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Great ideas for balcony decoration in boho chic give personality!

These ideas for balcony in boho chic are perfect for spring and summer. Beautiful and comfortable – Your outdoor space should be like this!

Ideas for balcony – Create a fresh look!

ideas for balcony deck chair-oriental carpet-planters-boho style

You can design your outdoor area in different ways. Ideas for balcony are endless. If you are looking for something fresh and peculiar, then you have come to the right place. Bright radiant textiles are the perfect choice for any outdoor design. Even using blankets, rugs and curtains as accents is allowed at Bohemian Chic. Floristic patterns and earth-toned fabrics are in keeping with this style. Moroccan details and accessories are welcome in this type of decor. The more colors and individual items , the better. Each piece of the overall look should carry a certain meaning and add to the ambience an interesting personal touch. Colorful pillows, upholstery and boxes or chests of drawers will transform the balcony into a really cozy place.

Ideas for balcony – Important tips and tricks


Do not forget about the plants and flowers. They must not be missing in a proper balcony design in boho chic style in any case. A lot of emphasis is placed on flowers. Just floral patterns or real ones – the important thing is that they are there! Get out your favorite things – you may find original ideas for balcony and balcony decor. Combine different individual pieces with each other and see for yourself what kind of work comes out of it. Boho chic is synonymous with “a lot of accessories”, so we should put as much as possible of them on the balcony. Then make sure you have a perfect arrangement, which would only add individuality and naturalness to your balcony.

Swing on the balcony


Mix of the orient and boho chic


A peculiar combination of many pieces

ideas for balcony boho look current trendi

Ideas for balcony that fit the summer season quite well

ideas for balcony carpet decoration cushions plants

Use a lot of accents!

ideas for balcony carpet table lantern magazine

Fresh, bright colors are a real eye-catcher

ideas for balcony floral elements lanterns white

Boho chic details convey individuality and naturalness

ideas for balcony colored pink blue romantic

Don’t forget the plants!

lanterns plants bag metal poles bucket flowers

Bring blankets, rugs or even curtains outside!

Ideas for balcony decorative tree lemon fruit

Floristic motifs are very typical for Bohemian Chic

design spring summer time fresh accents

Ideas for balcony small area side table blue

Ideas for balcony different colors patterns fabrics

Ideas for balcony decoration personal individual look

boho chic style flowers earth tones patterns tips

ideas for balcony cozy design design rustic

Ideas for balcony two suggestions designs boho chic style decoration

Ideas for balcony exotic elements vacation feeling give

Ideas for balcony hammock spacious fruit candles

ideas for balcony romantic-boho-lace-basket-garden-furniture-brick-wall