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Hanging plants for balconies: make your outdoor relaxation oasis blooming, fragrant and beautiful this year

Winter is over! The warm season begins and with it the summer outdoor life. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a garden, but if you have a balcony, you can always take a breather in the fresh air, recharge your batteries or have a coffee. So it is worthwhile to conjure up from the outdoor area a balcony with flair and to set the place in blooming and fragrant scene. Hanging plants for balcony – good idea, but which plants are suitable for my location? We present you suitable plants for 3 different purposes. Plants that like to hang in the full sun, plants that are easy to care for and perennial plants that come back every year without your intervention.

Sun blazing – These plants like to live in the sunlight


Pink petunias hanging plants for balcony

The petunia (Petunia) from the nightshade family is the fiery South American of summer plants for outdoor use. With its large flowers in bright colors – white, pink, purple, yellow and blue, it attracts all eyes. It loves a place in the sun and should also be watered accordingly enough to shine in full bloom. It blooms not only very long, from May to October, but also very rich and magnificent. If you want a striking eye-catcher, you should bet on the petunia. Petunia is satisfied with standard potting soil. However, you should fertilize at the very beginning of the season , because the plant blooms very abundantly and needs the strength.

Verbena: flowering splendor for the south side.

Verbena real verbena hanging plants for the balcony.

Also native to South America, verbena (Verbena officinalis) enriches your outdoor space with flowers in all colors. White, pink, violet, brown, multicolored, orange, green – it blooms in all colors, with the exception of yellow. Your verbena plants will enjoy a sunny location and should be watered often, but be sure to avoid standing water. Weekly fertilization is also recommended, and you might want to get some liquid fertilizer for this purpose. You can plant the plants relatively early in the year, after the last frost, and enjoy their colorfulness from May to October. Verbena is an annual plant and must be replanted every year.

Popular hanging plants for balcony: begonias

Multicolor flowering begonias

Originating from tropical to subtropical areas, begonias (Begonia) like sun and are present in several species. Thus, there are both standing and hanging (hanging begonia) varieties of the plant. The hanging begonia blooms from May to October in picturesque, romantic shades of orange and red and is a real eye-catcher for any outdoor area. The begonia loves partial shade and off-sun to sunny spots without strong midday sun and should be watered regularly, especially on hot days. However, avoid watering it too much at once, as waterlogging can be dangerous to the plant. Fertilize the plant lightly, about every three weeks and remove the faded and dried flowers and plant parts regularly. Begonia is a perennial plant , so you do not need to replant it every year. For overwintering, you should cut the plants back heavily, take them out of the pot and store them in an airy container over the winter. Be sure to stop fertilizing early in the process – slowly drive the plant into a well-deserved hibernation, so to speak. In spring, after the last frost, you can plant them again and let them bloom.

Strawberries in the flower box

Hanging strawberries Sweet and Delicious

How about a sweet crop of strawberries from your own garden? Strawberry plants (Fragaria x ananassa) are excellent even for small outdoor areas – only sunny to partial shade should be provided. The soil should be kept moist, so don’t forget to water regularly. Starting in March, you can plant hanging strawberries for your outdoor area. They not only bear sweet fruit, but also bloom gracefully and decoratively from March to April, and then delight you with a harvest season from June to October. For the hanging varieties, please provide for a hanging height of up to 1.5 meters and even more, depending on the variety. The advantage of hanging strawberries is that you can easily harvest the fruits, and they do not have contact with the ground, so they are less rotten or dirty. Tasty hanging strawberry varieties include Albion, Superstar, or the pink/pink Pink Panda variety. Enjoy the fragrance and the sight.

Hanging plants for balcony: perennial – not every year anew.

Hanging plants for the balcony geraniums

Geraniums are beautiful balcony flowers

Geraniums are the colorful, beautiful hanging plants that you do not need to plant every year anew, but in the winter quarters can survive the annual ice age. There are three types, the plant from the cranesbill family (the hanging variety), fragrant and standing. In our case we are interested in the hanging geranium (Pelargonium peltatum). Hanging geraniums bloom in many different colors and require a sunny place, but it should be protected from the wind. They show their splendor through long, hanging plant strands, densely covered with the colorful flowers that bloom from May to October.

Hanging plants for balcony: fuchsias prefer shade and partial shade

Fuchsia beautifies the shade corner

Fuchsia (Fuchsia x hybrida) is a popular ornamental plant, which you can keep even on the balcony, in a semi-shady to shady place. However, the pot should not be too large, otherwise the fuchsia will not be able to grow firmly enough. Fuchsia needs some attention and care. So you should water it a little bit in the morning and in the evening, as far as the soil is not moist. Also, you should clean the plant weekly from dead foliage and fertilize it regularly. In hot periods it is necessary to spray your fuchsia with a spray bottle. Your attention will then be rewarded by the elegant flowers in white, pink, purple, orange or multicolored variations.

Uncomplicated balcony plants for the container garden.

Wood sorrel the dancing butterfly the dancing butterfly

Wood Sorrel, Floating Butterfly (Oxalis Triangularis).

Red Triangular Clover (Oxalis triangularis) is a beautiful, delicate yet uncomplicated plant. Its leaves resemble butterflies and the fact that the blades are very thin makes it appear as if the leaves are dancing in the wind. If you take a moment to sit down and look at the dark red plant, you will have enjoyed a little wave moment in your stressful everyday life. The wood sorrel, also known as the floating butterfly, doesn’t need much care in the process to delight us throughout the year. Wood sorrel is comfortable in shade to partial shade.  Fertilize it regularly in the period from March to October.

Magic bells (Calibrachoa) are particularly easy to care for.

Magic bells hanging plants for the balcony

Magic bells resemble petunias and look like a mini version of the pretty colorful flowers. At the same time, they do not require much care, and we can enjoy their diverse colors from May to October. They have everything to offer from the color palette: white, yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, blue and even multicolored. The colorful little plants like a sunny location and should be watered regularly, but not too wet. They can grow down about 0.5 meters from the hanging pot or balcony tub, creating a colorful and cheerful impression. Who blooms so much, also needs some fertilizer. Therefore, fertilize the plants lightly every week and cut them back slightly every four weeks or so and enjoy them for as long as possible. Ornamental bells are annual hanging plants for balconies and therefore need to be replanted every year.