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Balcony furniture 2022: How to furnish your balcony in a cost-effective and space-saving way according to the latest trends

The main trend for balcony furniture 2022 is already clear – no plastic . What is in vogue this season is furniture made of sustainable materials that extend from the inside to the outside, serving both areas. This trend responds to the need to create a fluid, versatile and relaxed environment in all areas of the house. In this article we will give you some tips on how to furnish your balcony beautifully, ecologically and functionally according to the latest standards.

Balcony furniture 2022: before you start furnishing, pay attention to the following.

No plastic for balcony furniture 2022

The comfortably furnished balcony can feel like an extension of the outdoor living area. However, in order for this to be successful, there are a few things to keep in mind when furnishing it. Remember that all the furniture and plants you choose for your balcony will be outside year-round and exposed to a wide variety of weather conditions. Make sure they can withstand frost and precipitation as well as heat and sun.

When designing your patio, think about the purpose it will serve. Will the balcony be used for grilling and eating, or is it just for relaxing? The orientation of the balcony is not unimportant. Passionate sun worshippers relax best on a deck chair on a south-facing balcony. Romantic evenings outdoors could be best enjoyed on a west-facing balcony. An east-facing balcony, on the other hand, is ideal for early risers who want to enjoy the first rays of sunshine of the day while having breakfast.

The balcony can feel like an extension of the living area

The more often you can use your outdoor living space, the more favorable it will be. If you live in an area where the weather is cool in the spring and fall, consider freestanding heaters to extend your outdoor season. If you live in an area where it is very hot in the summer, consider a retractable awning or umbrella to provide shade.

Match your balcony furniture to the style of your home

Balcony furniture 2022 must be made in a sustainable way

Matching your balcony furniture 2022 with the architectural style of your house is essential for creating a beautiful and harmonious living space. For example, if you like medieval style, you should use heavy wooden or wicker furniture for your balcony. If you live in a colonial style home, you will want to choose wooden or metal furniture with classic lines. And if you have a modern home, you might opt for resin, metal or rope furniture with sleek, modern lines.

What materials are in fashion for balcony furniture 2022?

What materials are in fashion for balcony furniture 2022

Whether furniture for the terrace or the garden, this year designers are adamant: no plastic. Balcony furniture 2022 must be made in a sustainable way. Those made of oil-treated or untreated teak are particularly topical. Cushions and blankets should also be made of natural fibers. However, make sure that the fabrics are weatherproof.

Balcony furniture 2022: create comfort on a large terrace.

Create comfort on a large balcony

The pandemic had a significant impact on the trends in this regard. Forced to stay indoors, we began to think of the balcony as an extension of the interior. Therefore, we treat the outdoor areas with great care, being more interested in their comfort, ergonomics and functionality.

Balcony furniture 2022 should be made of wood or metal

In a sense, the living room is moved outside and the balcony becomes an oasis of calm. Outdoor furniture is becoming more and more comfortable. The trend is towards classy lounge sofas, hanging chairs and day beds. Outdoor loungers made of fabric also create a special atmosphere of good mood. Since their upholstery is waterproof, they can stay outdoors all year round.

Decorative accessories such as rugs, umbrellas or canopies, as well as LED lights, fairy lights or lanterns are also essential accessories for your balcony today.

Which furniture set is suitable for a small balcony?

Match your balcony furniture with the style of your home

Many furniture experts advise furniture with organic shapes for small, angular balconies. Round or semicircular tables that can be attached to the railing and folded out when needed are especially practical and create a cozy atmosphere. Folding tables and chairs are easy to store. A small, low sofa or mini sitting area can also be considered.

Which furniture set is suitable for a small balcony

There are many other details that can be used to transform a small balcony into a summer oasis. The right choice of lighting fixtures and plants can add a lot to the atmosphere of your balcony. You can also save space by leaving them hanging or placing them on shelves that are attached to the walls.

Balcony furniture 2022: lighten the mood with outdoor lighting, carpet and plants.

Create a romantic atmosphere on your balcony with outdoor lighting

To add a touch of elegance to your outdoor space, place some table lamps with colored shades on your balcony or hang outdoor lighting in a particularly dim spot to create a romantic atmosphere.

Large rugs help to delineate the living space and make the outdoor living area look like a “room”. Contemporary outdoor rugs don’t require you to move them, they are designed to allow moisture to pass through and retain their colors for years.

Make sure your balcony furniture can withstand precipitation

When you think of an outdoor space, you usually think of plants. The options for integrating plants on the balcony are extremely diverse: whether a practical hedge to protect from prying eyes, beautiful flowering shrubs or fragrant garden herbs .