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Use paper bag against wasps: Whether a wasp nest dummy really works and how you build it

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What helps against wasps – a question that probably every one of us asks himself from time to time in the summer. Regardless of whether you are genuinely afraid of the insects or simply feel annoyed by their constant presence – every tip and every measure to drive them away is welcome. Having already introduced you to some deterrent scents and also wasp traps, today we are talking about another interesting trick that is currently circulating on the Internet and is supposed to work wonders. Namely, you should be able to use a simple paper bag against wasps. What purpose this should serve, how exactly it is applied and whether the trick works at all, we explain below.

What is the bag actually intended for?

Use paper bag against wasps - does the trick work

Surely you have seen a wasp nest before , be it on TV, Internet or even live. So you know the typical nest shape, reminiscent of a gray balloon. It also looks a bit like an inflated paper bag, don’t you think? And it is exactly this resemblance that should benefit you when you want to drive away wasps.

The pesky insects that have just targeted the food on your table should see the fake wasp nest and think that another colony is already living nearby, and then run away. In fact, there is a lot of competition between wasp colonies when it comes to gathering food for the offspring and also for the adult insects. But does the theory of using a paper bag dummy against wasps actually work in practice?

Wasp nest dummy DIY – does it really work?

Paper bag against wasps should imitate a wasp nest

According to experts, this claim is humbug. Because a wasp recognizes the other nests not only by their appearance, but can also smell them. However, since the fake wasp nest does not emit such scents, using a paper bag against wasps is simply said to be useless. And even if you can fool the wasps in this way, it is far from being a reason for them to leave.

Shape and hang a bag or newspaper and get rid of insects

However, there are other opinions that claim that the insects prefer to avoid confrontation with other populations. You can find out for yourself what is true by trying the trick anyway. In any case, it would be an interesting project that you can also carry out together with the children. So, if you are curious, you can build a wasp nest dummy yourself using the following instructions:

Use paper bag against wasps: How to make the wasp nest dummy.

All you need to make this kind of wasp trap is a paper bag. Alternatively, you can use baking paper, bread wrapping paper or a simple newspaper. Just make sure that the material has a natural gray to beige color.

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So now, in order for the paper bag to help against wasps, you need to shape it. If you can’t do that with your bare hand, you can also inflate it a little or fill it up with crumpled up newspaper. Then tie the open end with string. Done! Newspaper should also be easy to shape, but if you do have a little trouble with it, you can blow up a balloon and wrap it with the newsprint. You can then pop the balloon by simply poking the paper with a needle (be careful, it might get loud!). Alternatively, you can just crumple up paper and use it to stuff it. Just be creative and find the best technique for you.

Now, so that you can keep the wasps away from the table, you should hang the dummy nearby. This can be the roofing over your dining area, the porch or even the nearest wall of the house.

Wasp nest dummy to drive away the stinging insects

Dummies are also available for purchase. They resemble paper lanterns, so they are pretty to look at, too.

What are the alternatives to the paper bag against wasps?

Alternatives to paper bag against wasps - clean up food and use scents

If it turns out that the paper bag against wasps has no effect, you can of course simply use the classic means against wasps instead. Certain scents prove to be particularly effective against insects in general. For example, the wasp shuns the smoke of burning coffee, but also scented carnation , citrus scents, garlic and certain essential oils. You can also place a lure a little away from where you are to simply lure the insects away.

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But not only expulsive means are practical if you want to keep wasps away. Of course, you should also avoid scents and products that, in turn, attract these animals. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can’t eat outside from now on. But at least cover the food and put away what you will no longer consume or dirty dishes right away. Deodorants and perfumes, as well as colorful clothing, can also attract swarms of wasps.