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Make the balcony cozy: inexpensive DIY ideas to beautify and refresh your outdoor space!

With summer comes the desire to spend more time outdoors. Outdoor areas for relaxing are not just for people with large gardens. City dwellers who have balconies, just like homeowners, can create their own outdoor spot to sit and drink wine at the end of the day or cozy up on those long, hot summer days. You can make your balcony cozy without spending a lot of money, just with a little imagination and some creative DIY ideas.

DIY pallet sofa for outdoor use

Make your balcony cozy - make a standard pallet couch

Fortunately, building a complicated DIY pallet couch is really easy. As long as you know how to use a drill (and maybe a saw), you should have all the skills you need to get started. We’ll show a few different methods for building pallet couches.

Make your own pallet lounger without tools

Make your balcony cozy - make cheap pallet furniture yourself

The first method for making a pallet sofa is the easiest, as it doesn’t require any tools (assuming your pallets are already sanded down). You will need to paint/treat the wood though, so make sure you have the materials on hand.

Materials needed:

Pallets (6 pieces make a two-seater couch).
Waterproof stain or exterior paint

You can easily and quickly make a pallet lounger for the balcony without tools


  • Stack 2 pallets to make the seating area for the couch. Do this twice to make 2 units.
  • Place a pallet vertically behind each base. It should look like the back of a sofa.
  • Where the vertical and horizontal pallets meet, tie them together with rope. Wrap the rope around 3 or 4 times and tie it tightly with a regular knot. Tie the rope at all available places on the vertical pallet.
  • For decoration, you can either paint or stain them (you can do this before you start building).

Make balcony cozy: Craft pallet couch

Make a DIY outdoor pallet sofa

This is the standard design of a pallet sofa and requires a few tools.

Materials needed:

Pallets (6 pieces make a two-seater sofa).
Electric screwdriver
Paint or wood stain

Fasten the pallets with screws you need long screws.


  • Paint all the pallets before building, as it will be easier to get to the small gaps before screwing everything together.
  • Stack 2 pallets on top of each other to form the base of the couch (you can always use 3 pallets if you want a taller base).
  • Use the clamps to connect the pallets together (use one clamp for each block – up to 6 for each seat).

Stack 2 pallets to make the seating area for the sofa

  • Position one pallet vertically for the back of each seat. Fasten the pallets together with screws for which you will need long screws.
  • If you are making 2 units for a longer sofa, it is helpful to attach them with brackets and screws.
  • Decorate with pillows, throws or whatever you want.

Simple and cheap balcony furniture do it yourself

You can also make a small balcony cozy by making the seating area or sofa quite small, and that, even from a single pallet. Still, you can achieve a beautiful design in the outdoor area, and small balcony furniture can also be comfortable and create coziness.

Homemade lights in the outdoor area

You can make your balcony cozy by decorating it with lights and candles

You can make your balcony cozy by turning it into a hyggelige oasis with lights and candles, where you can sit with a glass of wine and enjoy the balmy summer evenings. Here is a simple and beautiful light craft that you can use to illuminate your balcony. You can never have too many hanging canning jars! Hanging lights from canning jars for the balcony are almost free to make. All you need are recycled canning jars, some wires and/or wire hangers from the dry cleaner.

Make your balcony cozy - DIY lights for outside by yourself

Materials and tools for making lights from canning jars:

  • Canning jars
  • Needle nose pliers and wire cutters for shaping and cutting. Important: safety glasses! Wires can tear out of your hand, so please wear eye protection!
  • Wire hangers from the dry cleaner are suitable for the entire project. You can also use a softer wire to shape the edge.
  • Candles: real or LED tea candles are a good size for canning jars.

To make these hanging lights, start with a piece of wire about 35 cm long

Step 1: To make these hanging lights, start with a piece of wire about 35 inches long. Using needle nose pliers, make a loop in the middle of the wire and wrap the wire around the neck of the canning jar until the two ends meet on the opposite side of the first loop. Twist the ends together and make the second small loop. Cut off the excess pieces of wire at the end. The trick is to shape the wire so that the ends are facing inward. This looks better and is safer.

Make simple lights for the balcony from canning jars

Step 2: Make handles for your hanging lights from canning jars. A coat hanger from the dry cleaners makes a great handle because it is pliable, but stiff enough to hold its shape without being pulled down by the weight of the hanging canning jars. Cut the bail to size as shown. Take the straight piece, use the neck of the jar as a guide, and bend the bail in half. Using the needle nose pliers, form a curved hook on each end. Hook the handle into the two wire loops on the neck of the jar. Close the hooks.

Create privacy on the balcony

You can very easily create privacy on the balcony

Some balconies are just too public to be a place of privacy. If you feel like your neighbors are leaning over the railing asking you for a glass of wine, hang a curtain to give them some distance and privacy . You may be able to hear them, but at least they won’t be able to watch you read your magazines all summer long.

Bamboo screens can help make the balcony less open and more cozy

If your balcony is fairly close to your neighbors, a railing screen like a bamboo screen is a great way to add some privacy. Also, tall plants , a parasol or hanging lampshades can help make your balcony less open and more cozy.