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Flowers for the north balcony: what plants thrive wind and shade and bloom all summer long?

Admittedly: The north balcony does not provide the best conditions for plant growth. On the north side, the flowers, ornamental grasses and perennials get little sun. The strong wind makes even the shade-loving species struggle. For many amateur gardeners, the question then arises: what actually grows well on the north side? We offer several suggestions for flowers for the north balcony that thrive well in partial shade and shade.

Planting the north balcony: This is what you should consider

Geraniums on balcony easy care flowers for shade

Even if the balcony faces north, that doesn’t mean it will be in the shade all day. Observe the area on a weekend and note how the light conditions change throughout the day. It’s also worth making a sketch of the balcony, as there may be spots that are in the sun longer and others that barely get any sunlight . Only then can you get an idea of which plants will thrive best there.

Furthermore, it is important where exactly the north balcony is located. In the cities, the buildings provide a windbreak. So even if the balcony is completely open, most shade-loving plants will feel comfortable there. The situation is different in the countryside, where the houses are far from each other. There, even true survivors cannot survive without wind protection.

Geraniums care for balcony in the shade

Most flowers and flowering plants that are comfortable in partial shade will also thrive on a north-facing balcony. By the way, the location also has advantages: In midsummer it is pleasantly cool there, the water does not evaporate so quickly even in the heat. The amateur gardener does not need to worry that the plants will die.

From a purely visual point of view, you should choose flowers that bloom in strong or bright colors. Thus, the outdoor area immediately looks much brighter and cozier. And then it will be twice as much fun to drink your coffee outdoors in the morning and end the day with a glass of wine in the evening.

What flowers for the north balcony? These plants prefer a semi-shaded or shaded location.

Tuberous begonias for shady and windy north balcony

The north balcony is in the shade most of the day. Fortunately, there are a number of flowering plants that cope well with the lack. Such are, for example:

Geraniums are true classics. Choose a variety that does well in partial shade. Most geranium varieties prefer morning sun and then prefer to be in the shade in the afternoon.

The tuberous begonia needs a place protected from the wind on the north balcony. It can also tolerate rain poorly.

Varieties of variegated nettle, which can be planted together with verbena, are also best suited for shady locations.

In nature, the lentil grows under deciduous trees. There it receives little sunlight.  Popular planting partners for the lentil include violets and ivy.

Flowers and plants that defy the wind

Planting verbena for balcony in the shade

Fuchsias can easily tolerate the summer wind. They prefer to be in the shade, so they are a good choice for the balcony with a northern exposure.

The new verbena varieties are very low-maintenance and durable plants. They hold their own perfectly on the windy north-facing balcony.

Clive (strap leaf) can thrive in the shade. It is low maintenance and can handle rain and wind.

Balcony plants for north orientation and wind astilbe

The Astilbe (still known as Prachtspiere): small varieties that reach a maximum growth height of 30 cm are perfect for growing in containers. It is best to group the plants so that they can withstand wind.

Flowering balcony plants for the north balcony in partial shade

Azalea for balcony in the shade care tips

Purple bellflowers cope with partial shade, need mostly morning sun, and then thank you with a magnificent flowering.

Azalea is the perfect shrub for the windy and shady north balcony. The evergreen dwarf rhododendron is hardy, small in stature and has a very compact habit.

Balkan cranesbill prefers partial shade, but can also thrive in shade. This flowering groundcover is therefore the perfect plant for the balcony box.

Small periwinkle is a blue-purple flowering groundcover that does best in full sun. However, it can also tolerate partial shade and shade well, but flowering will diminish.

Pansies will do fine in a partial shade location. They will also thrive in shade, but blooming will diminish quickly and the flowers will wilt much faster.

Planting and caring for pansies in the shade on balcony

Autumn anemones also do well in shady locations. However, they require comparatively more sunlight than other shade-loving balcony plants. The perfect location is in the sun in the morning, and in the afternoon – in the shade.

The elf flowers cope well with a location in the shade. They can tolerate the summer wind to a certain extent. However, they may not thrive well on a balcony that is very exposed to wind.

The elfspur thrives well in partial shade, but is sensitive to wind and shade.