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Autumn planting for tubs on the balcony or terrace: 10 colorful arrangements with beautiful potted plants

The gardening season is coming to an end soon. But before the permafrost sets in, balcony and terrace shine in yellow, orange and red. The next ideas for autumn planting for tubs impress with a variety of colors and decorative leaf structure. We offer you 15 beautiful arrangements for this season.

Autumn planting for tubs: What you should keep in mind

Autumn planting for tubs what you should pay attention to

There are a few things to consider when planting a tub. No matter what the soil moisture requirements of the flowers and grasses in question: Good drainage is very important, especially for arrangements. A layer of clay shards or coarse-grained sand worked into the potting soil will drain away excess water and protect against waterlogging.

Plants are planted close together for a harmonious overall look. Ornamental grasses and tall perennials or flowers with long stems are placed first. Low flowers are arranged around them, and leafy ornamental plants and other gap fillers are placed in the tub last.

Autumn planting for tubs: care tips

Autumn planting ideas for tubs

Questions about the container garden in the fall and the main answers:

  • Clay pots draw moisture and are therefore less suitable for the fall months than a plastic pot.
  • Even hardy flowers and grasses need winter protection in the tub. This is due to the fact that the volume of soil is much smaller than in the garden. Wrap the tub with fleece to protect the plants from frost.
  • In the fall, water the plants as needed. Water then, when the soil dries.
  • Fall plants do not need fertilizer as long as you work some organic compost into the soil when you plant them.
  • If you have already replanted the container in the spring and summer, then you should change the potting soil in the fall.

Fall flowers, perennials and grasses for the container garden.

Autumn planting for tubs the plants in the Überblic

If you want to combine flowers, perennials and grasses in a container, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Only plant species together that have similar soil, site and watering requirements. Above all, the pH values of the soil play a major role. Flowers that do not tolerate acidic soil will form fewer flowers. Grasses that are not comfortable in containers have yellow tips. Foliage ornamental plants react especially with leaf drop.

Furthermore, it is important to plant autumn plants as close to each other as possible (of course, observe the minimum distance).

Winter hardy perennial plants for fall containers:

  • 1) Prairie grass – hardy.
  • 2) Prachtkerze – conditionally hardy (up to -10°)
  • 5) White felt honeysuckle
  • 8) Asters – hardy
  • 9) Corkscrew pea – hardy
  • 11) Spurge – winter hardy
  • 12) Garden chrysanthemums – hardy

Winter hardy balcony plants make gardening easier. Firstly, because you do not have to bring the heavy tubs to the winter quarters. Secondly, because you do not have to worry about care during the winter months. In the greenhouse or conservatory, you often collect different plants with different requirements for temperatures, humidity and location. More often, you can even die flowers.

Annual plants for the container garden:

  • 3) Silver fire pot
  • 4) Ornamental peppers
  • 6) Magic bells
  • 7) Petunias
  • 8) Feather bush
  • 13) Magic bells

Planting foliage plants for the tub and grasses for balcony

Autumn planting for tubs: foliage ornamental plants

  • 1) Purple bells
  • 2) Sedge
  • 3) prairie grass
  • 4) ferns

Planting tubs with grasses and chrysanthemums

Planting tubs with grasses and seasonal flowers

A. Switchgrass “Northwind

B. Chrysanthemums

C. Thunberg barberry

D. Club lilies

E. Stonecrop

Grasses look particularly decorative in containers. Together with low flowers and ground covers, they can be staged particularly attractively.

Lampbush grass in the tub: suitable planting partners

perennial perennials and ground covers and grasses in tubs (2)

A. Lampbush grass

B. Purple bellflower

C. Pennywort

When planting grasses in the container, choose a type of grass that is decorative not only in the fall. Lampbush grass changes color in the fall, when it bears their flowers. Together with foliage-decorating perennials like purple bellflower and pennywort, with their gorgeous golden-yellow fall foliage, the grass makes a charming ensemble.

Variation 2

A. Cypress spurge

B. Lampbush grass

C. Fairy spur

D. Purple bellflower

Grass can also be beautifully showcased with low-maintenance plants like elf sport and cypress spurge.

Flowering potted plants and grasses for fall

Autumn flowers in the tub and planting ornamental grasses instructions

A. Chrysanthemums

B. Sedges

C. Gold pennywort

D. Garden pansy

E. Red lampbush grass

If you want a floral display in the fall, you can choose chrysanthemums. They are undemanding, available in a variety of colors and flower sizes, and perfect planting partners to groundcovers and grasses.

Autumn flower combination for the balcony and the garden

Autumn flowers for balcony and garden

A. Magic lilies

B. Chrysanthemums

C. Ornamental cabbage

D. Lampbush grass

E. Sage

Sometimes it pays to experiment with colors and shapes. Magic bells and chrysanthemums clearly play the main role in the next arrangement.

Autumn planting for tubs: ground covers and low autumn plants.

ground cover and low autumn plants for tubs (1)

A. Beach silverweed

B. Ornamental cabbage

C. Garden levkoje

If you don’t have enough space on your balcony, opt for a space-saving arrangement with silverweed, ornamental cabbage and garden levkoje.

Flowering potted plants for autumn: yellow accents with cyclamen

Autumn planting for tubs with cyclamen and ivy

A. Cyclamen

B.Liquorice strawflower

C. Ivy

Cyclamen are one of the most popular fall flowers. At the same time they are available in many colors other than purple and pink. For example – bright yellow. Good planting partners – ivy and licorice strawflower.

Autumn planting for tubs: ideas with tall plants.

large tubs for autumn for terrace autumn planting for tubs

A. Fox red New Zealand sedge

B. Chrysanthemums

C. Pearl Millet

A large container presents a great planting challenge. The beautiful yellow chrysanthemums visually combine the pearl millet with the Fox Red New Zealand Sedge.

Planting tubs in autumn: pink chrysanthemums as an accent

Lampbush grass and chrysanthemums in the autumn tub (1)

A. Red lampbush grass

B. Chrysanthemums