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Geranium planting partners: these flowers and perennials go together in the window box and tub on the sunny south-facing balcony

When it comes to low-maintenance perennial bloomers for the sunny container garden, geraniums are the favorites par excellence. But which flowers, foliage ornamentals and grasses go well with the flowering geraniums? We list several geranium planting partners.

Geraniums for the sunny south balcony

Pelargoniums on the sunny balcony popular planting partners.

Pelargoniums (still called geraniums) are low-maintenance semishrubs that bloom all summer long. You can find a wide range of varieties and colors in garden centers. However, they all have one thing in common: They are true sun worshippers and do best in sunny to off-sun locations. Some varieties also feel comfortable in partial shade, but flowering will diminish over time. Therefore, a place protected from rain and wind proves to be ideal. The sun-loving geraniums can cope with ordinary potting soil, as long as it is really rich in nutrients.

Geraniums originate from the southern parts of Africa, but are also widespread in New Zealand and Australia. At the end of the last century they were also brought to Europe. Nowadays, they have crept into the hearts of Europeans so much that Switzerland even chose the flower as its national plant.

Pelargoniums for sunny and off-sunny places

When choosing planting partners, choose flowers, foliage ornamentals and perennials that have similar soil and site requirements. Typical planting partners include lavender, magic bells, numerous herbs and daisies. But, of course, there are other planting combinations – for example, with foliage ornamental plants or ornamental grasses. We list several such combinations that not only look good, but are also easy to care for.

Pelargonium planting partners: purple and pink spring flowers for the sunny balcony.

Geraniums and other pink blooming flowers for the tub in full sun

The first arrangement combines foliage ornamental plants with summer flowers. A sunny to off-sun location proves optimal.

  • A. Geraniums “Moonlight Pink” – 2 pcs.
  • B. Ornamental asparagus “Sprengeri” – 1 pc.
  • C. Magic bells – 2 pcs.
  • D. Pineapple sage “Golden Delicious”- 3 pcs.

Pineapple sage is a lovely fragrant plant with attractive heart-shaped grass-green leaves and red flowers. The plant provides food for pollinating insects such as butterflies, bees and bumblebees from July to November. The semi-shrub grows to a maximum height of 80 cm in a container.

Geranium planting partners: a charming duo with flowers for the sunny south balcony and terrace.

Planting tubs for sunny balcony with geraniums and bindweeds

The next arrangement is super simple. Winding plant of the family Evolvulus, variety “Blue Daze”, makes the red geraniums play the main role. The plant has slightly overhanging shoots, which makes it perfect for planting in tubs or balcony boxes.

  • Geranium “Red Elite” – 1 pc.
  • Winchesters “Blue Daze” – 5 pcs.

Foliage ornamental plants and flowering perennials with white flowers for the south balcony

Foliage ornamental plants and flowering perennials for sun

A wonderful ensemble for the south balcony in white and green: the white flowers of the plargoniums and the snowflake flower are easily visible even in low sunlight, for example, at sunset. Green lily and large periwinkle provide the background for the flowering perennials.

  • A. Pelargonium – 1 pc.
  • B. Green lily – 1 pc.
  • C. Large periwinkle – 1 pc.
  • D. Snowflake flower (variety “Abunda Giant White”) – 3 pcs.

Blossoms for the terrace and balcony

pink flowers for south balcony planting in the sun

  • A. Pelargoniums “Savannah Hot Pink Sizzle” – 2 pcs.
  • B. Spurge “Stardust White” – 1 pc.
  • C. Busy lily in pink – 1 pc.
  • D. Caddis flower – 3 pcs.

In the next ensemble, the pelargoniums are planting partners with spurge, busy lesbian and quiverflower. While the first two have slightly overhanging shoots and the Busy Lizard is a popular groundcover, the Quillflower shoots up.

Geranium planting partners: combine with foliage ornamental perennials.

Foliage ornamental plants for tubs on the balcony summer

  • A. Pelargoniums “Indian Dunes” – 1 pc.
  • B. Crabapple “Keystone Copper” – 1 pc.
  • C. Showy bindweed – 1 pc.

Geraniums can be combined not only with flowers and grasses. Foliage ornamental perennials also cut a good figure in the tub. The variegated nettle variety “Keystone Copper” fascinates with its – as the name suggests – copper-colored foliage. The showy bindweed is the perfect gap filler.

Tall balcony plants for large tubs: planting for sunny locations.

Combine balcony flowers geraniums with other plants for partial shade

  • A. Pelargoniums “Pinto Pink” – 1 pc.
  • B. Five-number shrub “Graffiti Pink” – 1 pc.
  • C. Feather bush “Smart Look Red” – 1 pc.
  • D. Ornamental asparagus – 1 pc.
  • E. Ivy – 1 pc.
  • F. Verbena “Lanai Royal Purple with Eye” – 1 pc.

The next ensemble can easily withstand direct sunlight, but feels especially comfortable in off-sun locations. The pink flowers of the five-number shrub, the pink geraniums and the purple verbenas create a romantic color palette. Featherbush adds texture to the arrangement, and ivy fills in the gaps between the flowering perennials. The ornamental asparagus is a very attractive plant with slightly overhanging shoots that protrude above the edge of the container.