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Christmas decorations for the balcony 2021: ideas for festive mood outside!

Halloween is over and there are 45 days left until Christmas! Finally, it’s time to decorate your balcony for Christmas and enjoy it during the holidays. And if you have balcony glazing, there’s nothing wrong with decorating your balcony with baubles, glitter and other things that might otherwise blow away. If you have an open balcony without glazing, there are also many ways to create Christmas cheer on your balcony. Let your balcony become the focal point of your neighborhood and spread Christmas cheer to all who pass by. It doesn’t take much to create a Christmas atmosphere on your balcony. For example, you can invest in the following: Christmas lights, fir greenery, garlands and Christmas decorations. Read our tips on how to best decorate your balcony for Christmas in 2021.

Christmas decoration for the balcony from natural materials

balcony christmas decoration with fir greenery and orange slices

To make the balcony look attractive even in winter, it is enough to decorate the balcony boxes and tubs with fir greenery or plant an evergreen dwarf shrub in them. For example, dwarf mountain pine (Pinus mugo) reaches a height and width of about one meter.

Mini Christmas tree in a pot on the balcony.

christmas decoration on balcony

Other dwarf conifers are also ideal for planting in containers. With their fresh green needles, they are an eye-catcher on the balcony all year round. Water the little tree every three days and make sure that the root ball never dries out. Place your potted Christmas tree in a central spot on the balcony so it can be seen from inside.

Keeping fir branches fresh in the vase

fir branches in metal bucket with jute fabric and fairy lights

To keep fresh fir branches beautiful longer, place them in a bucket of water. If you want to decorate the improvised Christmas tree outside cheaply, you can make garlands from Styrofoam foam flakes. Just thread them one by one on a thread to get a very long chain. Dried orange slices are also ideal as a crafting material.

Red apples instead of Christmas balls

christmas decoration for balcony outside with fir branches and red apples

Red apples are ideal for a country style Christmas decoration! Their beautiful color comes out even better against a backdrop of fir branches. You can arrange the apples in a basket with moss and twigs, or simply place them among flowers in winter-planted tubs. If you have problems with birds trying to eat the fruit, you can use artificial apples instead of fresh ones or cover them with a thin layer of wax. Simply dip the apples in wax melted in a water bath.

Branches of berries in a floor vase

christmas decoration for balcony - red berry branches in vase

Bright berry branches in a tall floor vase are a beautiful and natural Christmas decoration for the balcony. A classic Advent decoration with beautiful red berries are the branches of holly (Ilex), skimmia, mock berry as well as rose hips. They last in a vase with water up to three weeks.

Berry branches can also decorate balcony railings

balcony railing christmas decoration with fir greenery and berry branches

Decorate balcony railings for Christmas

christmas balcony with decorated railings

A particularly beautiful Christmas decoration for the balcony are lush garlands on the balcony railing. This is a simple way to make the balcony cozy and, above all, festive – both for those who look out of the apartment, and for those who pass outside. In this article, we also show an interesting DIY idea with branches and candles.

Christmas wreath on the balcony railing

balcony railing christmas decoration with christmas wreath and fir garlands

Fresh fir garlands are the easiest to make from pine and spruce branches, but you can also use boxwood or juniper. You can usually find inexpensive fir greenery at Christmas tree vendors. Attach the branches with a flexible wire (barely visible), cable ties, or rustic jute twine (which is a decorative detail in itself) along the railing. You can also hang a wreath as a special eye-catcher.

Fairy lights on the balcony railing shine even under the snow

christmas decoration balcony railing with fairy lights and fir greenery

Fairy lights add a romantic touch to the overall railing decoration and make for exceptional eye-catchers in the evening. Since these fairy lights are specially designed for outdoor use, they can easily withstand snow, moisture, wind and rain.

Red decorations are best seen from a distance

balcony railing christmas decoration with fir garland with red decorations

Instead of decorating the garlands with the classic colorful balls, get a large amount of pine cones in different sizes and shapes. Paint them white or red and (once the paint dries) tie them to the branches with a string: this way they will be visible from afar and create a much more festive atmosphere.

Unusual colors for Christmas decorations

balcony railing christmas decoration with christmas decorations in lilac tones

Red and gold are the classic Christmas combination for balcony decorations because these colors are easily visible from a distance, but you can choose your own shades. Just make sure that you do not use decorations that can be damaged by rain and moisture. When placing Christmas garlands, keep in mind that they should be seen both from inside and from the street.

Christmas decorations for the balcony in silver and green.

christmas decoration ideas for balcony in silver and green

Silver decorations and crystals evoke associations with ice crystals and snowflakes. In candlelight, they look even more fabulous. To make inexpensive Christmas decorations for the balcony, you can do the following: roll up a few sheets of newspaper into balls of different sizes and carefully wrap them with aluminum foil. Attach them to a string and hang them wherever you want.

Christmas lights balcony ideas

christmas lighting balcony ideas - hanging balls

Lighting is an important decorative detail if you want to decorate your balcony for Christmas. Christmas lighting always creates a warm and cozy feeling everywhere. Fairy lights create a Christmas atmosphere and increase the coziness factor on your balcony in no time. For example, you can place them around the balcony railing, on the ceiling or around green plants. Candle lanterns and Advent arrangements also make for cozy Christmas lighting on the balcony. Remember not to leave your candles burning unattended.

Scandinavian lighted stars still popular

balcony christmas decoration in grey and white with lights

Give your balcony a wow factor with these simple, yet stunning poinsettias. Hang them in a window or on a wall to add a Nordic touch to your Christmas decor. Learn how to craft glowing stars in this article .

Put on small light accents in different places

christmas lighting balcony ideas - combine different light sources