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How to drive away and keep away pigeons from the balcony? The best methods and tips

Pigeons can be a real nuisance, especially in big cities. They not only conquer entire city squares, but also make themselves comfortable on roof terraces and balconies. However, those who have put a lot of effort to decorate their balcony beautifully , certainly do not want to share it with a family of pigeons. How to keep the pigeons away from the balcony, you will learn in this article.

Pigeons on the balcony – what to do?

How to deter pigeons nesting on balcony

Pigeons can be a big problem for your health and quality of life. Nesting pigeons leave droppings and pigeon droppings are potentially harmful to humans, as well as pets or other animals. For this reason, these birds are often called “rats of the air.” The noise that pigeons make, especially during the time they are breeding, is also very disturbing – causing sleep disturbances in people. For this reason, pigeon repellent is a well-known form of pest control in large cities.

There are different approaches to keep away pigeons, but also other larger or smaller birds . You can scare pigeons away by manipulating their natural responses or by driving them away with things they don’t like. Bird repellents make areas less attractive to pigeons as nesting or perching sites, and scarecrows discourage them from entering attractive areas. Both approaches help with pigeon proofing balconies and other areas.

What helps against pigeons on the balcony?

What to do against pigeons on the balcony

The first thing to ask is what these birds don’t like at all and what can deter them. Below we have listed the various options.

The best repellents manipulate the physiological or psychological nature of a pigeon. Although some of them can cause mild distress, these methods are humane and harmless. Note, however, that some of them only work for a limited time.

Drive away pigeons with light reflection

Hang CDs against pigeons on the balcony

You can use various objects that reflect the sun against the annoying birds, as pigeons are allergic to them. For example, you can use old CDs for this purpose by threading them on a string and hanging them on the balcony like a mobile. Other light-reflecting objects such as glass balls, plastic balls or even aluminum foil strips can also deter the pigeons.

If you choose reflective surfaces to scare away pigeons, you are taking advantage of the birds’ natural reactions, but it will not cause any suffering. The reflective surface is more likely to confuse the pigeons and will cause them to simply nest elsewhere.

Wind chimes keep pigeons away from the balcony

Glittering windmill can drive away pigeons from the balcony

Movement can also effectively drive the pigeons away from your balcony. You can use wind chimes of all kinds for this purpose, for example by sticking them in the balcony box or tying them to the balcony railing. Simple ribbons, garlands or wind chimes that you hang somewhere are another good variant. But for this, the balcony does not have to be completely protected from the wind, so that movement is created.

Plastic spikes against birds on the balcony?

Keep pigeons off balcony with plastic spikes

Pigeons like our balconies because they find plenty of space to sit and nest. If the birds do not have a place to land, then you will look for a place to sit somewhere else. For this purpose, you can put plastic spikes on the railing, balcony ledge or window sill. In this way, the pigeons can no longer land there. These spikes may not look very nice, but still do the trick. The only important thing is that the spikes are not too sharp, so as not to hurt the birds.

Drive away pigeons with sounds

Drive away pigeons with sounds

What else can you do against pigeons on the balcony? Acoustic repellents are another way to keep pigeons off the balcony. These can be, for example, sounds such as barking, loud ringing or cries of birds of prey. However, you must keep in mind that birds get used to the sounds after some time. So you need to change them regularly so that this does not happen.

Tip: Discuss this measure with your neighbors so that there is no trouble. If they do not agree, then you should choose another method of driving away the birds.

If the sound of a bell does not bother you, you can also hang bells somewhere on the balcony. Their sound is unpopular with pigeons and can quickly chase them away.

Buy or make a pigeon deterrent

Pigeon deterrent for balconies plastic owl

Pigeons are food for birds of prey such as hawks and eagles. Since these birds of prey do not live in cities, you can put them in the form of a bird dummy. Plastic ravens that function as a scarecrow are also suitable for this purpose. You can put them, for example, on the window sill or balcony railing. In doing so, you must periodically move the pigeon scarecrow to another place. Otherwise, the pigeons will get used to its presence and will not perceive it as a real enemy.

To make the scarecrow work better, you can hang it on a thin nylon thread to make it move with the help of the wind. A great alternative are moving plastic birds like owls or hawks. These usually use solar energy to move their heads, making them look much more realistic to the pigeons.

A cat on the balcony deters pigeons

A cat on the balcony can keep pigeons away

If you have a pet, you already have one of the best means of repelling birds. If a cat lurks on the balcony, the pigeons will keep their distance. The dog barking these birds also do not like, so your four-legged friend can also protect the outdoor area from pigeons. To do this, it must necessarily be secured. Since the pet does not spend all the time on the balcony, you may also want to consider an additional repellent.

Stretch a pigeon net

Pigeon net for balcony as a repellent

By lining the balcony with a bird net, you’ll say goodbye to your pigeon problems right away. However, you need to make sure that the birds don’t get caught in the netting. The pigeon net may not look very nice, but it is effective against the unwanted animals. However, it can limit the view and make your stay on the balcony more unpleasant. Therefore, the pigeon net is more suitable as a temporary measure or as an option for balconies that are not used very often.

Driving away pigeons with ultra or infrasound waves

Drive pigeon away from balcony and roof with ultrasonic waves

The ultra and infrasound waves are a measure often used against pests of all kinds . However, be aware that these waves are not only effective against pigeons, but can also disturb other animals and even your pet. Moreover, pigeons quickly get used to different sounds and after some time they may ignore them and go back to nesting on your balcony.

Can you drive away pigeons with scents?

What to do against pigeons on the balcony tips

Strong and repulsive scents and smells like pepper or even essential oils can deter pigeon populations for a while. To get rid of pigeons completely with scents, you must consistently spread the scents over their roosting and nesting sites to make the habitat uninhabitable.

Pigeons, as well as other birds, are not big fans of strong herbs and spices. So that means you can scare away pigeons by sprinkling strong spices like red pepper, cinnamon, garlic or cayenne pepper on your balcony.

Tips on how to keep pigeons away from your balcony

Do not feed pigeons on balcony

To protect your balcony or roof terrace from the pesky birds, you should make the place unattractive. Here we have collected a few tips on how to make the balcony an unpopular place for pigeons.

Do not leave food or crumbs

This is the first and most important tip – do not feed the birds! Animals tend to come back where they find or get food. If you feel the urge to feed a pigeon on the balcony some crumbs, better refrain from it. Because the one pigeon can mean a whole clan on your balcony in a short time.

To avoid unknowingly providing the birds with food, you need to clean the balcony after each stay outside, especially the areas on, under and next to the seating area.

Remove the pigeon nest

Remove pigeon nest or not tips

If pigeons are breeding on your balcony, then it will be more difficult to evict them. The breeding season of pigeons lasts for a long time – in Central Europe usually from March to August, but breeding pigeons are not uncommon even in autumn and winter.

Nesting birds concentrate on window ledges, balcony surfaces and places near a birdhouse or other food source. If you find the pigeon nest on your balcony, you may remove it. This is most easily done when the nest is just a twig structure. For safety reasons, destroy the nest site wearing gloves and a face mask. If the nests are always disposed of, then the pigeons will no longer use your balcony for nesting.

Decorate balcony and keep pigeons away

Scare away birds with wind chimes

A beautifully decorated balcony where you spend a lot of time quickly becomes unloved by pigeons and other birds. The movement scares them away and they look for a quieter place.

With a simple decoration like some garlands made of colorful ribbons, you can not only beautify your balcony, but also protect it from unwanted flying guests. Change the decoration from time to time so that the birds don’t get used to it.

Tip: If you go on vacation (especially during the nesting or breeding season of pigeons), make sure that the pigeons do not turn your balcony into a nesting place. To do this, use one of the measures mentioned in this article to protect the balcony in your absence.