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Decorate balcony in autumn – Make it cozy outside! (with 2 craft instructions)

Although there are still one or two sunny and mild days, you are always drawn indoors and the balcony you somehow get to see less and less? Then this may simply be due to the inappropriate decoration. Instead of looking at the summer decorations and being sad that summer is already over, you should use something autumnal to emphasize the beautiful autumn mood. In what ways could you decorate the balcony in autumn?

Brighten up the flower boxes

Decorate balcony in autumn with flowers and plants in balcony boxes

Let’s start with probably the most obvious: the faded summer flowers in the flower boxes can (and should) be replaced with beautiful autumn flowers, plants and grasses. Of course, it’s best to choose varieties that are particularly frost-hardy and will continue to delight you with pretty colors until winter. Heather is one of the most popular autumn plants for balcony and terrace, but pansies are also not rare balcony flowers for autumn . Or how about:

  • Diamond grass
  • Fox sedge
  • Common dwarf medlar
  • Musk mallow
  • Small barberry
  • Round-leaved bellflower
  • Bush ivy
  • White balm
  • Meadow sheep’s gift
  • Cinnamon rose
  • Quaking grass
  • Dwarf rock pears

Decorate balcony in autumn - box with apples instead of fruit bowl and plants

Chosen in autumn colors, you can further emphasize the autumn mood when you decorate the balcony in autumn with flowers and plants.

Decorate balcony in autumn – Other plant decoration ideas.

Decorate with natural materials - dried flowers or grasses as bouquets and wreaths

So really do not feel like plant care for a few more months? Then you can also winterize the boxes and instead decorate the balcony in the fall with something easier to care for. How about a beautiful, colorful bouquet of dried flowers that you display in a vase on the balcony table? Pumpkins are also wonderful and in small format (decorative pumpkins) can decorate the table, side table or windowsill from the outside. Larger models you can put in groups on the floor. And the cool weather will also keep them fresh for a long time.

You can also make flower arrangements and use them for a balcony decoration that is weatherproof. There are great and simple craft ideas, but of course you can buy a ready-made model. In turn, you are also welcome to decorate the balcony wall with wreaths or decorated metal rings / embroidery frames, for example.

Make it cozy and cozy

Blankets and pillows for a cozy mood in autumn

In the late, cold evening hours, you probably will not necessarily want to sit on the balcony. However, there are still enough sunny days with mild temperatures that make it quite possible. To ensure that you really do not freeze, all you need is a cozy blanket with pillows and any other textiles or cushions that will not only be useful, but also bring a decorative effect to the balcony furniture. They will just tempt you to go outside.

Decorate balcony in autumn with candles, lanterns and fairy lights.

Decorate balcony in autumn with lanterns in autumnal glass colors

You have probably already decorated your outdoor space with romantic lights during the summer. But if not, then now, when the days are getting shorter, is exactly the right time. Lanterns on the table, lanterns on the floor, fairy lights along the railing – you have plenty of scope to create a romantic mood for the evening hours.

Do not forget about Halloween!

Just because you live in an apartment, and can not decorate the entrance area outside spooky, it does not mean that you can not still create the right mood. Not only the interior can be decorated, but also the balcony area. And if the creepy decorations are a little higher, passers-by will also have something out of it and can marvel at creativity from outside.

Balcony decoration ideas – Craft something beautiful!

Autumn outdoor design ideas for inspiration

Homemade is somehow always the most beautiful. So how about coming up with something for the balcony area as well? We have collected a few DIY ideas for you. They are perfect if you decorate the balcony in the fall.

Decorate balcony in autumn – wreath as a frame for fruit bowl.

Decorate balcony in autumn with homemade decorations - wreath for a fruit bowl

Get a straw wreath blank and glue corn cobs with hot glue in a circle shape. You can also add some wheat ears here and there. Then place a bowl of fruit in the center. Or how about filling a bowl with potpourri? You can mix materials for this yourself .

Make garland from acorns as a decoration for the balcony.

Make garland from painted acorns and hang it outside as an autumn decoration

Collect acorns, poke holes through them and paint them in any colors. Glue the “little hats” and thread yarn through the prepared holes with the help of a padding needle. Once you have the desired length, you can already use it to decorate the balcony autumn. Hang the garland along the railing or just lay it casually on the table. If you make several, you can also hang them down like a curtain on the window or wall. Or hang a single one from the ceiling. As you can see, the options for decorating the balcony with them in the fall are numerous.

Sitting outside with cozy blankets even on cooler days and evenings