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Boho balcony: how to decorate the outdoor living room in boho style

The good weather is approaching and it’s time to wake up the balcony from hibernation and spruce it up. A cozy feel-good oasis on the balcony is the best retreat for relaxing in the fresh air. Whether you’re planning a complete balcony makeover or just want to give it a new style, you’ve come to the right place! Today, we’re going to show you how to create a boho balcony.

Boho balcony furniture made of rattan sisal and bamboo with white seat cushions

Boho chic is a totally hip style, maybe because of its colorfulness or its mix of textures and prints that attracts us so much. Or because of its casual vibe that invites us to relax. It is one of the perfect trends to decorate modern patios or balconies and give them a very chic look this summer.

Boho lounge on the balcony with many cushions

Designing your outdoor space in boho style will give you a casual and calm atmosphere ideal for resting, reading, working or even taking a nap. With the right furniture and accessories, even the smallest balcony will become a multipurpose space that you won’t want to leave all summer long.

Balcony furniture made of natural or creatively recycled materials

Boho balcony lounge with candles and dried glasses in vase

Furniture made from upcycled materials can be a great solution for furnishing modern balconies or terraces. So get some pallets and create a great chill-out area that will delight young and old alike. At nap time, there will definitely be a line to lie down! And it will also be a perfect place to enjoy a drink with friends after dinner and extend the conversation late into the night.

Sofa or boho lounge with daybed made of pallets

Boho balcony sofa made of pallets decorated with beautiful cushions

Pallets offer many possibilities for homemade outdoor furniture. Great design ideas and tips for the balcony sofa, for example, we have collected in this article . The best thing is that you can of course customize the lounge corner in size for your balcony. The most popular variants are a small 2-seater sofa, which stands against the narrow wall, or a larger seat in L-shape, which offers space for several people.

Boho balcony with patterned floor tiles and bamboo privacy screen

Boho balcony furniture made of pallets and bamboo mat cacti and plants

Boho style privacy screen made of bamboo and many decorations

Boho wall decoration for balcony with fabrics

A table from wine crates

balcony privacy screen with boho fabric balcony border

Wooden crates are another option for inexpensive balcony furniture. They work well as side tables or plant shelves. Even unpainted, they are an eye-catcher and exude a rustic charm. By the way, you can find good ideas for this in our article: Building a table from wine crates – 12 practical DIY ideas and building instructions .

Boho balcony ideas with wall hangings plants and accessories

A hanging chair or a peacock chair made of rattan

Boho style balcony with many accessories made of natural materials

Lounge furniture made of natural materials such as rattan, wood and bamboo are perfect for boho balconies. Hammock chairs and hammocks are classics for lounging outdoors. This will make your balcony the perfect place for a summer nap in the shade.

Peacock armchair made of rattan for boho balcony

And if you want a striking piece of furniture on your balcony, you can opt for a peacock chair. The elegant and detailed wicker armchair from the 70s is a real eye-catcher and gives a decadent yet casual boho feel. A pair of sisal or rattan wicker sitting poufs can also be a perfect addition to your outdoor space.

Boho style balcony with hanging chairs and wooden floor

Hanging chair perfect for balcony in boho look

Boho balcony with hanging chair

Boho style balcony with rattan hanging chair and decoration with dried grasses

Boho chic balcony with hanging chair in white and beige

Boho style balcony decoration with recliner chairs

Boho balcony: the key is in the fabrics.

boho seat cushion for balcony

If you want to add a boho chic touch to a modern balcony, play with different fabrics. Reach for pillows, blankets and rugs in bright colors and with beautiful Indian, African and Oriental patterns to decorate sofas, chairs and armchairs. You will love the result!

Boho balcony colorful with bench

Even though at first glance it looks like the Boho Chic style is predominantly beige and white, don’t be afraid to add a little more color to the mix. The more, the better! Among the most striking combinations are the intense shades of red, orange and pink with accents of turquoise blue.

Plastic plants privacy screen for boho style balcony in jungle look

Another nice idea for decorating from a boho balcony is to use lots of poufs and floor cushions, inviting you to chill out. Rugs are also an important decorative element when it comes to making the balcony a second living room. It is also possible to combine rugs and mats of different shapes and sizes, as shown in the picture above.

Rattan bench and boho cushions metal vases

Of course, it is important to go for those carpets that are designed for outdoor use and are more resistant to weather conditions. Alternatively, you can use an old carpet that you no longer use.

Boho balcony with white curtain as privacy screen

Another popular option for the balcony are the typical jute and raffia rugs that can now be found in every home. These are durable, sustainable and timelessly beautiful. Thanks to their unique texture, jute rugs will bring a nature-inspired flair to your boho balcony in no time.

Privacy screen with bedspread on boho balcony

You can also decorate the walls and balcony railings with fabrics, or even use blankets as screens to give an area more privacy. A canopy and fairy lights hanging from the ceiling will add even more coziness. Speaking of privacy screens, bamboo mats are perfect for boho style.

Idea for Boho balcony decorations

Boho cushions for balcony made of soft fabrics

Boho cushions and bedspread on wooden bench

Boho seat cushions and accessories made of rattan sisal and wood

Balcony with southern flair

Home accessories and decoration with exotic flair

Boho furnishings on the balcony with ethno flair

Boho chic style combines elements from different cultures, giving it that exotic touch we fall in love with. Take the opportunity and get the souvenirs from your travels or those oriental elements that have ended up in the closet. It’s time to put them in the spotlight! Moroccan-style poufs, Buddha figurines, Arabic-inspired tables, Turkish teapots and tulip-shaped tea glasses, metal trays – combine them with antique pieces you saved at a flea market and voilá! You’ll have the perfect boho chic atmosphere.

Boho look balcony decor with bench seat

Another source of inspiration for boho chic is Moroccan style. Oriental style brass and glass lanterns and tea light holders are ideal for adding light and color to any corner of your patio. They will also help you to atmospherically illuminate the evenings for long and relaxing conversations. With their beautiful shapes, Arabic pendant lights are also a great option for decorating modern boho chic balconies.

Boho balcony decoration with candle lanterns and dried ornamental grasses

Various dry grasses, such as hare’s tail and pampas grass, arranged in pretty vases, also exude a casual boho charm. They cut a fine figure both on the balcony table and in a corner.

Boho balcony decoration with many cushions bamboo mat and tree trunk as a side table

Boho balcony with cozy pillows rug and wall decorations

Boho balcony with rattan seat cushions and baskets

boho cushions balcony with hippie vibes

Boho privacy screen with bamboo mats and fairy lights

Boho style on small balcony

Breakfast on boho balcony

green plants areca palm and ornamental grass on boho balcony

Autumn decoration with pumpkins on Boho balcony

small balcony in boho look with many decorations

Privacy screen with bamboo mat on boho balcony

Plants for boho style balcony ferns cacti and ornamental grasses

Boho chic decoration to hang – wall hangings, macramé traffic lights and Co.

Boho wall decoration with woven coasters

Another characteristic element of boho chic style are the walls full of decorations and all kinds of hanging elements. We have already seen that boho blankets can also be hung to beautify a balcony wall or to give us privacy. To decorate the walls of your balcony, mirrors, dream catchers, photos from your travels, African masks or exotic elements like juju hats are ideal. Hand-knotted macramé wall hangings can also create a unique atmosphere full of personality! Modern wall hangings, by the way, are also gaining popularity again indoors.

Cacti plants for boho style balcony

Boho wall decor inspiration for balcony

Boho balcony furniture - cheap table made of wooden box

Plants that fit the boho style

green plants for jungle feeling on boho style balcony

Of course, no matter how much space you have available on your balcony or terrace, plants should not be missing. Vertical gardens, macramé traffic lights and plant stands, for example, are a great idea for decorating small balconies. Small palm trees in tubs, green hanging plants in hanging baskets and ornamental grasses in flower boxes will bring a nice jungle feeling to your balcony.

Mini palm tree for boho style balcony

Palm trees and grasses are ideal for sunny locations and require little maintenance. They look wonderful in wicker baskets and terra cotta pots. Succulents also tolerate summer heat very well and last a very long time without water. For example, a wonderful choice for macramé hanging baskets is Senecio Rowleyanus. How to care for the pea plant, you will learn in this article .

plants boho style balcony on plant stand

small balcony in boho look with armchair from pallets

Boho balcony with hammock sisal rug and palm trees

Atmospheric light for the boho balcony

Boho furnishing on the balcony with many candles natural materials and hammock

Whether in a room or on a terrace, lighting is always an important factor in creating an ambience with a feel-good factor. For chill-out areas where you want a subdued light, glare-free soft lighting is the best choice. It will help you create the perfect atmosphere for conversation or relaxation after a long day. That’s why fairy lights and candles are the best solution for your boho balcony.

Boho style balcony with recliners and wooden floor

Nowadays, there are many variants for fairy lights with colorful and decorative lampshades that will add a touch of color to any corner in addition to the light. And if you feel like crafting, you can check out the DIY ideas in this article. Hang fairy lights on the railings or walls and create a great atmosphere of rest and relaxation. For a homely ambience on the Boho balcony also provide lanterns and lanterns, whose candlelight in the evening spreads a special mood.

Boho style balcony with two armchairs and atmospheric lights

Boho balcony inspiration in gray and beige with beautiful lighting

Boho balcony in winter with cozy accessories

Boho balcony with hammock, fairy lights and candles

Boho lounge on balcony with lighting

Boho parasol for balcony with tassels

Boho rug and rattan lamp on the balcony