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Design small balcony: With these simple tricks you can make it look bigger and cozier

The balcony is an important element, especially in urban apartments, to which many attach great importance. And rightly so – after all, it offers the opportunity to relax a bit outside after a stressful day at work and enjoy the last rays of sunshine. So balconies are an important compromise to the lack of a garden. The only problem is that it is not uncommon for them to be relatively small, which makes furnishing and designing them a challenge. You don’t want to do without anything important, but at the same time you have to be careful not to overcrowd this tiny area. Because that would also affect the level of coziness. So, to avoid this, first of all, you should plan well. However, you can additionally apply some tricks that will make a small balcony look bigger. Below, we will give you tips on how you could design the small balcony.

Designing a small balcony: Use the height

Design small balcony and make it look bigger

Seating, flowers, decorations and a cabinet or shelf or two – you want to fit quite a few things in the small balcony area. However, instead of stuffing everything, which would only make balconies look even smaller, make use of the walls instead, or the high areas at all. For example, flowers can hang on the wall (how about trellises) or in hanging baskets from the ceiling . This will even make it easier for insects to get to them than if they were on the floor in a corner, for example.

Design small balcony - use the height of the walls and the ceiling

The railing is also perfectly suitable, and not only for the classic flower boxes. There are also folding tables , which can be placed there and combined, for example, with space-saving bar chairs.

Economical furnishing and decorating

Tips on how to design a small balcony and furnish it practically

The fact that a crowded balcony only looks smaller, we have already mentioned. Therefore, you should choose the furnishings and decor sparingly and thoughtfully when designing a small balcony. Preferably, they would have yes armchairs, couch, chairs, table and a few more seats for your many friends, but really realistic and especially optimal is not. So make compromises. Go for a more airy arrangement and, if possible, as bright and friendly colors as possible. Create smaller groups of furniture and/or decorations.

You can add additional seating in the form of folding chairs or stools that can be stowed away when not in use, rather than taking up valuable space.

Design small balcony with light colors and discreet furniture

Airy should also be any privacy screen. Avoid creating more shadows than are already there. Because the darker the environment, the narrower and more oppressive it also appears. Fabric privacy and sun shades are best chosen in light colors. On the one hand, dark colors would only heat up your balcony area unnecessarily, and on the other hand, of course, darken it.

Design small balcony with small furniture

Design and furnish small balcony - The railing offers space for hanging

Not only the amount of furniture and decorations plays an important role if you want to make a balcony look bigger. The size also has an influence on it. That great corner lounge in the catalog may look wonderful, but probably isn’t necessarily the optimal size for the balcony. In general, you should avoid styles that look rather massive – rustic wooden furniture or lush models made of rattan look great without question, but they are not suitable if you want to make a small area look cozy.

Design small balcony and furnish it sparingly to avoid crowded look

Instead, reach for small models that tend to be more delicate in their design as well. Chairs and stools or a bench (preferably with integrated storage), which we have already mentioned, are well suited here. So furniture with narrow legs, for example, which are lightweight to boot. So they can be moved around or away at any time if necessary. Or how about a hammock or a hanging chair?

The right flooring enlarges visually

Flooring in similar color as interior for seamless transition

Even the flooring should be chosen correctly if you want to design the small balcony and make it look bigger. And here we do not mean just the right color or material. Rather, you should match these features to the adjacent room. If it is dark and imitates wood, you can also use wood imitating tiles or even real wood for outside. If the adjacent room has light-colored tiles, use similar colors and materials for the balcony flooring as well. This almost seamless transition turns the outdoor space into an extension of the indoor space and makes the small balcony area look bigger.

How to design a small balcony – use light properly.

Design small balcony with abundant lamps, fairy lights and candles

Just as you should avoid a dark atmosphere during the day by using shadows, you can also use the evening and night hours if you want to design a small balcony and visually enlarge it. Floor lamps are rather impractical here, of course, but you can again use the height to install a few wall, ceiling or plug-in lights for flower boxes here and there. Fairy lights are also very popular for illuminating this cozy outdoor area. You should not underestimate candles and lanterns as well. Handle them with care, however, because there is a risk of fire, especially if stronger winds could blow the candles around.

Using optical illusion to make balconies look bigger

Open shelves look less bulky

Design small balcony - open shelves look less oppressive

Balance out large furniture with less decoration

Design small balcony - massive pieces of furniture in exceptional cases and with little decoration.

Choose more discreet balcony furniture

Using walls for hanging or wall shelves

Individually built furniture from pallets

Build custom balcony furniture from pallets - ideas for benches and sofas.

Use railings

Balcony furnishings choose correctly and stage space-saving

Boho style for cozy balcony design

Balcony design in light colors and with few furniture

Use space saving folding tables

Ideas with wood and plants - Bright and natural colors.

Hammock or other hanging furniture

A hammock is a good alternative to classic balcony furniture

Modern balcony furniture for small balconies

Design a small balcony with hanging chairs and create airy atmosphere

Basket for storage space and for sitting

Maritime flair with white and blue for a wicker chair

Exploit niches

Practical use of niches on balconies - idea for a table to hang up