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Gardening on the balcony: 10 ideas what you can plant in the raised bed.

Last week we introduced you to what is probably the most space-saving raised bed for balcony and terrace, and explained how to build it yourself from a plastic barrel. In addition, we would like to give you some ideas about what you can plant in it. Whether flowers, vegetables or herbs – there are many options for vertical gardening on the balcony, which allow efficient use of space. And best of all, you can grow about four times more plants in a vertical raised bed like this one than in a raised bed box.

Different varieties of lettuce

raised bed balcony what to plant

Freshly picked lettuce is a real treat, especially if it is organically grown. Picking lettuces are among the best plants to grow in a vertical raised bed on the balcony. But many people wonder how to grow such a huge head of lettuce in such small pockets? The answer is simple: the lettuce is large, but grows on a stalk about an inch thick. In any case, the barrel raised bed pocket provides enough space for the roots to develop. Cut lettuce takes about a month and a half to reach full size. Suitable varieties for growing lettuce in a raised bed include romaine lettuce, salanova, winter divia, iceberg lettuce and lola rosa.

Planting raised bed on the balcony with what

A few gardening tips:

1. it is advisable to plant seedlings two weeks apart so that lettuces can be harvested at different times.

2. leaf lettuces are considered cold-insensitive vegetables and can be planted in raised beds as early as mid-February. They love winter, rain and cold. Once temperatures get warmer, there is a chance they will turn bitter.

3.You can pick a whole head as needed or alternatively just a few leaves so that new leaves can grow back.

For more information on growing lettuce in a pot or window box, see this article .

Raised bed on the balcony planting salads herbs and flowers

Among the vegetables that are harvested mainly in winter and are suitable for growing in a raised bed on the balcony are still various greens such as kale, arugula, leeks, cilantro, chives, garden mustard and celery (head or leaves).

Growing radishes in a raised bed

Radishes in raised bed and pansies

Radishes are also shallow growers and can be sown nicely in raised beds starting in mid-February. Their slightly pungent flavor enhances any salad.

Usually we recommend buying young seedlings and planting them, but the radishes can also be grown from seed . Simply place about 10 seeds 1 centimeter deep in each pocket of the barrel raised bed or spread a larger amount on top of the soil. They need about 4 inches apart for healthy growth.

Grow spinach on the balcony

Planting lettuce and herbs in balcony raised bed

Spinach is another plant that feels right at home in a balcony raised bed. It grows from a small seedling and multiplies in a quantity that will amaze you. Just take into account the fact that spinach does not get along with other daisies, such as beet and chard. Good neighbors for spinach are strawberries, radishes, cabbage, kohlrabi and tomatoes.

Planting chard on the balcony

Chard and Endevien

If you want to grow winter vegetables on the balcony, chard should definitely not be missing. You can easily preplant the seeds of chard from March. Once the seedlings are about 3 cm high, they can be planted in the raised bed. The recommended place for it is on top of the raised bed tower, as it reaches a huge size. Chard is very tasty, even wrapped into roulades with stuffing, and is full of good nutrients.

Grow garlic yourself

Grow garlic yourself

Growing garlic is so easy and fun. Separate the garlic cloves and place them, bulb-side down, about two inches deep in the pockets of the raised bed. The best time to do this is mid-September to early October or in the spring from mid-February to mid-March. Garlic leaves are also edible and can be used for seasoning.

Cabbage, cauliflower, romanesco and broccoli.

Cabbage in raised bed on balcony

Different types of cabbage also grow well in a sunny raised bed. Since most varieties form large heads and fairly dense foliage, we recommend placing only single plants at the top of the raised bed so they can grow in height and width.

Kohlrabi plantlets can be placed in the raised bed starting in early April

grow kohlrabi on the balcony

Broccoli and cauliflower get along great

Growing broccoli cauliflower on the balcony

Romanesco grows excellently in the raised bed

grow romanesco on the balcony

Growing tomatoes on the balcony

Cherry tomatoes in raised bed on the balcony

Heat-loving plants such as tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and zucchini are particularly happy about the pleasant climate in the raised bed. From the middle of May you can put tomatoes in the raised bed. It is best to plant them on the back side of the raised bed tower, away from the sun, and plan for generous growing space, as they quickly reach enormous heights. It is recommended to plant tomatoes in the top pockets or at the very top of the vertical raised bed.

Growing tomatoes on the balcony

Since tomato plants cannot support their own weight, they need a climbing support to keep them upright as they grow. Without support, tomatoes will fall to the ground and spoil if they come in direct contact with the soil. Here are a few ways you can support the plants:

  • stabilize the plants in the ground with a bamboo pole
  • let the plant climb the wall on a climbing net
  • let the plant hang on the balcony railing

Planting tomatoes in a raised bed on the balcony together with basil

It is also possible to grow cucumbers on the balcony

Grow cucumbers on the balcony

Grow peppers, hot peppers, chili and co. yourself

Growing peppers on the balcony

Just like the tomato, peppers belong to the nightshade family and have similar requirements for sun, soil and co. Since peppers need space, are very hungry and even thirstier, it is recommended to choose varieties of small growth. The best time to plant pre-pulled (or purchased) seedlings of peppers and chilies in the raised bed is also mid to late May.

Grow peppers in raised bed on balcony

Growing strawberries yourself

vertical space saving raised bed with strawberries

As we’ve shown in this article, you can plant strawberries just about anywhere. And if you build a vertical strawberry garden, you will not only save space, but also enjoy larger yields. If you opt for a mixed culture, place the strawberry plants in the upper pockets or at the very top of the tower.

Strawberries in raised bed on the balcony

Gardening on the balcony strawberries and herbs in vertical raised bed

Raised bed planted with lettuce strawberries and parsley

lettuces and strawberries get along well in a raised bed

Plant balcony raised bed with herbs.

Grow fresh herbs and salads on the balcony

If you like to add fresh herbs to any dish, you can opt for a raised balcony herb bed. In this case, the choice of kitchen as well as medicinal herbs is quite large. By the way, you can get inspiration from these herb spirals . Just like the herb spiral, our raised bed tower provides habitat for a wide variety of plants with different needs and applications. Most herbs can be planted in the raised bed anytime from spring to early fall!

Raised bed on the balcony - what to grow

Mixed culture of useful plants and insect-friendly flowers.

Gardening on the balcony planting salads herbs and flowers in raised bed

For a successful harvest, it’s best to opt for a mix of crops and ornamental flowers to attract bees and insects to the raised bed. Bees have a positive impact on fruit yield as well as the taste of fruits and vegetables. How you can make your balcony garden more attractive for the pollinators, you will learn in our article Balcony plants for bees – Which species are suitable & how to combine?

Gardening on the balcony with space-saving DIY raised bed