clear vases, but if you want something more visual, you can pour colored decorative sand and clear decorative balls into each vase before gluing them to the wooden disks. Use industrial glue to attach the vases and the bowl to the wood, and let them dry completely before adding water to the top bowl for the birds to enjoy.
  • You can add some colorful balls to the bird bath, and your homemade balcony decoration is ready! It’s sure to be a hot summer, and this is a really fun project to add some color and flair to any balcony!