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Wrap gift certificate for Christmas: creative and cool ideas for gift certificate wrapping!

  • DIY

One of the certainties of Christmas is that you will be giving or receiving at least one gift certificate. This year, instead of a standard envelope or card, try offering your loved ones one of our creative ways to wrap and present a gift certificate. These simple ideas can be used throughout the year and will make receiving a practical voucher that little bit more magical. Discover how to wrap a gift certificate for Christmas here!

Voucher gifts original packaging: use a beautiful scarf

Voucher gifts original packaging - use a beautiful scarf

Give the fashionista in your life a gift certificate wrapped in a beautiful scarf, as scarves are all the rage right now and are available in stores in beautiful designs. Find a small box and place the gift certificate inside.

Voucher in beautiful packaging give away for Christmas

Fold the scarf into a triangle and place the box in the middle. Fold the bottom, pointed end over the box, place the top down, fold the two outer ends together and tie a knot to secure.

Wrap a gift certificate for Christmas: hide it beautifully inside a smoothie cup.

Voucher packaging for Christmas - hide it beautifully inside a smoothie cup

If your best friend in life loves smoothies, give her a great new smoothie cup and put a voucher inside.

Vouchers in Christmas wrapping: craft a cute pouch.

Voucher in Christmas packaging - Craft a sweet bag

If you have basic sewing skills, you can craft some voucher-sized pouches. They can be sewn in a few minutes and decorated with a small bell, a pendant or a tassel. Use fabric scraps or buy a pre-cut fabric square at a fabric store. This way you can sew a few bags, which is a very inexpensive option.

Wrapping gift certificate for Christmas: cool mug.

Packing voucher for Christmas - cool mug

A stylish mug filled with favorite treats and a voucher is an unbeatable Christmas gift. Mugs are relatively inexpensive to get and are an inexpensive way to embellish a voucher. Simply fill them with chocolate, nuts or candy, place the gift certificate in the center, close with the lid and secure with ribbon and a gift tag.

Creative gift ideas – voucher attached to a toy.

Creative gift ideas - voucher attached to a toy

Kids will love this cute idea. Take some plastic animals and paint them. Place a gift certificate in a small box and attach it to the back of the animal with a ribbon or string. This way they have a toy to play with now and a gift certificate to redeem when the excitement is over.

Original packaging for gift certificate gifts – a great envelope.

Beautiful envelopes for vouchers for Christmas

If you’re mailing a gift certificate and need to keep the weight and size down, look for envelopes that can be jazzed up and easily tucked into a mailing bag.

Original packaging for voucher gifts - a great envelope

Here, you simply put the gift certificate in a gold cardboard envelope and closed the flap with a pretty pom pom and gift tag.

Wrap gift certificate for Christmas: cup and candy

Christmas voucher wrapping - cup and sweets

Giving gift certificates is easy and practical, but it can also be a little unsafe. With a little creativity you can give your vouchers a very special touch. Here, you’ve packed a gift certificate in a beautiful mug, added some chocolates, and tied a little bell to the handle.

Craft Christmas DIY packaging for vouchers

DIY Christmas packaging for vouchers craft

Everyone loves crafting in canning jars and these snowflakes make a unique and festive presentation. This idea turns the gifting of ordinary vouchers into something special and thoughtful. They make great gifts for friends and family . The recipient can take out and use the vouchers and set up the jar as a Christmas decoration. You can also make a few for yourself and use them to add to your Christmas decorations at home!

The trick to keeping the gift voucher in place is to attach it to a multipurpose clip and use some hot glue to hold it in place on the inside of the jar. Then you can fill the jar with cotton balls, artificial snowflakes, and other small Christmas tree ornaments or miniatures!

Preserving jar as packaging for vouchers at Christmas - DIY ideas


  • First, glue a multipurpose voucher clip to the bottom of a jar (make sure the jars are wide enough to fit the voucher).
  • Place a small amount of absorbent cotton and artificial snow on the bottom of the canning jar.

Voucher to pack for Christmas - craft ideas

  • Add any tree ornaments or small Christmas decorations to create a winter scene.
  • Seal the jar and tie with ribbon to embellish.

Make pretty gift certificate flower pot yourself

Make pretty voucher flower pot yourself

What you need:

  • Flower pot
  • Plant stakes
  • Paper flowers
  • Styrofoam ball
  • Glue
  • Artificial flowers
  • Gift certificate


  • Place the styrofoam ball in the flower pot.
  • Cover the styrofoam ball with the artificial flowers. This is just to cover the styrofoam and make it look a little prettier.
  • Insert a plant stake into the Styrofoam ball.
  • Then attach a paper flower to one side of the stake with glue. Take another matching paper flower and press it onto the other side. Thanks to the glue, the planter stake is between the two paper flowers.
  • Glue the back of a gift card with glue and then press it firmly onto the paper flower.