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How certain mistakes balcony planting go wrong and why amateur gardeners plant flowers too early

In order not to completely ruin because of often made mistakes balcony planting or gardening in the spring, as well as in other seasons, you should first read some important information about it. After all, many city dwellers who live in high-rise buildings and apartments, use their balconies to fulfill their desire to have a garden. No matter how big or small your terrace or balcony is, you could grow a beautiful bed of potted plants and flowers. However, this also requires time and care by investing the appropriate gardening care in your balcony plants. So here are the most common mistakes that could prevent your balcony garden from blooming.

Here’s how mistakes can ruin balcony plantings

maintain thriving plants in the flower box on the balcony

Sometimes spontaneous decisions to plant spring flowers on the balcony can bring some risks to the plants. Avoid doing balcony planting wrong by making mistakes, by being more informed about it. In this way, as an amateur gardener, you can become a proud owner of a flowering bed on your terrace or balcony. By learning more about the gardening missteps listed below, you can save yourself a lot of hassle and disappointment when making your flower box.

Mistake number 1: When there is no plan for the balcony garden.

hobby gardeners can let go wrong by mistake balcony planting

Creating an outdoor flower garden without proper planning is one of the biggest mistakes amateur gardeners can make. Just like a garden on the ground, your balcony garden needs to have some structure and aesthetics. Therefore, planning ahead is quite important. To do this, it is best to make a simple template of the garden. Figure out the basics, such as deciding where to place the pots and how many of them you can put on the ground. It would also be important to know if you want to have climbing plants on the railings, or add hanging flower boxes and what kind of garden accessories go there.

the right size of planters and flower pots to prevent balcony planting from going wrong

In addition, you should focus on the garden design that will work best there. Also think about whether the balcony garden will appeal to your living area and how it will look from a distance. You should also still strategically place plants of different sizes to make the patio garden look its best and more visually appealing. However, you should not overcrowd it, as this could affect growth if the plants do not get enough sunlight and water.

Mistake number 2: The wrong choice of plant varieties and location.

well-maintained flower box on the balcony blooming in autumn

Choosing the wrong plants can also affect your balcony garden. Each plant species has specific sunlight and water requirements, while some plant varieties also have specific flowering times. Therefore, it is important to choose the right varieties that suit the conditions of your balcony and the region. For example, if you live in a region with high humidity, trifoliate flowers may not be useful, as they need a lot of sunlight and dry air to thrive. Therefore, research in advance which plants are suitable for where you live. The location of your balcony can also send balcony plants in the wrong direction as a mistake. A south-facing balcony or patio receives maximum light in both intensity and duration.

sunlight needed by plants due to orientation and make mistakes balcony planting wrong

In comparison, a north-facing balcony receives the least amount of light. Accordingly, the amount of light received by east and west facing balconies is somewhere in between. Again, it’s important to do some research before deciding on the plants you want to bring into your balcony garden. The plant varieties you choose should fit in the outdoor space, even after they are fully grown.

growing green peppers on the terrace in suitable conditions

Keep this in mind when planting such plants as seedlings. Choose annuals, biennials and perennials to keep your balcony planting blooming and green year-round. If you’re a newbie, don’t opt for plants that require too much care. For example, get an ivy plant as it can improve the air quality. Golden fruit palm also freshens the air. Aloe vera and king basil are good to reduce pollution and dust in and around your living area.

Mistake number 3: Under and over watering balcony planting.

why novice gardeners plant flowers too early and overwater by watering them

Both over and under watering are harmful to plants. It is best to stop watering your plants when you see water coming out of the drainage hole of your planters. After all, excess watering near the roots can cause them to rot. On the other hand, if plants don’t get enough water, they will dry out and die. Therefore, do the test with your knuckle to find out if the potting soil has dried out. Stick your finger into the soil to the second knuckle. If the soil feels dry at this depth, your plants need to be watered. However, in the summer, you will need to water most plants twice a day, preferably in the morning and evening.

Mistake number 4: Choosing the wrong flower pots or planters.

beautifully designed terrace garden with matching furniture and plants

The two things you should consider when buying flower boxes or pots are proper drainage and the right size for your balcony or patio. According to garden experts, a good drainage system is crucial for a balcony garden. As mentioned above, standing water under the pot or too much of it in the potting soil can cause the plant to rot.

get well informed and avoid common mistakes balcony planting

So, when you buy plants for your balcony, be sure to get a good idea of the size they will reach when fully grown. This could help you better determine the appropriate size of the flower pots you buy. If you see roots coming out of the planters, it means that your plant is in dire need of a larger container. The roots of the plant will not receive enough nutrients and water in a smaller pot, which will have a negative impact on plant growth.

Mistake number 5: The abandonment of fertilizers.

choose potting soil and compost as fertilizer for balcony plants

Water and sunlight are essential for plants, but a balcony garden also needs additional nutrients in the form of fertilizers. This is exactly why not buying fertilizers can be a wrong decision. Instead, you can buy a fertilizer specifically designed for container plants or opt for compost. The latter is both organic and environmentally friendly. Mix a handful of it into your potting soil every two weeks to keep your balcony plants healthy. Regular fertilization is necessary for potted plants, as they are quickly depleted and also washed out by regular watering.

Mistake number 6: Not keeping an eye out for pests or weeds.

inspect garden plants for caterpillar infestation and pests

Regular plant care also includes pest control. You can constantly take care of your balcony plants by performing regular maintenance. In addition to pests, try to remove weeds and dead leaves, as garden experts recommend. Indeed, weeds, if you do not remove them in a timely manner, will rob your plant of nutrients. Check your plants regularly, removing weeds gently to prevent injury. Last but not least, check your plants regularly for insect and caterpillar infestations.