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Upcycling ideas for garden decor do it yourself: Creative with sustainable character for a beautiful garden

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Just as we decorate our homes and apartments with pretty accessories, the outdoors also benefits from a few nice touches. However, do it best sustainably by breathing new life into broken and unused items instead of constantly buying new ones. You’ll be amazed at the interesting things you can make with a little imagination and craftsmanship. From old table legs to cutlery to golf balls – all items that can look really interesting in your garden. You could do the following creative upcycling ideas for garden decor yourself.

Upcycling ideas for garden decorations – little bees

Upcycling ideas for garden decoration do it yourself - bees from table legs

For this project you need table legs once. Which form they have exactly, is in principle no matter. But if they end as in the example with a ball, it is quite practical, because you get so also equal to a head. Old railings can also contain such elements and are suitable as an alternative to the table leg. The leg you then still cut with a saw and paint the wood black or dark brown.

So that the bees can become garden plugs , drill another hole through the body, through which you put a metal rod. At the upper end, fix the wings. For this purpose, you can use a riveting pliers for metal. You can craft them from metal (for example, by cutting them out of old tin cans) and paint them. You will still need two shorter metal rods for the bee’s antennae, which you bend into a spiral shape. Drill two holes of suitable size in the bee’s head and insert the antennae.

Fancy garden decoration make yourself with a golf ball

Upcycling ideas for garden decoration do it yourself - golf ball recycle for ladybugs

These cute ladybugs turn into fun accents in garden beds, tubs or other areas in your yard, and they’re quick and easy to make to boot. If you like, you can make bees in addition to the beetles by simply using the appropriate colors. For the ladybug you will need:

  • Golf ball
  • red spray paint
  • Wiggle eyes
  • hot glue
  • black sharpie
  • newspaper as a base

Upcycling ideas for DIY garden decoration - bee made from golf ball and wire

Spray the golf ball with the red paint and let it dry. Add a second coat if necessary and let that dry well too. Then use the sharpie to paint on the black elements of the bug and finally glue on the eyes. Since the glue of the wiggle eyes is probably not strong enough for this smooth surface, you can use hot glue for this purpose.

Crafting with golf balls and colors for children and garden

Or how about gluing several painted golf balls together to make a flower?

Upcycling ideas for garden decoration do it yourself – owl from old CDs.

Upcycling ideas for garden decorations - Owl made from a CD, lids and forks

As much of a shame as it may be, I’m sure you have some old CDs that no longer work. Instead of throwing them away, you can use them to spruce up your garden a bit. This owl is a simple project and a fancy one at that. If you would like to make this example of upcycling ideas for garden decorations yourself, all you need are the following materials:

  • CD or DVD
  • 3 old forks
  • Lids in different sizes (jam jar, plastic lids and crown caps for example)
  • Spouts from bottles or buttons
  • pliers
  • Hot glue

How to make a shiny owl

Take the first pair of pliers and bend the prongs inward with the pliers, giving them a rounded shape (like hooks). Also bend the handle back a little. Repeat with a second fork and you will get the owl claws. From the third fork, separate the “head” and use the pliers to pinch the prongs together so that they are all pointed forward and look like a beak. Glue the beak onto the hole of the CD.

Recycle old DVD for DIY garden decoration

Glue the jam lids on the CD for the eyes. Inside then glue the plastic lids and inside again the crown caps and finally the grommets or buttons. Finally, just glue the claws to the back and you can be proud of your garden decoration upcycling!

Glue different lids into each other as a recycling idea

Recycle lids and DVDs

Funny garden figurine to hang or put up - make owl

Make your own climbing aid with cutlery or wood scraps

Upcycling ideas for DIY garden decoration - climbing aid made of cutlery

Wooden cutlery or other old kitchen cutlery , but also those made of metal or other elongated materials such as scraps of wooden slats from your last construction project can be super quickly and easily transformed into beautiful and above all interesting and practical climbing aids for your potted plants in the garden – the perfect garden decoration from recycled materials! They look extraordinarily decorative and could smoothly steal the show from the plant. So you can make this variant for upcycling ideas for garden decoration yourself:

Get the cutlery or wood ready. Take the first piece and wrap thin string or transparent yarn around one of the ends. Tie a knot to keep it from unraveling, but don’t cut the string! Take the next piece and wrap the same twine around one end in the same way. Continue like this until you reach the desired height. After that, you need to connect all these elements on the other side as well. Be sure to create as equal distances as possible, although a few slight differences in height are not fatal, but can make the design even more interesting.

Such a DIY trellis you can also use as an upcycling garden decoration for a flower bed.