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Autumn flowers for balcony box: beautiful perennial balcony plants that bloom from August to October.

Summer is slowly coming to an end. Soon we will welcome autumn. This season has a lot to offer the amateur gardener: Autumn flowers fascinate with different shapes and colors, exude a gentle aroma and provide food for pollinating insects. We list 10 beautiful perennial autumn flowers for balcony boxes, which will delight the eye with their flowering splendor from August to October.

Autumn flowers for balcony boxes: what to consider when choosing varieties

Autumn flowers for balcony box and flower pots planting

Admittedly: There are countless beautiful autumn flowers, many of which cut a good figure not only in the flower bed, but also in the balcony box . However, when choosing a suitable balcony flower, you should also pay attention to the particular variety. The following questions are important:

Autumn flowers for the balcony pansies and velichen

  1. Do you want annual or perennial flowers? You can combine both for a stylish arrangement.
  2. Accent with one or more fall flowers, then plant grasses and foliage-decorating perennials to fill in the gaps.
  3. Choose small-growing varieties with a compact habit.
  4. If you want to propagate the flowers yourself, get detailed advice on this at the garden center.
  5. There are many hardy varieties, many of which require additional frost protection such as mulching or laying out a layer of foliage.

What beautiful varieties of chrysanthemums are perennial and hardy?

Chrysanthemums on balcony different varieties

Chrysanthemums are probably the best known and most popular fall flowers. Depending on the variety, the blooming season can extend from August to late October. Autumn chrysanthemums (Chrysanthemum Indicum) are perfect for the balcony box. Winter hardiness varies depending on the variety. As a rule, varieties that are planted in the balcony box in the fall, need winter protection.

Autumn chrysanthemums “Swifty”: can stay outside at temperatures as low as -16 ° C. Reach a maximum growing height of 70 cm.

Suitable planting partners: Japanese false myrtle, true globe maranth, magic snow and shrub veronica.

Autumn flowers for the balcony: what varieties of violets are suitable?

Autumn cyclamen for balcony box

Autumn alpine violet “Cyclamen hederifolium” is a very compact autumn flower. It can grow to a maximum height of 15 cm. Hardy and evergreen, it has attractive heart-shaped leaves and cuts a fine figure as a foliage ornamental even after the flowering period ends in November.

Horned violets for window box for balcony in autumn

Horned violet variety ” Funny Face” score not only with a very long flowering period – from May to October (second flowering begins from August), but are also attractive dark green leaves. Thanks to their compact growth habit (they grow around 15 cm high and 20 cm wide), horned violets are the perfect gap fillers in the balcony box.

Suitable planting partners: budding heather, ferns, autumn crocuses, autumn crocus.

The autumn anemone (Anemone hupehensis) as an eye-catcher in the balcony box: new bee-friendly variety.

Autumn anemone new varieties bee friendly pink flowers

The autumn anemone can reach a maximum growth height of 140 cm. However, there are also small-growing varieties such as “Little Princess”, which grow up to 50 cm high. This beautiful flower has flat flowers and provides food for pollinating insects such as bees, butterflies and bumblebees during the cold season. Autumn anemones are usually planted in the spring, although it is also possible to plant them in September. If you plant them in the fall, you should protect them from frost with a layer of foliage.

Suitable planting partners in the balcony box: astilbes, buttercups, funcias.

Plant sunflower and enjoy a splendor of flowers in autumn.

Autumn sunflower is a frost-hardy flower that grows to a maximum height of 40 cm in the balcony box. Similar to the autumn anemone, it provides abundant nectar and pollen for bees, bumblebees and butterflies.

The variety “Pumilum Magnificum” grows to an average height of 70 cm and has yellow flowers. In the balcony box, it can play the role of a gap filler, as well as provide accents. It is the perfect complement to natural flower arrangements.

Suitable planting partners: baby’s breath, grasses.

Bee-friendly fall flowers for balcony box: a compact bearded flower variety.

Bearded flower for balcony small varieties

The bearded flower is a bee-nurturing shrub that feels at home in the home garden as well as on the balcony. The height of growth varies greatly from variety to variety.

Variety “Blue Cloud” grows up to 60 cm high. The flowers exude a sweet aroma.

Bearded flower can not survive the winter on the balcony without frost protection. Cover the potting soil with a layer of foliage to protect it from freezing.

Suitable planting partners: cinquefoil, various small-growing rose varieties.

Autumn flowers for balcony box: the dwarf dahlias

autumn flowers for balcony dwarf dahlias in flower box nurture

If roses are the queen of summer flowers, then dahlias are the queen of autumn flowers. With their double flowers, they are a real eye-catcher even in the balcony box. Most varieties grow between 100 and 130 cm tall, but the dwarf dahlias are suitable for containers. They score with a low and well-branched growth. The flowering period extends into October.

The varieties “Gallerie Singer” and “Arabian Mistery” grow about 40 cm high and fascinate with wine-red flowers. Light yellow and very filigree are the flowers of the variety “Espee”, the flower grows around 35 cm high.

Suitable planting partners: Various varieties of roses, coneflowers, sunflowers.