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Unicorn lantern craft from paper or papier-mâché for St. Martin’s Day or as a decoration at home!

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Homemade unicorn lanterns are a magical party decoration or a cute addition to any unicorn-themed room or event! Of course, such a craft is perfect for Martinmas. You can make your own unicorn lantern and it’s easy!

Make unicorn lantern out of paper

Unicorn lantern craft from paper or papier mache for St. Martin's Day or as a decoration at home

Some great DIY decorations can definitely be these DIY unicorn paper lanterns. The best thing about them is that they are really inexpensive to craft, they have a great decorative effect and are just so cute!

Materials needed:

Paper lanterns
Silver and white party tassels
Hot glue gun
String or twine
Paper flowers
Printable unicorn face pieces

Printable unicorn face parts for your unicorn lantern

Template to print out for cute lantern for kids

Here’s how to make your own DIY unicorn paper lantern:

First, print out the unicorn face templates from the materials list above. Then cut out each piece by hand or with an electronic cutter if you have one.

Once you have your unicorn pieces printed and cut out, assemble your lantern by inserting the rectangular piece of wire through the top opening and snapping the tabs on one end of the rectangular piece into the eyelets at the top of the lantern.

Once you have your unicorn pieces cut out, assemble your lantern

Next, use the hot glue gun to attach the unicorn faces to the lantern. You will need to fold back the tabs on the ears and horn to properly attach them to the lantern. Be careful not to burn yourself on the thin paper with the hot glue.

Next, we’ll add some pretty flowers around the unicorn horn at the top of the lantern. You can use paper flowers. Finally, to make the lantern complete and easy to carry, you can make a wire bow and attach it to the lantern. For lighting, you can either use candles or an electric lantern stick.

Homemade unicorn lanterns are a magical party decoration

At this point, you could be done if you want, but you can still add a little touch with some tissue and mylar tassels.

Since the unicorn lanterns have more weight on the front, they tend to tip forward a bit. If you’re a bit of a perfectionist, you can add some weight to the back of the lantern to compensate, but it’s not really necessary.

Paper mache lanterns

Follow our tutorial for DIY paper mache lanterns

You will need:

A balloon, paper, flour paste and a little patience and time.

Instructions for paper mache lanterns:

  • Blow up the balloon. You need to estimate in advance exactly what size you need. Tie it tightly.
  • Take colored paper in the desired color. To get a bright and clear dark color, it is better to first glue something colorless (oiled white paper gives practically no additional color), and with the last layers the desired color, without overlapping, for example, red on blue. The fewer dark pieces of paper on top of each other, the less they form dark, indistinct stripe transitions.
  • Coat the paper with oil and tear it into 2-3 centimeter pieces.

Some great DIY decorations can definitely be these DIY unicorn paper lanterns

  • Cook the flour dough. This is easy – all the work here is simple, but it takes time. Dilute two tablespoons of flour in a glass of cold water and put it in a pot with a second glass of boiling water. Stir and boil for 2-3 minutes. Cover with foil and let cool (on the balcony to speed up the process).
  • Put the dough in a bowl, dip the pieces of paper in the dough, wipe off the excess on the edge of the bowl, put a piece of paper on the ball. For the first layer, you need to hold the ball in your hands – the weight of the paper will cause it to tip over quickly. For the rest of the layers put it in a bowl. And so several layers (3-4). It is better to leave aside the brushes – it takes too long with them. After drying, remove the ball.
  • The papier-mâché lanterns can be the basis for different animal lanterns. You can make a unicorn lantern by gluing the appropriate decorations on it.

Unicorn lantern craft - fun and easy crafts for kids