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Blue and purple blooming balcony flowers: 20 plants with purple flowers for planters and flower pots

Nothing puts you in a good mood like a blaze of flowers on the balcony. But so that it does not become too colorful, most amateur gardeners opt for a color accent. Blue and purple blooming balcony flowers are in vogue in recent years. The color gives the balcony a vintage touch and brings a romantic touch from the Mediterranean. We list for you 25 plants that bloom purple.

Purple flowering perennials for the balcony

purple blooming flowers for balcony overview

First of all, we list for you several perennials , which bloom in different shades of purple. You can combine the different species with each other or stage them as soloists in the flower pot and planter box.

Purple flowering balcony flowers: the verbena.

purple flowering balcony flowers verbena care

Verbena is an annual flower. Some varieties creep, while others have an upright habit. Most plants reach a maximum height of 40 cm. The flowering period begins in July and ends in October. Then the perennial forms abundant spherical purple culms.

Light: In spring, verbena thrives best in full sun. The UV light promotes the rapid growth of the plant. In summer , during the flowering period it prefers a place in light shade.

Water: Water the perennial regularly for the first 2-3 weeks. After that, you can water the flower only when necessary.

Purple flowering balcony plants: The lavender

blue flowering balcony plants lavender care

The lavender is a typical Mediterranean plant that gives off a strong fragrance. It is very easy to care for and has no special requirements. The perennial thrives best in flower pots with good drainage. It can bloom throughout the summer.

Light: Purple lavender needs at least 8 hours of sunlight daily. So a location in full sun proves to be optimal. The perennial needs protection from wind and rain.

Water requirements: Water the flower sparingly, as the perennial cannot tolerate waterlogging. Install a drainage layer at the bottom of the planter box or flower pot and water the plants only as needed.

Flowers with purple flowers: the woodland vine

purple flowering balcony plants woodland vine clematis

The woodland vine is originally from China and Japan. The climbing plant is not suitable for planting in window boxes. In the planter it needs a climbing support. If you are looking for a space-saving option, you can attach a trellis to the balcony and guide the plant up it.

Light: The woodland vine prefers a location in light shade, although it needs at least 6 hours of direct sunlight daily.

Water requirements: water the plant once a week. After it forms flowers, you can water it twice a month.

Summer flowers with purple flowers: the bellflower.

summer flowers with purple blossoms, bellflower

The bellflower is a low-maintenance flower that is perfect for cottage-style gardens. It prefers a well-drained and nutrient-rich soil, which provides the best conditions for rapid growth.

Light: The flower does well in both off-sun and sunny locations.

Water requirements: you should water the bellflower regularly to keep it blooming all summer long.

Blue flowering balcony plants for sunny locations: the dwarf iris

blue flowering balcony plants dwarf iris

The dwarf iris is a hybrid flower. There is a wide range of different varieties. Some of them bloom in the spring, others in the summer months. The variety Abbey’s Violet begins to form flowers in mid-May and blooms until early August.

Light: Shady and sunny locations are best.

Water requirements: water the flower regularly.

Balcony plants with purple-blue flowers: The catmint.

purple blue flowers has catnip mating with roses

In the flower bed, catmint is a popular partner to roses, and in the container to peonies, lady’s mantle or lavender. However, it also cuts a fine figure as a soloist. The perennial fascinates amateur gardeners with its intense fragrance and beautiful purple-blue flowers, which it forms at the beginning of summer.

Light: The plant is a true sun worshipper and prefers full sun, but can also thrive in off-sun locations.

Water requirements: water the plant regularly until it forms flowers. After that, water the catnip only as needed.

And here come several more suggestions for purple flowering perennials for the balcony garden. For each plant you will find a brief fact sheet with the most important information.

Balcony plants that bloom purple: the sage.

purple blooming flowers for garden and balcony sage

  • Flowers: small, fragrant, attract butterflies and bees
  • Flowering time: spring or summer, depending on the variety
  • Light: full sun, but also thrives well in off-sun locations
  • Soil: dry, well-drained
  • Water requirements: water regularly, especially during dry periods in summer

Purple flowering perennial peonies

purple flowering perennial peonies for summer

  • Flowers: depending on variety light to dark purple
  • Flowering time: summer
  • Light: direct sun or light shade
  • Soil: loamy, fresh to moderately moist, well-drained
  • Water requirements: water thoroughly twice a week

Balcony plants that bloom in blue: hydrangeas

blue flowering balcony plants hydrangeas

  • Flowers: large dulden with small light purple flowers
  • Flowering time: spring and summer
  • Light: tolerates full sun, thrives in off-sun and partial shade locations
  • Soil: loose, airy, rich in humus, moderately moist
  • Water requirements: water daily in summer

Purple flowering daisies for balcony

light purple daisies for balcony and garden fact sheet

  • Flowers: small, light purple to blue
  • Flowering time: from the beginning of May to the end of August
  • Light: prefers light shade
  • Soil: adaptable, can cope with any nutrient-rich soil
  • Water requirements: water weekly

White and purple flowering perennials: Hartweg’s bearded thread

white and purple flowering perennials hard way bearded thread

  • Flowers: bicolored, white and purple
  • Flowering time: spring and summer
  • Light: thrives best in light shade or partial shade
  • Soil: dry, airy
  • Water requirements: during dry periods in summer water once a day, otherwise once or twice a week

Purple blooming flowers for the balcony box: the phlox

purple flowers for balcony box phlox

  • Flowers: small
  • Flowering time: spring or summer, depending on the variety
  • Light: partial shade, light shade, off-sun, full sun
  • Soil: moist, well-drained
  • Water requirements: water regularly during the growing phase; after they form flowers as needed

Spice sage

spices for balcony fragrant plants spicy sage

  • Flowers: small, fragrant
  • Flowering time: spring and summer
  • Light: light shade, off-sun
  • Soil: no special requirements
  • Water requirements: water regularly

Purple flowering balcony flowers: the joint flower

flowers with white light purple flowers for balcony garden joint flower

  • Flowers: lip-shaped
  • Flowering time: from the end of July to September
  • Light: full sun, light shade, partial shade
  • Soil: well-drained, with a high sand content, fresh
  • Water requirements: water as needed, does not tolerate waterlogging

Purple flowering balcony flowers: the Veronica veronica

purple flowering balcony flowers for sunny locations Veronica Veronica

  • Flowers: small, in umbels
  • Flowering time: depending on variety
  • Light: sunny, off-sun, semi-shade
  • Soil: moderately dry, well-drained, sandy
  • Water requirement: water regularly

Purple flowering balcony flowers: The busy lily

Balcony plants that bloom purple busy lilies

  • Flowers: small, purple
  • Flowering time: from May to October
  • Light: thrives best in partial shade and shadow
  • Soil: with a high sand content, fresh, nutrient-rich
  • Water requirements: water sparingly, cannot tolerate waterlogging

Balcony plants with purple flowers: The zinnia

Balcony plants with purple flowers zinnia

  • Flowers: also suitable as cut flower, large purple flowers
  • Flowering time: depending on variety spring and summer
  • Light: full sun
  • Soil: well-drained, low humus
  • Water requirement: water sparingly

Blue flowering balcony plants: The cornflower

purple flowering cornflower variety

  • Flowers: blue-purple, bell-shaped
  • Flowering time: From June to September
  • Light: full sun, in light shade, partial shade
  • Soil: well-drained, low in nutrients
  • Water requirements: water as needed

Fragrant purple petunias

Scented flowers for balcony purple petunias

  • Flowers: large purple flowers
  • Flowering time: May to September
  • Light: direct sun
  • Soil: well-drained, cannot tolerate waterlogging
  • Water requirements: water daily in summer

Blue flowering flowers: the showy vine

blue and purple blooming flowers Punkwinde

  • Flowers: blue, funnel-shaped
  • Flowering time: July to October
  • Light: sunny, off-sun
  • Soil: moist, nutrient-rich
  • Water requirements: in spring, water requirements are high; after the plant forms flowers, they decrease.