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What can you make out of old cooking pots? Ideas for fancy home and garden decorations.

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From old things you can do some crafts. In today’s post we give several ideas of what you can make from old cooking pots. Whether it’s a beautiful flower pot, a “basket” for bathroom utensils, or a beautiful garden decoration, you can make so many beautiful things out of old cooking pots.

Decorate the garden with old cooking pots: Upcycling ideas

What can you make from old cooking pots ideas for garden decoration

Don’t throw away those old cooking pots! With paint and a lot of creativity, you can turn them into real works of art. They can be beautified similarly to a rain barrel . You will need the following materials:

  • Acrylic brush, flat
  • Acrylic crayons
  • Acrylic paints
  • screwdriver
  • two old cooking pots
  • fine grit sandpaper (600 or 1000 grit)

Rust, dirt stains, scratches: the old cooking pots are often unsightly. First, clean them thoroughly and sand off the old scraped paint with sandpaper. Then apply a coat of acrylic paint with the acrylic brush and let it dry. After that, you can paint the cooking pots as you like with acrylic paint pens. It looks especially cute if you paint faces.

Planting old pots: Make garden decorations yourself

What can you make from old cooking pots fancy garden decoration ideas

Now you can plant the old pots. For this purpose, first drill several drainage holes in the bottom of the pot with a drill. Then lay a layer of gravel or sand on the bottom and fill the cooking pot with substrate.

Old cooking pots upcycling

Garden decoration from old cooking pots make instruction for planters

You can plant the cooking pots in any way you like . The same rules apply as when planting a metal pot: direct sunlight heats the metal pot and the water evaporates much faster. Therefore, you should place the cooking pot in a semi-shaded or off-sun location.

Make beautiful things out of old things: Deco ideas for the garden

Fancy garden decoration from old teapot and cooking pot frog make yourself

From old cooking pots and kitchen utensils you can make an unusual garden decoration yourself. For example, you can make a frog yourself from a former teapot, a cooking pot and a deep soup plate. You can burn the frog legs from modeling clay, paint the eyes and mouth and cut out the tongue from foil.

Unusual garden decoration from old things

Garden decoration snowman from cooking pot lid make yourself

Wondering what to do with old cooking pots? Don’t throw them away, use them to conjure up a creative garden decoration. You’ll need three pot lids (small, medium, and large), a wooden stake, and a wooden strip to create your next decorating idea. Starting from the smallest, hang the three pot lids from the stake. For this purpose, you can hammer nails into the wood up to the middle. From a wooden strip and about 15 cm long and 20 cm wide wooden board detail, you can assemble a hat. This will create a cute snowman, which will not melt even in the summer.

Planting old lard pots

Old cooking pots upcycling ideas for planting pot

Old lard pots bring a vintage touch to your home or garden. If the old paint has chipped off, you can paint them with acrylic paints. Then place a plastic pot of succulents in the lard pot and hang it up. The planted pot will look great on the terrace and balcony.

Design music wall in the garden: Ideas with old cooking pots and kitchen utensils

Children playground in the garden with old things make your own music wall

Homemade music walls are gaining popularity. If you have children of kindergarten age, then you can finish a music wall. Hang on a euro pallet various kitchen items such as old cooking pots, pans and lids. Use only metal items, because glass can break easily and the children can hurt themselves.

Kids toys in the garden music with old cooking pots make yourself

All the kids need is a stainless steel ladle to make different sounds. Best of all, you can expand or change the music wall as you like by replacing certain “musical instruments” with new ones.

Planting old cooking pots: make rustic garden decorations yourself

Old cooking pots planting ideas with summer plants

The cooking pots are only several years old, but the coating is badly damaged or the material has deformed? Then you can use them as an accent in the garden, on the balcony or in the house.

Planting succulent in cooking pots ideas for small garden

Plant the cooking pots and display them together with buckets and pans. It looks especially effective if you arrange them on Euro pallets, an old table or a wooden garden bench.

Herb garden planting in old things ideas

In the pots, watering cans and buckets you can plant the following:

  • annual seasonal bulb flowers
  • herbs
  • succulents and cacti
  • ornamental grasses
  • Ground cover

What can you do with old cooking pots? Make a sisal basket for bathroom utensils

What can you make from old cooking pots basket for bathroom

You can also make a beautiful basket for the bathroom out of an old cooking pot. Simply wrap sisal around the pot, cut two handles out of sisal and glue them down. The basket is waterproof, so it’s perfect for the bathroom.

You can also make a beautiful wall decoration out of the pot lids. If the lid handles are not broken, then you can use them as wall hooks.

Decorate garden with old things: Water features made from kitchen utensils

Water features in the garden with old cooking pots make yourself

Kitchen utensils are waterproof. However, if they are worn out, then pollutants can get into the water. Therefore, you should only use them for water features when the water does not drain into the garden. They are unsuitable for the koi pond or planted pond.

However, you can use them for a vintage garden fountain with a basin made of plastic. Assemble the fountain from several bowls, cooking and sauce pots. You can simply hang them on an old chair.