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We will show you how a broken clay pot can be used with some ideas: You can do this!

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Have you ever wondered what to do with the broken terracotta pots? Don’t just throw them away, they can be used for interesting garden projects! We’ll show you some ideas on how to reuse a broken clay pot in the garden, not only for plants, but also for other useful purposes.

Protect your containers from pests

A broken clay pot can be useful again in the garden

Tired of pesky rodents uprooting your plants? Protect your plants and your hard work with this cheap, easy solution. Here’s how:

Step 1: Find a cracked or broken terra cotta pot and chop it up into 10 -13 inch pieces. (Anything smaller than this can be pushed aside by rodents).

Step 2: Arrange the pieces around your plants so that they cover the entire surface of the pot. Now the pests will just dig in the soil!

A broken clay pot works well for succulents

A broken clay pot can be used creatively for succulents

Planting broken pots – this is an exciting idea. And succulents are a fantastic choice for this! Not only do they look beautiful, but they thrive with a minimum of water. They are the ultimate plants that can grow anywhere. Growing succulents in a broken pot is a clever reuse and looks unique too.

Broken pots can be planted again

This idea goes well with patio gardens . Just place it in a visible corner of your patio and scatter pebbles around it.

Create fairy garden from broken pots

A broken clay pot can become a pretty fairy garden

With this fairy garden idea, you can transform a broken clay pot into something impressive. You can fill it with colorful succulents, moss and a wishing well, and design the whole project according to your personal style. Learn how to craft this fairy garden here.

Safety tip: If you want to break a pot, fill the inside of the pot with cardboard or foam first. Carefully break the pot into individual pieces with a hammer, leaving the back of the pot intact. Be careful with the sharp edges.

Make your own fairy garden from broken pot is easy and exciting

Step 1: Arrange the pieces
To begin the fairy garden, arrange the pieces of the broken pot to create different levels. Use a clear silicone glue or modeling clay to hold the pieces of the pot in place. Allow to dry.

Step 2: Fill with soil
Fill in the cracks with potting soil. Tap the soil firmly and water lightly every few inches to hold it in place.

A broken pot can be creatively planted and placed in the garden

Step 3: Make steps
To make steps for your flower pot fairy house, simply break terra cotta pieces into smaller pieces with a hammer. Before you start hammering, place cardboard under the terra cotta pieces to protect your work surface. Arrange the small pieces on top of the soil leading to the top of the pot.

Step 4: Add plants and accessories
Plant succulents (or other small plants of your choice) to accent the fairy garden. Fill in empty spots with moss to cover the soil. Add miniature accessories to create the look you want.

Mulch with broken pots in the garden.

Mulching in the garden with broken pots is useful

This is an effective idea to save soil moisture and also your time. To do this, break the pot into small pieces and spread them on the surface of the soil.

A broken clay pot becomes a spilled flower pot

Make a pretty spilled flower pot for the garden

Step 1: Choosing a location
Choose a place that is shaded in the afternoon and where you want to draw more attention. In the middle of your garden or on the lawn where it is clearly visible. You can also place it on a table or use an old bicycle to spill it from.

Step 2: Choosing a pot
A wide-mouthed pot with a round or circular shape is ideal so you can easily care for the plant. Recycle broken pots, paint them with attractive colors, create a unique design.

A broken clay pot is suitable for spilled flower pot

Step 3: Choose flower colors
To make the flower pot the focal point of your garden, use warm colors like red, yellow, orange and purple as they are best to highlight something. You can also use cool colors like blue.

Cascade flowers are suitable for spilled flower pots

Step 4: Planting
Planting is similar to planting containers . Simply dig out the spot where you want to plant to ¼ the size of the pot and bury it. Fill it halfway with potting soil and let the plants hang down to create a run-out effect.

Step 5: What flowers
Any flowers you use for hanging baskets work well for this – geraniums, lobelia, petunias, elecampane, daisies and begonias make wonderful cascading flowers.

Garden decoration with pottery shards is beautiful and neat

Broken pots can contribute to a tidy garden

Broken pot borders of different sizes can be used to create a mini tiered garden. It looks nice and neat, doesn’t it?