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Herb garden on the balcony: winter-hardy herbs that you can plant and harvest in late summer and fall!

You still want to enjoy fresh herbs from your own herb garden on the balcony in late summer and autumn? You still have until the end of September to plant your tubs and window boxes with perennial hardy medicinal plants and aromatic herbs. Which species can be harvested in late summer and autumn, and which – replanted, we tell you in the article.

Plant herb garden on balcony in late summer and fall: Is it still possible?

Create herb garden useful tips how to care

They contain bitter substances, are rich in minerals and some of them are even true vitamin bombs: the Mediterranean herbs. Most of them are hardy, that is, perennial, can withstand frost and wind. After the frost sets in, then the above-ground plant parts die. Only the next year the plants sprout again.

Below we list several herbs that are hardy. They prefer a place in full sun. Ideal is a place on the balcony, where they are protected from the wind and at the same time get at least 6 hours of direct sunlight daily. Thus, a balcony with a northern exposure is less suitable. A south or west-facing balcony provides optimal conditions for the rapid growth of aromatic herbs, but most species will also feel comfortable on an east-facing balcony protected from the wind. You can still plant the following herbs in late summer and fall:

Hardy herbs for the balcony garden: these species are perennials!

Care lavender on the balcony as a perennial hardy useful plant

The next herbs feel comfortable on the balcony all year round.

True lavender: a perennial useful plant.

1. true lavender – planting in containers and balcony boxes is possible from spring to autumn. However, you should plant the young plants no later than the end of August, so that they can get used to the new location. Lavender is conditionally hardy and needs winter protection in case of bare frosts.

Sage is also winter-hardy and can be left outside in winter

2. true sage: this herb is actually native to the Mediterranean region, yet it is hardy in this country as well. You can plant true sage until the end of September, and the leaves are edible and can be harvested until early October.

Mountain savory in the herb garden on the balcony.

How to properly care for mountain savory on the balcony in the tub

3. mountain savory – Depending on whether you choose a summer-flowering or winter-flowering species, the harvest time of mountain savory may vary. Winter savory varieties can be harvested year round . The only time you should not cut the branches is during permafrost, because the cuts could freeze. Summer-flowering varieties can be harvested until early October, preferably just before to just after flowering.

Herb garden on the balcony: The thyme needs winter protection.

Thyme in the tub on the balcony care winter hardy needs winter protection

4th Thyme: Thyme leaves are particularly popular for their slightly spicy aroma. The harvest time extends to the end of September, in warm weather – even to the end of October. It is best to cut them just before the beginning of flowering. If kept in a container, you should additionally protect the plant from frost – for example, with a fleece sheet. This is necessary because in the container the volume of soil is much smaller and can not adequately protect the delicate roots from frost.

Oregano and hyssop: two herbs that can be planted until the end of October.

Planting and caring for oregano in the tub in the balcony garden in autumn and winter

5. oregano: oregano is also hardy and can be planted in containers on the balcony until October. When harvesting, which is possible until the end of September, the shoots are shortened to 20 cm. With the shoot tips along with the young leaves, you can then flavor various dishes.

6. hyssop: The herb hyssop can be harvested during the flowering period. Unlike the other herbs already mentioned, the harvest period lasts from the beginning to the end of October. However, the aromatic herb is hardy and can still be planted in August.

You should harvest these herbs by the end of August and then leave the young shoots in the fall. The leaves and stems will die, dry up and protect the soil from drying and freezing. If there is a permafrost, you should also wrap the tub or window box with winter protection film.

Native wild and medicinal herbs that are suitable for the balcony garden.

Grow nettle hardy herbs on the balcony

A sunny balcony is the dream of every amateur gardener from the big city. Unfortunately, precisely in densely built-up areas, it is not always possible to have a sun-drenched outdoor area. In this case, the native wild and medicinal herbs offer themselves. They feel comfortable in partial shade and can easily withstand frost and wind.

1. nettle is considered a weed in the home garden, but in fact the plant is highly valued by healers for its healing properties. The herb is sown in May, but you can plant seedlings from spring to autumn. The most important thing is that the temperature is above 10 degrees Celsius. Leave a minimum distance of 35 cm between plants in the flower box. Nettles thrive best in off-sun to partial shade locations.

Grow herbs on the balcony which are hardy

Uses: To flavor various dishes (nettle pesto), as an infusion for tea.

2. goutweed spreads quickly in the garden. On the balcony, the herb can be sown until the end of September. Harvest time begins in summer and ends in late autumn. This herb also prefers semi-shaded areas on the balcony. It is often used in various dishes, and not only the leaves but also the flowers are edible .

3. chickweed is a native seasoning herb, whose flowers and leaves can be enjoyed raw or cooked in dishes. It is especially delicious in salads. The herb is self-sowing, grows quickly and can cope with both sunny and semi-shady locations.