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Winter decoration craft from natural materials: Create Christmas flair at home with these great DIY projects for young and old!

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Nature offers a wealth of materials that are perfect for decorating the house in winter. Pine cones, evergreen branches, leaves, berries, twigs, birch bark and much more can often be found right in your own backyard. When looking for Christmas decorations at home or in the great outdoors, look for contrasting colors, textures and shapes. You can craft inspiring winter decorations from natural materials, and here are some great DIY ideas!

How to make a DIY birch bark candle

Learn how to make a DIY birch bark candle as a winter decoration


Birch bark – get your own or just buy a roll of it.
Jute twine
Wooden beads or acorns
Drinking jug
Drill bit if you are using acorns

Making a homemade candle from birch bark is pretty simple


  • Making a homemade birch bark candle is pretty simple. First, measure the height and circumference of the jar of your candle and pick a good piece of birch bark that is not too thick. Soak it in water overnight, then roll it up loosely and put it in a round cylinder or drinking pitcher. Let it sit again for several hours or overnight.
  • Remove the birch bark and use a paper towel to soak up the water. Cut the birch bark so that it fits in height and protrudes a few inches in width. A simple pair of scissors will do just fine. You can now also peel off the thin layers of bark on the inside (back).
  • Make this winter decoration with a scented candle. Embellish plain candles.
  • Cut several strings of jute long enough to wrap each around the glass of your homemade birch bark candle holder. Tie each string tightly to keep the bark in place. Set them aside and wait for the bark to dry. When the bark has dried, slide the bark off the candle jar, add some glue, and slide the birch bark candle holder back over the jar.
  • Carefully drill a pilot hole in the acorn with a small drill bit, then use a larger drill bit to open up the hole a bit. Wrap some tape around the end of the jute string and thread it through the holes.
  • Tie the jute string to the birch bark candle holder with an acorn on each end. There you have it. This is how you can craft a simple and subtle winter decoration from natural materials.

Craft winter decorations from natural materials: Christmas plant baskets.

DIY winter decorations from natural materials - Christmas baskets and planters

What you need:

Fresh greenery, such as a mixture of pines, firs and cedars.
Pre-cut bundles
Pine cones, berries, ribbons, ornaments or other filler materials
Battery operated outdoor lights {optional}
Flocking {optional}
Garden shears
Hanging basket or planter with soil

Start with tall branches or birch logs to give your planter height


  • Fill your planter with soil. Start with tall branches or birch logs to add height to your planter. Try to keep the weight of the branches in proportion to your planter. Start with the sturdiest greenery and place the taller branches evenly around the planter. Tuck them firmly into the soil. Once your hanging basket can be seen from all sides, add a taller piece in the center and then place the additional branches around the entire hanging basket.
  • Next, add a few larger pine branches and use them to fill in the larger gaps around the planter. There is no right or wrong placement and you can always come back and rearrange or add more.
  • Repeat the same process with the cedar, using larger branches.
  • Now that you have established the basic shape of the greenery, cut smaller branches to fill the basket and fill any gaps.
  • Once you are satisfied with the greenery, you can add any fillings. This can be ribbons, pine cones, ornaments, berry stems or anything else you like.

Make your own evergreen star wreath

Make your own evergreen star wreath - quick and easy

This homemade evergreen star wreath will welcome the new year and look great doing it. Take a wooden or foam star shape and some evergreen branches and twigs and get to work. Try cutting the evergreen branches to create the star shape you want. Use twine, hot glue and some adhesive spray to attach the evergreen branches and hold your evergreen star together.

Twig and raffia star decorations for kids

Star decoration from twigs and raffia for children is a great DIY idea

Supplies for twig star ornaments:

Twigs (about the size of a pencil).
Hot glue gun

Making the ornaments:

  • Gather your sticks and trim them so they are all about the same length.
  • Using the glue gun, glue 5 sticks together to form the stars, allowing the ends of the branches to overlap a bit.
  • Then give your little ones three long strands of raffia: one red, one green, and one natural. Tie the raffia to the star to secure it, and the children can wrap it around the twigs. Wrapping the raffia around the twig stars is a great coordination exercise for preschoolers. It is a challenge to hold the star steady in one hand and wrap the raffia around it with the other hand.

Winter decoration from natural materials - create Christmas flair at home