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Winter crafts with kids in elementary school: exciting ideas for quick DIY projects

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In January and February finally comes the time to give free rein to our creativity. If the kids are bored, then the next post is just for you. Because crafting in winter with children is the perfect pastime for the cold season. We have compiled the most beautiful DIY projects: so fun for the whole family is guaranteed!

Crafting in winter with children of elementary school age: window decoration made of felt

Window decoration for winter with children tinkering from felt

A beautiful window decoration with winter characters such as snowflakes, racing animals and polar bears will spice up the children’s room. For the craft project you need few materials: a small tree branch, string, small cones, white felt, Mod Podge, watercolors and glitter. You will also need several templates for different animal silhouettes and other decorative figures of your choice. You can either freehand draw the templates or print them out and transfer them to the felt fabric. Cut the figures out of the felt fabric with a craft knife or scissors. Then paint the felt fabric any color you like, let it dry and apply plenty of Mod Podge on it. Then sprinkle the glitter powder over the decorative figures. Hang them from the tree branch with twine.

Make cute owls out of pine cones with the kids

How to make owls from cones and wool or absorbent cotton

Also for the next project you will need felt fabric, preferably in different colors (for the eyes white, for the beak – orange and for the wings – sky blue).  Then you will need absorbent cotton, wiggle eyes and cones. As accessories, take scissors and universal glue or hot glue. First cut out the details from felt. Fill in the gaps between the cone scales with absorbent cotton. Then attach the felt details. Then glue the wiggle eyes in place.

Craft ideas for elementary school: polar bear from paper plates and tissue paper

Craft polar bear with children in elementary school for winter

Are there paper plates left over from the New Year’s Eve party? Then you can put them to good use for the next two craft ideas . To make an envious polar bear you need a white paper plate, tissue paper, black and white clay cardboard and large wiggle eyes. As accessories you need glue and scissors.

First, cut the tissue paper into rectangles measuring 3 cm X 3 cm. Then place the plate on the work surface with the bottom side up and apply plenty of glue on it. Then press the rectangles of tissue paper between your fingers and glue them one by one on the plate. Then cut out and assemble the ears and attach with the wiggle eyes.

Paper snowflake as window decoration

Cut out snowflake from paper plate instruction

Craft a cute snowflake out of a white paper plate. You will still need white watercolors, glue and glitter, as well as scissors. Proceed as follows: First, fold the paper plate in half. Then fold it in half again to make a triangle. Cut the triangle and then unfold it. Then you can paint the snowflake as you like, apply glue in some places and glue glitter. By the way, you can do similar and make small snowflakes from white clay cardboard and then tie them into a grilande. Ready is the beautiful winter decoration for the windows!

Crafting in winter with children: make your own snow globe

Crafting with children in elementary school make snow globes from paper plate yourself

Also for the next idea you need a large paper plate and a smaller transparent plastic plate. You still need a template and cotton swabs. To decorate, you can take self-adhesive plastic snowflakes and a white satin bow. Proceed as follows: First, paint the paper plate dark blue. Then print out the templates and cut them out. After the paint dries, glue the templates in the plates. Decorate with snowflakes. Take the absorbent cotton out of each cotton swab and put them on the plates. Then apply some glue on the edge of the transparent plate and stick it over the blue one. Then you can decorate the finished snow globes with the white satin bow.

crafting with children in winter template for snow globe

Crafting in winter with children is incredibly fun. Get inspired by the suggestions and you will surely come up with other ideas for cute winter decorations. By the way, you can also use the templates for the snow globe as a window picture. You can also cut out individual elements and then assemble the whole picture.

Paper and Paper Plate Snow Globe Making Template Printable

Crafting is not only a creative pastime. You can also practice using hot glue, cutter knife and co. with the children in the process. The craft instructions are also well suited for large families with several children. You can simply distribute the tasks so that each child has something to do or each child gets materials for a decorative element and must now assemble it. Of course, parents can also participate in the crafting and painting . You can even inspire a whole class with a suitable DIY idea. Crafting, by the way, is a good activity for children’s birthday parties in winter. The possibilities are simply endless. Try different variations and decoration ideas or ask the children – let them decide what will be crafted this weekend!