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Design narrow balcony – 30+ beautiful ideas and inspirations at a glance!

The days are getting longer, the sun is shining beautifully and the temperatures are rising – spring has officially arrived! There is hardly anything more beautiful and relaxing than enjoying the nice weather with friends or with a book outside on your own balcony! You don’t even need a large balcony or garden to do this.  Even a small balcony can be transformed into a beautiful, cozy oasis of well-being in the middle of the city with a few helpful tips and tricks and a little creativity. Whether in a boho look, shabby chic or in the trendy oriental style – there are no limits to your imagination. If you’re looking for ideas and inspiration, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article we will show you how best and easiest to design a narrow balcony.

fold out furniture for balcony ideas

According to the latest statistics, about half of the apartments in Germany have their own balcony. Only, unfortunately, most of them are rather small and narrow, and you often do not know how best to design and decorate them. For this reason, most balconies are often used as storage spaces, where you put everything possible and useless. If you also have a small narrow balcony, you owe it to yourself to try to make the most of it. Well thought out decorating ideas can turn even the smallest spaces into an urban oasis and a beautiful retreat.

What would you most like to use your balcony for?

Narrow bench balcony ideas carpet outdoor living accessories

Before you start furnishing and decorating, you first need to think carefully about what you would like to use your balcony for. Do you want to use it mainly for relaxing and drinking coffee, or would you also invite friends over for a drink and a meal from time to time? Or would you like to use it only as a growing area to grow herbs, vegetables and fruits? Depending on what you choose, you can design your long narrow balcony in such a way that it best serves its purpose.

Design narrow balcony – The first thing you should do is measure the area.

Narrow balcony design with light chains decorating ideas

When you design a narrow balcony, everything must be well thought out – how is each corner best used, the furniture should be space-saving, and so on. Therefore, before you buy furniture and decorations, it is especially important to measure the area. Only in this way will you know exactly how much space you actually have and save yourself a lot of frustration and trouble afterwards. It would also be helpful if you draw a small sketch to see if you can realize your ideas or rather not.

The right flooring also plays an important role

narrow balcony design furnishing trends modern furniture terrace

In addition to the furniture and plants, the choice of the appropriate flooring should not be underestimated when designing long narrow balcony. Because only then will the style of interior you have chosen really come into its own. The selection of materials has now become so large that you can quickly lose track. A floor made of wood, for example, brings coziness and warmth, while concrete looks rather cool. Especially trendy lately are floors made of natural stone or ceramics, which exude a unique elegance. Tiles or clickable systems for wooden floors are another good option and can be installed quite easily and quickly. For those who want to be even cozier and want a fresh look without too much effort, outdoor rugs are perfect. They are extremely durable and weatherproof and come in all sorts of colors and patterns, so there is a model to suit every style.

Narrow balcony – ideas for the right furniture

Narrow balcony ideas decorating home accessories trends

In summer and spring, the living room is often moved outside. Comfortable seating and a table, inviting you to linger, are undoubtedly the most important equipment for a pleasant ambience in the outdoor area. However, just because you have limited space doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort by any means. Lounge furniture is also available in smaller sizes or can be custom made. Particularly practical narrow balcony furniture are folding chairs and tables, which you can easily attach to the wall or railing. Since you can quite quickly unfold and fold them as needed, they offer much more flexibility when setting up. Besides, folding furniture is just as comfortable and with some colorful seat cushions, they become real eye-catchers and make the atmosphere much more homey right away.

Creative narrow balcony ideas – plants are an absolute must.

Narrow balcony design Vertical Gardening Trends

With beautiful plants and flowers, you can get a piece of nature on the balcony and transform your narrow balcony into a green oasis in the middle of the city in no time. Whether herbs, vegetables, flowers, cacti or artificial plants – everything is allowed. However, when choosing the right plants, you should consider not only the style, but also the orientation of your balcony. However, flower pots placed on the ground will quickly cause a lack of space. Get creative and hang them on the walls and railings. Incredibly practical and efficient to narrow balcony design is the so-called “vertical gardening”, which is one of the most popular gardening trends. A vertical garden looks like a living work of art and you still have enough space for the furniture and decoration. Whether it’s hanging baskets, trellises with small cacti or flowers in preserving jars – unleash your creativity and design your plant wall just the way you like it.

Balcony design narrow balcony – Soft lighting for a romantic and cozy atmosphere.

long narrow balcony design modern living trends patio furnishings

In order for us to enjoy the balmy, warm summer evenings outside on the balcony, suitable light sources are simply essential. Since most outdoor areas are not equipped with sockets, lanterns, lanterns, fairy lights or lamps with solar energy must be used. They provide soft and pleasant lighting and give the balcony a romantic and magical touch. If you decide to use candles, it is best to go for those that can be closed with a lid. Fairy lights as accessories exude a special warmth and are wonderful for the trendy boho style.

Design narrow balcony – rely on bright and cheerful colors in the decoration.

Home accessories outdoor small narrow balcony design_200327102246

Colors set the mood both indoors and outdoors, so they are another important factor in long narrow balcony design. The best option are light shades such as white, beige, light gray or soft pastel nuances – they make the room look visually larger and wider. Even more, they look incredibly modern, elegant and timeless and perfectly fit the popular Scandinavian style of living. Accessories like decorative pillows and blankets in bolder shades like orange, light blue or pink provide a great contrast and give the balcony a cheerful, summery feel.

Create privacy with a privacy screen

privacy screen terrace ideas narrow balcony design

Don’t want the prying eyes of your neighbors while you enjoy your coffee outside? Then a privacy screen for balcony design narrow balcony should not be missing in any case. Bamboo mats look especially beautiful and are perfect for this. Or how about a beautiful green wall of plants? You are best advised with a boxwood or tall perennials.

Design narrow balcony – More beautiful ideas and inspirations to follow.

balcony narrow long design furnishing trends garden furniture build yourself

A hanging table and a corner bench are space-saving and add the finishing touch to your boho look balcony.

Boho style balcony narrow long design privacy patio ideas

Narrow balconies can be arranged efficiently and elegantly at the same time with small lounge seating areas.

Balcony design narrow balcony small living accessories for the terrace

Light wooden furniture and warm beige shades look elegant and timeless and invite you to linger.

Balcony design narrow balcony ideas living trends outside

Design the small narrow balcony with a rug and already the outdoor area looks much cozier and more inviting. Especially pretty look carpets in shades such as black, blue, gray and in striped patterns.

balcony design narrow balcony garden furniture trends

Combine different materials and colors to get a cool and modern mix.

Wooden furniture balcony narrow long design furnishing ideas

A narrow bench for balcony made of wood is not only incredibly practical, but also exudes a unique warmth and comfort.

long narrow balcony design patio furnishing ideas

There are probably few things better than winding down the lazy summer days on a day bed outside on the balcony.

long narrow balcony design terrace modern furnishing tips

Even with small changes like adding romantic fairy lights, you can give your narrow balcony a fresh touch in no time.

Decorate with light chains ideas small narrow balcony design

Folding furniture is a space-saving option that still provides enough room for a cozy evening outdoors with friends.

long narrow balcony design what floor for tewrrasse

Decorated with simple bistro furniture and colorful accessories, a narrow balcony looks quite airy and modern.

Narrow bench balcony furniture furnishing ideas home trends outdoor rice

In the summer you will spend a lot of time on your balcony. Therefore, it is important to decorate it according to your own taste.

Narrow balcony design outdoor furniture boho style

Even a very small carpet can change the effect of the whole balcony

Narrow balcony design privacy screen terrace ideas

Lanterns and fairy lights put the finishing touches when decorating the outdoor area

Narrow balcony ideas modern decorate with light chains

Sometimes you need nothing more than a modern chair to enjoy the beautiful view

Narrow balcony furniture decorating tips home trends

Plants transform your balcony into a small oasis of well-being in the middle of the city

narrow balcony ideas living accessories outdoor area

Think of your balcony as an extension of your living room and adjust the decor accordingly.

Narrow balcony ideas modern scandinavian living style

An artificial grass rug and several small flower pots will turn your balcony into a small urban garden

narrow balcony furniture decorating trends exterior

It doesn’t always have to be a table and chairs after all – a large decorative cushion in a colorful pattern looks just as good and elegant

what floor for the balcony furnishing trends terrace furniture