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Grow fruit on the balcony or terrace: Learn which delicious varieties you can plant in pots

You don’t need a large farmland to have your own orchard. Nothing transforms an urban balcony or terrace into a green paradise like a potted fruit orchard, especially when they are in bloom, buzzing with pollinating bees or dripping with fruit. Even if outdoor space is limited, a patio or balcony can be used to grow an abundance of fresh fruit all season long. In addition to the ground, railings, walls and ceilings can also be used, with clever pots that either hang from the railing or stand above it, tiered stands, vertical gardens and hanging planters. Start growing fruit on your balcony or patio today – we’ll show you which varieties are suitable!

How to grow fruit in pots or tubs

How to grow fruit in pots or tubs

Fruit plants are good for pots as long as they grow on a dwarf rootstock – any specialty retailer can help you choose the right fruit varieties for your snacking balcony if you are unsure. You can then plant fruit trees, for example, in a pot with a diameter of at least 30 cm and a depth of 30 cm. You can choose different pots or tubs: wooden barrels cut in half, terracotta pots, plastic planters, rubber tubtrugs or old baskets.

Fruit plants in pots need regular watering

Fruit trees, shrubs and plants in pots need to be watered and fed more regularly than those planted in the ground. Make sure your fruit in pots is well watered and fed. In all cases, drainage holes need to be drilled in the bottom of tubs and pots if they don’t already have them, and containers should be tied down to some sort of support, as a fruit tree in full bloom can be very sensitive to wind.

Fruit on the balcony and terrace - delicious varieties

Since fruit plants are expected to live for many years, it is best to plant them in a potting soil that will release nutrients slowly. Place them in a sunny spot for a really good, sweet harvest.

The best varieties for balcony and terrace

Growing an apple tree in a tub

Apple tree on the terrace - popular fruit variety

Our first tip for the perfect snacking balcony is the popular apple (Malus domestica). Choose dwarf apple varieties for growing in pots and check if the chosen plant is self-fertile or needs a partner tree to bear fruit. Your pot should be at least 50 inches wide. Apples are relatively hardy, so grow them in a sunny spot on your balcony. Delicious dessert varieties of this balcony fruit include “Gala”, “Fuji” and “Honeycrisp”, all of which can pollinate each other. Or try “Pink Lady” as well as the scab-resistant “Topaz” and “Rajka,” and the yellow-skinned “Luna” and “Sirius.” Many of these varieties are hardy and make perfect fruit-bearing privacy hedges on your patio as well .

Balcony fruit – planting strawberries

Balcony fruit - growing strawberries

When it comes to fruit in a small space, strawberry is best. It can be grown as an annual in any climate. These popular berries (Fragaria × ananassa) are very easy to grow. So much so that they sometimes become invasive if left to their own devices outdoors. It’s best to grow them in containers and pots to prevent them from spreading beyond their original planting location. Strawberries are also great in hanging pots or planters where the berries can hang over the sides. Make sure the depth of the container is about 12 inches.

Fruit for the sweet tooth balcony - sweet strawberries

Delicious blueberries as fruit for the balcony

Grow delicious blueberries on balcony

Blueberries (Cyanococcus)are ideal for growing in containers, because they love acidic soil, and other plants in your orchard and vegetable garden in the same soil is unlikely to thrive. You can even plant these fruits in hanging baskets. A small container with a diameter of about 30 cm is enough to start with, but soon your young blueberry bush will need more space.

An eye-catcher – the lemon in a pot

Lemon in a pot for the balcony

A dwarf lemon plant (Citrus × limon) can be the best eye-catcher on your patio. It impresses with shiny, elongated leaves, fragrant flowers and juicy fruits. Lemon is the perfect fruit for growing indoors and is also well suited for your outdoor space. The biggest challenge is keeping the plant adequately moist, especially if you live in an area with cold, dry winters. Daily spraying with a spray bottle or placing the plant near a humidifier are ways to create an ideal climate. Choose dwarf citrus plants that self-pollinate. Once the weather warms up, you can move your citrus trees outdoors for the summer.

Grow fruit on balcony – sweet apricot.

Popular balcony fruit - planting apricot

Since dwarf apricots (Prunus armeniaca) do not grow very tall, they are perfect for growing in a patio pot. They are hardy in winter dormancy, but because they bloom early in the spring, the flowers are susceptible to frost damage. Bring the tree indoors during bloom if frost is predicted, or cover it with garden fleece if it is against a wall.

Dwarf peach tree as balcony fruit.

Growing peach tree on balcony or terrace - a dwarf variety

You can reduce the height of a dwarf peach tree (Prunus persica) and enjoy homegrown peaches in your patio garden. It is also easy to grow. Give it full sun and protect the fruit with fleece. Once you have tasted the first ripe peach directly from your own tree, you can not get away from it. As with all potted fruit trees, make sure you buy a tree with a suitable dwarf rootstock. Such trees can be grown free-standing in pots and require little pruning. Unfortunately, there is peach leaf blight, which is an unpleasant fungal disease. Therefore, if you find a dwarf variety that is resistant to this disease, you should buy it.