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Ikea garden furniture 2022: the most beautiful furniture and ideas to make your outdoor space as cozy as possible!

The sun is shining, the temperatures are rising and the days are getting longer – spring is finally here! For us, there is probably nothing better than enjoying the beautiful weather with our loved ones outside in the garden or on our own balcony. And if you still haven’t redesigned your balcony, now is the perfect time to do it! And no, you don’t necessarily have to spend a ton of money on it. Timeless, affordable, practical and super chic at the same time – that’s the best way to describe the Ikea Balcony 2022. This year’s collection from the Swedish home furnishings store is a great way to give your outdoor space a refreshing and modern update. Turn your balcony into a real oasis of well-being and discover the most beautiful garden furniture and decorative items here!

Ikea balcony 2022: the most beautiful garden furniture for outdoor use

small balcony furnishing tips Ikea garden furniture trends 2022

After the long winter, we can hardly wait to finally spend more time outdoors. Whether with a spring table decoration with natural materials or practical and chic garden furniture – in the warm season our homes shine in a new splendor. And if you still want to give your outdoor space a little update, the Ikea Balcony 2022 is the perfect choice for you. To create our own paradise, sometimes it only takes a few products or handles. Various chairs, balcony benches, as well as various lights and decorative items will create a feel-good atmosphere.

Garden table and chairs “NORRMANSÖ”.

Ikea balcony 2022 trend lounge garden furniture

Whether for a cozy coffee in the morning or for balmy summer evenings with friends and family – a large garden table and comfortable chairs should not be missing on any balcony. The “Normansö” seating group is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and at the same time practical garden furniture for the Ikea balcony 2022. The sturdy table in country style is made of acacia wood and is a real eye-catcher. And the most beautiful thing? Since the table has no legs at the corners, it can seat 6 people or even more – so it’s perfect for the next girls’ night out on the balcony! The sturdy chairs from the collection of the same name are also made of dark brown glazed acacia wood and fit perfectly with it. In addition, they can be made small and you can stack up to 3 chairs on top of each other quite comfortably. But to make your wooden furniture for the balcony last long, you should clean it regularly and repaint it at least 1-2 times a year. If you store the seating group outside, always cover it in case of rain and snow.

The armchair “Äpplarö” for the ultimate comfort

Ikea balcony 2022 which garden furniture is in trend

Do you love to cozy up on the balcony in the evening with a book and a glass of wine? Then you’ve come to the right place with this year’s collection for Ikea Balcony 2022. Super comfortable, sturdy and very chic – the armchair “Äpplarö” directly invites you to linger and lounge. The piece of furniture is made of acacia wood and with its simple elegance reminds us of the Scandinavian interior style. And the best part? Since you can create different sized seating groups from it depending on the space, the armchair “Äpplarö” is ideal for both a large and a narrow balcony.

The “BROMMÖ” reclining armchair

Ikea balcony furniture trends 2022 what furniture for small balcony

Now it will be quite comfortable! The recliner “Brommö” impresses with its elegant design and embellishes the outdoor area in no time. The combination of rope and acacia wood looks timeless and modern and makes the armchair a real eye-catcher. In addition, the armchair can be folded and put aside when needed.

Ikea balcony 2022: “SUNDSÖ” folding chairs and table

narrow balcony furnishing tips Ikea balcony furniture trends 2022

Comfortable chairs and a table are undoubtedly the most important elements for a pleasant atmosphere in the outdoor area. However, your balcony is super small and you wonder how you could make it as comfortable as possible? In this case, too, you would be well advised to use Ikea garden furniture 2022. Super practical and really chic – the new table set “SUNDSÖ” is perfect for those who have limited space. You can easily fold the table and chairs and store them under the bed when needed. Placed side by side, the table set occupies a footprint of approximately one square meter. The chair and the chairs are available in green and anthracite.

Space-saving and modern: “TORPARÖ” balcony table

what furniture for small balcony Ikea garden furniture 2022 trends

Ikea balcony 2022 offers an excellent combination of comfort, functionality and timeless elegance. If you have very limited space, but still want to drink your coffee in the air, then the ” TORPARÖ” folding table is just what you need. The balcony table can be attached to the balcony railing very quickly and easily, transforming even the narrowest terrace into a small oasis of well-being.

Ikea balcony furniture 2022: “YTTERSKÄR ” Privacy screen for more privacy

Privacy screen for the terrace Ikea balcony 2022 trends

You do not like the curious looks of your neighbors and want to create more privacy? Then the ” YTTERSKÄR” privacy screen from this year’s collection for Ikea balcony 2022 would be the ideal solution for you! This consists of three panels and four posts, which you can position and set up quite differently. To give your terrace that certain something, you can spruce up the privacy screen to your heart’s content with fairy lights or other decorations.

Cushion covers and accessories for the balcony

what accessories for terrace Ikea balcony furniture 2022

Sometimes it’s the little details that have the biggest impact. Pillowcases and home accessories, such as rugs or blankets, are a great way to spruce up your outdoor space with just a few touches. Especially the hand crocheted “TOFTÖ” cushion cover in jute look perfectly completes your Ikea Balcony 2022 and transforms even the plainest garden furniture into real eye-catchers.

“SOLVINDEN” decorative lamp for the balcony.

Ikea balcony 2022 terrace decorate with fairy lights

In order for us to enjoy the balmy summer evenings on the balcony or terrace, suitable light sources and lamps are essential. “SOLVINDEN” decorative lamp adds a romantic and fairy-tale touch to the Ikea balcony 2022. The battery-powered and wireless LED lamps are available in several designs, sizes and colors and always create a cozy atmosphere.

Herb garden on the terrace tips Ikea balcony 2022 garden furniture trends

Enjoy hours outdoors with ÄPPLARÖ series